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  1. Off Going Fusing

    Use these fused terminals M4/8.SF screw clamp terminal blocks For 5 x 20 and 5 x 25 fuses - 8 mm SNA115657R2500 https://new.abb.com/products/1SNA115657R2500/m4-8-sf-screw-clamp-terminal-blocks-for-5-x-20-and-5-x-25-fuses-grey
  2. Learning about MicroLogix 1500

    Use the  Keyspan USA-19HS  for years with no issues. Hope I did not Jinx anything 
  3. I wrote the CiCode a bunch of years ago.. from what i remember you had to use the read tag function to make a changing prefix work I put the tags in buffers with tag read    did my scaling    then TagWrite for the output. This was done in ciCode not CiCode Object //////////// put DB tags in buffer variables for Manipulation         net_amp_act_1_buff = TagRead(prefix_buff_const+"_current_1");     net_amp_act_2_buff = TagRead(prefix_buff_const+"_current_2");     net_amp_act_3_buff = TagRead(prefix_buff_const+"_current_3");   ////// write reslults the Data Base     TagWrite(prefix_buff_const+"_current_1_cal", current_1_cal_buff);     TagWrite(prefix_buff_const+"_current_2_cal", current_2_cal_buff);     TagWrite(prefix_buff_const+"_current_3_cal", current_3_cal_buff);
  4. Digi one Iap connecting to Contrologix

    Digi One IAP Setting Up with 2 DF1 devices for RSLinx 2.41.pdf
  5. Digi one Iap connecting to Contrologix

    Digi One IAP Setting Up For Rockwell Bridging.pdf
  6. Digi one Iap connecting to Contrologix

    some documents for you I set one one us a few years ago to communicate with a SLC500 Digi One IAP A-B Rockwell Automation Peer-to-Peer.pdf
  7. UL 508A Sizing feeder Circuit

    size the wire to the breaker amps  
  8. Controlling Cylinder Stroke Length

    what am I missing??? how do you stop a  pneumatic cylinder mid-stroke without a mechanical means???
  9. UL508A and Wire Sizing

    no you are not missing something the rules are different for wiring in the control cabinet. When i did machine wiring the minimum wire size was 14 THHN for all control wiring (120 VAC & 24 VDC control). The analog was a different story.   Yes the code book is confusing. they sell a NEC handbook that explains some part with easier to understand text https://catalog.nfpa.org/NEC-Softbound-and-Handbook-Set-P16539.aspx also this is handy for the common stuff Uglys Electrical Reference https://catalog.nfpa.org/Uglys-Electrical-References-2017-Edition-P17360.aspx  
  10. Using a PID to control a digital output

    Time Proportioning Outputs have this running in several SLC500s. I figure the 1100 PID can't be that different.   See chapter 9 Proportional Integral Derivative Instruction Time Proportioning Outputs section starts bottom of page 9-30 http://literature.rockwellautomation.com/idc/groups/literature/documents/rm/1747-rm001_-en-p.pdf     SLC500 IntructionSet Chapter 9ssss.pdf
  11. http://www.weintek.com/Download/PLC_Connect_Guide/eng/PLC_connection_guide.pdf    
  12. channelconfiguration setup

    we need more info. are you looking to communicate to the  processor for programming  or other is it just for data ???  
  13. Analog Wiring

    I am sure you get away with not using shielded wiring. But why???  
  14. Copy INT into second half of a DINT

    Multiply your integer by 65536 with the destination being the double integer (or Long)
  15. panelview 550 replacement

    I use the Automation Direct Panel s with many SLC 5/03 processors.  And like them You need a cable to from the EA9 panel to the SLC 5/03 DH 485 Port And maybe an additional power supply if you are 120 vac power   C-more EA9 Series Touch Panels https://www.automationdirect.com/adc/Shopping/Catalog/HMI_(Human_Machine_Interface)/C-more_Touch_Panels/C-more_Touch_Panels_EA9_Series/C-more_EA9_Series_Touch_Panels The Cable EA-DH485-CBL https://www.automationdirect.com/adc/Shopping/Catalog/HMI_(Human_Machine_Interface)/C-more_Touch_Panels/C-more_Touch_Panels_EA9_Series/C-more_EA9_Series_Programming_Software_-a-_Cables/EA-DH485-CBL Power Supply  EA-AC https://www.automationdirect.com/adc/Shopping/Catalog/HMI_(Human_Machine_Interface)/C-more_Touch_Panels/C-more_Touch_Panels_EA9_Series/C-more_EA9_Series_Options_-a-_Accessories/EA-AC Screen Protector EA-12-COV2 https://www.automationdirect.com/adc/Shopping/Catalog/HMI_(Human_Machine_Interface)/C-more_Touch_Panels/C-more_Touch_Panels_EA9_Series/C-more_EA9_Series_Options_-a-_Accessories/EA-12-COV2