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  1. Using a PID to control a digital output

    Time Proportioning Outputs have this running in several SLC500s. I figure the 1100 PID can't be that different.   See chapter 9 Proportional Integral Derivative Instruction Time Proportioning Outputs section starts bottom of page 9-30 http://literature.rockwellautomation.com/idc/groups/literature/documents/rm/1747-rm001_-en-p.pdf     SLC500 IntructionSet Chapter 9ssss.pdf
  2. http://www.weintek.com/Download/PLC_Connect_Guide/eng/PLC_connection_guide.pdf    
  3. channelconfiguration setup

    we need more info. are you looking to communicate to the  processor for programming  or other is it just for data ???  
  4. Analog Wiring

    I am sure you get away with not using shielded wiring. But why???  
  5. Copy INT into second half of a DINT

    Multiply your integer by 65536 with the destination being the double integer (or Long)
  6. panelview 550 replacement

    I use the Automation Direct Panel s with many SLC 5/03 processors.  And like them You need a cable to from the EA9 panel to the SLC 5/03 DH 485 Port And maybe an additional power supply if you are 120 vac power   C-more EA9 Series Touch Panels https://www.automationdirect.com/adc/Shopping/Catalog/HMI_(Human_Machine_Interface)/C-more_Touch_Panels/C-more_Touch_Panels_EA9_Series/C-more_EA9_Series_Touch_Panels The Cable EA-DH485-CBL https://www.automationdirect.com/adc/Shopping/Catalog/HMI_(Human_Machine_Interface)/C-more_Touch_Panels/C-more_Touch_Panels_EA9_Series/C-more_EA9_Series_Programming_Software_-a-_Cables/EA-DH485-CBL Power Supply  EA-AC https://www.automationdirect.com/adc/Shopping/Catalog/HMI_(Human_Machine_Interface)/C-more_Touch_Panels/C-more_Touch_Panels_EA9_Series/C-more_EA9_Series_Options_-a-_Accessories/EA-AC Screen Protector EA-12-COV2 https://www.automationdirect.com/adc/Shopping/Catalog/HMI_(Human_Machine_Interface)/C-more_Touch_Panels/C-more_Touch_Panels_EA9_Series/C-more_EA9_Series_Options_-a-_Accessories/EA-12-COV2  
  7. I had something similar happen to me with MVI46 MNET module. I got on the phone with Prosoft and unfortunately was told the module was bad. Had to get a replcement Prosoft's phone support pretty good..
  8. software for DNP3 protocol

    Yes,, Citect does support DNP3
  9. do have link to the company that makes these ???
  10. Engraving Machine Recommendation

    We use the Gravograph IS400 to engrave our stainless steel name plates No trouble with the machine and it is used everyday. At least 6 years old. Good tech support also. http://www.gravograph.com/usa/engraving-machines/IS400.php http://www.gravograph.com/usa/engraving-ma...es/Overview.php
  11. "Start" Help

    I would not do this it does not sound safe to me, especially in today's environment of safety first. Too many things can go wrong. A machine (any machine) should only be started when the operator can see that all is safe (This may be over simplifying things but you get the idea) Can the operator activate the door switch accidentally without the door closing? Can the door be closed prematurely when condition are not right? Why were you asked to have the machine start this way?
  12. MicroLogic 1200 Float t Integer

    You can do with a few lines of logic move the float into a N register compare the n reg value with the original F reg If the N reg is less than the F reg use the N reg val (the N reg was not rounded up) If the N reg is greater than the F reg (the N reg was rounded up) subtract 1 from the N reg and use the result
  13. Unwind Control

    Do you have any type of tension feedback into the PLC or drive ?? If you do not it will difficult to keep the proper speed. “Using the SPC instruction and limiting the line speed I am having reasonable success just trying find the roll over points from 1 line to the next at the moment” I do not understand what you mean by this. What type of device are you using to sense diameter ultra sonic, layon roll with a pot??? I am not familiar with Telemecanique ATV 31 inverters but call the manufacturer they might have a macro or boards that will do closed loop speed unwinding. I if you are going to replace the drive I suggest SSD (Eurotherm) 690+ it comes with all Winding and unwinding macros to do what you need. Jim
  14. Unwind Control

    Are you following line speed from another machine or device? Is the unwind feeding another process or machine? Do you need to keep a tension set point on the web? What brand drive are you using? The following will assume you are feeding the unwind into another process 1: Speed match the unwind (with the equipment being fed or the driven master roll) at core with max speed. Output of analog signal 10volts = max speed. 2: Set the diameter sensor like this: 0.5 VDC for core 10 VDC for max dia. Using the SCP Scale with Parameters instruction to find an actual diameter from the sensor feedback. (for example lets say 3” core to 32”) 3: analog output for rewind speed = (speed set point ) * (core/ actual dia). This will give a speed match throughout the diameter range BUT you will not be able to keep tension if you are feeding another piece of equipment or another driven roll for a million reasons. You will need to close the loop with some sort of tension feedback device. This can be done in the PLC or in the drive if it is capable. If you go the open loop route you will need to under speed the unwind and control tension by drive torque or a mechanical clutch. I hope I did not make too many assumptions about what you are doing and this info is helpful. Post ant other questions.
  15. block transfer

    Concerning B03 00/9 - 00/11 Identify the 3 bit addresses being used in the block transfer and do search for those bits. What is B03 00/9 - 00/11 being used for?? I will guess it is a multistate indicator. The PV looks at the 3 bit value to change its state. The 3 bits are turned on and off to represent a 3 bit value. I have 3 separate lines of PLC logic to change the states of the bits instead of masking.