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  1. SLC500 f(x) 10-breakpoints

    Thanks for the detailed feedback. I will see if I can build and test it, but I was hoping that something was already developed and tested that I could use so as not to introduce any glitches that might otherwise fault my online PLC. I'll see if I can build something that follows the "y = (((c0*X + c1)*x + c2)*x + c3)*x + c4", and if I think I haven't introduced a major fault I will try to run it.
  2. SLC500 f(x) 10-breakpoints

    Thanks Michael, the FGEN instruction is exactly what I am trying to achieve. So what is the best way to recreate it in RSLogix500, or RSLogix5 for that matter?
  3. SLC500 f(x) 10-breakpoints

    How can I create a ten-point function generator with one input and one output and ten segments, as per the attached table? degC kPa 0.01 0.6117 10 1.2281 20 2.3392 30 4.2469 40 7.3851 50 12.352 60 19.947 70 31.202 80 47.416 90 70.183 sat_h2o_table_curve.pdf
  4. What is the difference between the 1771-OW16 and  1771-OW16/B rev H01 relay output modules? Can the 1771-OW16/B replace the 1771-OW16 module, or there other constraints? Thanks.
  5. SLC5/05 in unmatched chassis

    I added the s:5/4 unlatch instruction at the bottom of Ladder 2 and then disabled the referenced JMP and returned the S:5/8 & S:1/10 memory module bits back to 1, then transferred from RUN to PROGRAM to RUN, which created the following fault. "The required memory module is absent or S:1/10 or S:1/11 is not set as required by the program." So, I put the S:5/8 & S:1/10 memory module bits back to 0, cleared the fault, then transferred to RUN with no faults.
  6. SLC5/05 in unmatched chassis

    Ken, thanks for your reply...I was able to prevent the major error by doing the following: removed 2nd 10-slot chassis & disabled s11-12 & s27-28 to ignore modules in rack to prevent processor from faulting...also added n110:0-3 through n117:0-3 to replace I:10-14.0-3 and O:15-17.0-3 to prevent processor fault. Also added JMP & LBL to bypass lad3 & 4...which are input and output routines. Lastly, set S:5/8 & S:1/10 memory module bits from 1 to 0. I will load a prior version and then add the s:5/4 unlatch to see if that works.
  7. SLC5/05 in unmatched chassis

    The initial fault was cleared by setting s:11&12, s:27&18, and s:25&26 to all 0s. I then changed the rack size from 13 slots to 10 slots, and then replace many input and output assignments to integer files; which cleared the program errors. Unfortunately, I am still getting the following error..."A minor error bit is set at the end of the scan.  refer to S:5 minor error bits." as depicted in the attached pic. Do you have any other ideas on how to clear the fault?
  8. SLC5/05 in unmatched chassis

    Thanks Mickey, I will try this today.
  9. SLC5/05 in unmatched chassis

    Thanks for your reply. . . However, I don't see the "ignore configuration error" checkbox. See the attached pic for reference.
  10. I have a spare SLC5/05 chassis with I/O. I want to load a different SLC5/05 program into this processor, but the I/O configuration doesn't match the actual modules. So, how can I run the program without it faulting, so that I could test some of the subroutines? Thanks.
  11. Is version 12.038 CompactLogix L35E (ser A)  firmware compatible with 1769-L35E COMPACTLOGIX 5335E CONTROLLER. CONTROLLER VERSION = 12.22 ? If not, where can I get the appropriate firmware? Thanks.  
  12. ControlLogix Controller & Program tags

    Thanks Armadillo852 and jncontrols. Sounds like a plan...I will move (cut & paste) the tags to the controller tags area and download the program, while in PROGRAM mode. All efforts complete without incident. Thanks for the assist..
  13. ControlLogix Controller & Program tags

    Thanks, jncontrols. I understand your recommendation and its intent; however, I was hoping for a more efficient solution. So, if the tags can't be cut from the program tags area and then pasted in the controller tags area while in RUN mode, could the tags be copied from the program tags area, then pasted in the controller tags area, and finally deleted from the program tags area while in RUN mode? Thanks for your feedback.
  14. Can ControlLogix Program tags be moved to Controller tags area while in run mode, via cut & paste or some other means? Also, is it true that only tags in the controller tags area can be accessed via CiTect HMI and other HMIs? Thanks.
  15. SLC5/05 1747-L553 intermittent loss of communication Has anyone ever experience an intermittent loss of communication between the SLC5/05 1747-L553 PLC and a computer which can only be recovered by cycling power on the PLC? We are experiencing a communication loss sometimes once a week, sometimes more...and it is occurring on three different PLCs. A PLC specialist or contractor claims that the loss of communication can be caused by the PLC firmware. The specs from the PLC are as follows: PLC model: SLC5/05 1747-L553   CAT: 1747-L553 SER C PROC REV 5   OS# 1747-OS501 SER C FRN 9   Has anyone experienced this type of loss, and if so what would be the best course of action to take? Is there a sniffer that can be employed to determine if the comms loss is caused by the PLC, by the computer, or by something else. Please advise. Thanks!