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  1. Palletizing; PLC 5-15 and PV 600

    I have taken it upon myself to learn Panelbuilder32. I want to use a PV 600 DH+ and PLC 5/15 to monitor and provide control in the palletizing department. Pallet and slip sheet dispensing along with pallet distribution to 4 palletizing robots. The old system was a dataliner and digital keypad for entering manual codes to manipulate the equipment after clearing jams and trouble-shooting etc. I am a bit stumped when it comes to understanding how to incorporate the alarm banner and alarm screen functions. I already created the graphics and assigned my own tags for running the system but the alarm issue is perplexing. I am not sure how to address and trigger alarms nor do I know how to clear them from the screen. Any direction would be helpful

    Someone had suggested a hardwired STOP on the Terminal board. I have a STOP input using an "N" file. It will stop the drive even if the START bit is on. Are you suggesting a hardwired control? Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of DEVICENET? I did save all parameters and will post them over the weekend if I get a chance. Remember, I am learning all this on my own. My ladder logic is not the cleanest or most sensible I am sure. I am not doing anything real with it at the moment. Just some use of a few elements of the instruction set is all. Constructive criticism is welcome.

    I finally achieved success with devicenet,SLC 5/04, and powerflex. I must say to the person who suggested a hardwired stop on the TB, that it was not necessary. I am not even sure how I managed to make it work, but I did change the scanner node address from 63 to 0 and...voila! Reading and writing everything now. I expect it will take the rest of my life to figure out what all the powerflex parameters do, but at least I can manipulate the mess from ladder logic. Thanks to all for your input. Many of you are probably designers or engineers in this field. I am just a lowly electronic technician with absolutely no formal controls training. My biggest projects have been the building of a training set-up in the shop, to include powerflex70, PLC 5, Panelview 600-900 and 1200, SLC's, and a servo motor. I did design a panelview 1200 for use in a processing department but I only used the existing PLC5 addresses for the object tags and did not create the logic myself. I am on the road to discovery, not recovery...

    Believe it or not, I have done just about everything as you have suggested. With the exception of hard wiring a "stop" on the TB in the drive. I have even copied the logic and parameter settings in existing, operating networks and have gotten no where. What puzzles me is the I/O map to the scanner: The Powerflex is address 10, but when it maps, it is I:1.0 and I:1.1. The scanner is in slot 3 of the rack. Where do the M1 and M0 files come into play that are supposed to be addressed and monitored with copy commands to/from an integer file? The controls department manager went to AB yesterday for Devicenet training. I am going to get under his skin today with a million questions. Sounds to me like you have this thing down to something as simple as making a sandwich. We'll see if he has a clue...By the way, the drive does run from the HIM. Thanks for your time.

    OK. I know I am a greenhorn when it comes to programming but this is ridiculous. I cannot, for the life of me, get this set-up to work. I have written logic to monitor the M files and can see changes taking place but the drive will not run! I have all of the AB publications to guide me but they are no help. I've had enough. Guess I'll have to save my pennies and pay for the training myself at AB. The rotten company I work for only pays for the controls people to get trained, while poor schmuck technicians like myself are left to sink or swim on our own. I am drowning. This is not worth the grief I have subjected myself to.

    Hello to All, Here's the dilemma: I am an ET, and I work for a company who refuses to pay for formal training on any of our equipment. So, I have taken it upon myself to figure things out on my own. I do need help however. I have never had a programming class but I can trouble shoot a PLC online. There are some more advanced functions that puzzle me, but I can get around. I am however, having a great deal of trouble trying to get a network together using DEVICENET, an SLC 5/04 and a POWERFLEX 70 Drive. I have no idea how to write the logic to make the motor even act like it wants to rotate. I am not sure how to incorprate the m0 and m1 files by referencing them to an INTEGER file. If my POWERFLEX drive is number 10 on the network, is there an offset in the integer data table? Using RSNETWORX, I "see" the devices on the network yet I have no idea whether the drive or scanner are properly configured. In other words, I have been banging my head for 2 weeks and have essentially stalled out. Suggestions, criticisms? Hit me with your best shot!