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  1. good day guys I'm trying to program a 690+ and i want to boost the torque so that I can get the motor to do what i want. can you guys help?
  2. AB 1794-IE8

    it has 2 FoxBoro Micro-IA units, each have 3 racks with AB 1794-ASB's on it, then its got 1794-IT8 for temperature (TC), 1794-OW8 Relay output, 1794-OE4 Analog output, 1794-IA8 120VAC input, 1794-IE8 Analog input, 1794-PS! 24VDC output, all will mgo back to the Micro-IA units then to the computer(running Windows NT v4.0 sp3) via network card. right now my main problem is some of the temperature readings are not accurate, the TC's are about 60' to 100' feet away.
  3. AB 1794-IE8

    hi everyone i'm maurice,i'm new here. i work in a Clay Block making plant in Trinidad & Tobago. i'm working on a FoxBoro Panel to control the Kiln and it use the AD 1794 modules and i have alot of problems with them, like bad readings and signals. any addvice?