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  1. Can the following functions be achieved in the SLC5/05 processor? 1.Mean Value over time      a.determines the mean value of the input value X with a moving time window T. 2.Differentiator     a.used to generate a time derivation of an analog input 3.Running Average 4.Rate of Change monitor
  2. Can the following functions be achieved in the SLC5/05 processor? 1.Mean Value over time      a.determines the mean value of the input value X with a moving time window T. 2.Differentiator     a.used to generate a time derivation of an analog input 3.Running Average 4.Rate of Change monitor
  3. When communicating between SLC5/05 and a third party, we are receiving sporadic timeout sporadic, I mean it could be hours to days apart. The program scan time is very short…only 20 msec maximum & 10 msec average. Do you have any suggestions for resolving this issue? Also, is there a way to determine communication rate or communication scan time? Thanks!
  4. SLC5/04 DF1 port

    Unable to communicate to SLC5/04 DF1 port using null modem cable, even after resetting processor to factory defaults by shorting the VBB & GND pins or by shorting the capacitor. I can connect to the processor and download a program via the 1784-U2DHP adapter, but still can't connect to the DF1 port. To prove my cable and USB to serial works, I move it to another SLC PLC and it communicates properly. I spoke with Rockwell support at length and they say that the port is bad and there is nothing else that can be done. Does anyone know of any other steps that I could take to get the DF1 port to work? Thanks.
  5. Mr. Lloyd, I was wanting to determine if I can follow structured text logic online or not in order to identify why particular outputs aren't activating and such. Would also like to know if structured text logic can be modified online...and if so, does it follow the online edits protocol that ladder logic and FBE follows?
  6. Thanks McNasty. . .  I failed to mention that Rockwell said that "The CCP154 has been move to PDO status; Private Delivery Only. Which means there are no open enrollment courses offered." So, I was hoping that someone might know of another vendor who offers the course.
  7. I am very knowledgeable with RSLogix5 and RSLogix500, but want to become well-versed with RSLogix5000 advanced algorithms, strategies, and program types—(Ladder, Sequential Function Charts, Function Block Diag, Structured Text), and motion control, such as servo-controllers. . . mostly interested in structured text. I’m also interested in the nuances of RSLogix5000, ControlLogix & CompactLogix regarding design, on-line programming, and off-line programming, etc. Can anyone recommend a course or courses that cover this subject matter? Thanks!
  8. The original post was kinda scattered, and I got no responses, so I tried to get more to the point on this repost as follows. 1) Where can I get documentation on “Program Scope Tags”. 2) Our driver is currently using the documented way to discover and read/write to tags from Logix5000 Data Access (1756-pm020_-en-p.pdf). We specifically use the Symbolic Segment Address Method to read/write to tags. This involves encoding the human-readable tag name which can result in rather lengthy requests when tag names are verbose. We would like to be able to request atomic and structured tags using the Symbolic Instance ID Method, but the document we have has few examples of how to do it.  3) Is there another document with more examples of using Symbolic Instance ID’s when making CIP service requests?  4) Can we also get examples of how to decode non user-defined structure attribute messages. The above document does not cover these types. Further, it says to not deal with any tags that are not user-defined. 5) Can you provide documentation on time set/read methods for CIP.  6) Do Time Synchronization methods exist and can an external client read and write the internal time on a Logix5000 device using Explicit Connected Messaging (CIP)? Please assist. Thanks.
  9. Thanks...I hope to put it through the paces today and will report back. Thanks.
  10. Michael & Armadillo852, I did hit the set button and it gave me a different error but I don't remember what it was because I did this last week and I don't have access to it right now. I'll try to get into it tomorrow and get the specific error message. I believe the general tab had a 192.168.x.x address. So, are you saying that the gateway can be changed online without changing modes. Any guidelines or specifics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. How do I set the ControlLogix 1756-ENBTgateway address? I was trying to make a gateway ip change on a ControlLogix using RSLinx and it gives me an error.  I would expect a comm loss when making the change but this error is not the same because the setting never changes. The current gateway is and I’m trying to change it to  Same subnet as the primary ip.  Some people I’ve talked to suggests it may be necessary to change it from a different connection other than the connection I’m trying to change.  For example, a serial connection or a different Ethernet connection. Error: “An unexpected communications error has occurred. General status is 0x0009” 
  12. RSView32 on VM machine

    Thanks Ken!!!
  13. RSView32 on VM machine

    Thanks Ken...more good information to consider. On the one computer with RSView (Not the VM computer), I don't see a RSLinx license when launching EVmove, but RSLinxProfessional appears to be running in the system tray. In this case, when launching EVmove I only see the following:      1....[RS5K_700.exe] (licenses=2) and      2....[RSView.D1500]:RSView.RSViewD150 (licenses = 1) What do you make of that? Also, RSView32 Runtime, RSLogix5000 and TagServer appear in the footer of the toolbar.   What is the significance of TagServer?
  14. RSView32 on VM machine

    pcmccartney1, that for your response.