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  1. Profibus connection issue

    Philip Sounds like you have the hard part done :) The manufacturer of your device should have a manual that describes what the data/gsd means.  Whose device and what part number is it ? There are thousands of manufacturers of profibus devices. You will need this manual 
  2. PLC occasionally going out of Run mode?

    Go online and look in the diagnostic buffer what cpu? 
  3. Help with TIA + S7-300 + IFM AC2504

    What’s the part number on the cpu? And CP? and version of Tia Portal? maybe I can put something together 
  4. Simatic panel TP 17OB COLOR

    You need WinCC Flexible 2008 the software is not free
  5. Robert My apologies. My reply was referring to Mr Wolff and I fell for his remarks again. I deleted my remarks Regardless.  I think your website flows and has the basic information. I need to view it from a pc instead of my small phone.  Do you plan to add some of the options like Sivarc and Prodiag? 
  6. S7 Loading From Memory Card

    I guess I misunderstood what you were trying to do
  7. S7 Loading From Memory Card

    Stu not without doing one of the 3 things I posted  the software alone with a standard reader won't do it  I think EMDs trick only reads a bin file etc on the card
  8. S7 Loading From Memory Card

    So you have a S7 3xx CPU. Well this is a memory card for one. The only way to see what's on this is.. Use a a Siemens USB prommer Use a Siemens pg with built in prommer Put this card in your CPU and look at the program
  9. Siemens VFD

    I use mine very carefully   How about some detail, model number, analog speed ref, comms etc?
  10. S7-400H Redundant Confogration

    If you configured your system properly it will act as one. So once you download the two cpu's synchronize automatically. 
  11. siemens newbee connection problem

    Kolonel your making this too difficult. Use the db9 male male cable. Go to your pg pc interface and set to 5711 automatic.  Do you see the node number and baud? let me know. I can do some screen shots
  12. Simatic protected block

    Fc105 is a Siemens scale block. It is block protected. You cannot open it 

    Junk put that in the AB forum. We don't care about that software. :)
  14. Looking for programmer help

    Jessica  Did you ask the distributor who you bought the Siemens automation from? Siemens also has a CS group that will train and help your programmer. Talk to your distributor