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  1. Hi Guys, Does anyone here know if there is a possibility to communicate with a Beckhoff HMI using Modbus TCP? I currently have a controller with Modbus I/O registers and I want the Beckhoff HMI to r/w to it. Any suggestions other than OPC? ~Chaca.
  2. Codesys and forcing

    Hi Jim, This problem has been reported to 3S. This is an issue with CoDeSys. Once a value is forced and the force is removed from the bit, the bit remains set until you force it off again. Apparently, this issue is going to be corrected in the new version of CoDeSys. Chaca
  3. Modbus to Modbus TCP signal conversion

    Thanks Kseniya & Mr. PLC!
  4. Modbus to Modbus TCP signal conversion

    sorry guys quick note...the input modbus signal is an RTU/ASCII if you already didn't know that!
  5. Hi Turck Experts! I am curious to know if the BL67-RS232 Module will take a modbus signal from an instrument and pass it out using the BL67-PG-EN Modbus TCP gateway. Thanks!
  6. S7 to CoDeSys Code Conversion

    still no reply in either forums.
  7. CodeSys ST test

    Here is the Omron CX-1 Code. I still didn't have a chance to do that in CoDeSys.
  8. Klockner Moeller PS3

    Well Guys, If you need a programming cable for the PS3 you will need a special RS232-RS485 converter, because Moeller uses a special protocol called Suconet K to communicate with these PLC's. The only one converter that I found that actually works is a converter made by Omega UK. It supports the Suconet K protocol 187.5kbps. If you guys need S30 software or documentation, you can get it free from Technical Support desk in Canada. Try to call them and they will email you the software for free. I hope this helps! Cheers!
  9. Password for PLC

    Hi Manuel, I know this site does not allow any posts on password cracking, however, just to let you know, Moeller's MFD Titans can not be password cracked. Even if you sent it to the factory, they can not retrieve the password, they will need to reflash the program memory, which will erase the program. I suggest trying to get in touch with the machine builder and see if they will give you the soft copy of the program. Good Luck!
  10. Hi Guys/Gals...I am looking for some sort of a tool or utility or anything that would assist me in converting an S7 project to and IEC61131 compatible code. Any suggestions? Cheers!
  11. S7 to CoDeSys Code Conversion

    Hi Guys/Gals...I am looking for some sort of a tool or utility or anything that would assist me in converting an S7 project to and IEC61131 compatible code. Any suggestions? Cheers!
  12. CodeSys ST test

    Here is the SLC Code. Did anyone resolve this in CoDeSys yet? Read_Harting_ID.RSS
  13. CodeSys ST test

    Hey Tony, I just finished coding it in SLC500, now I am going to work on it to write in CoDeSys. Will post it when ready...just curious to see how many people are comfortable with St. Cheers!
  14. CodeSys ST test

    Alright guys/gals, here is a challange for all of you CoDeSys Guru's out there. Write an I2C Bus Protocol Driver using CoDeSys in ST using standard I/O's of a PLC. For example, you can tag the SCL signal to one of the PLC outputs and the SDL to one of the PLC inputs/outputs (share the same signal). All you have to do is write one byte of data to the I2C EEPROM and read one byte of data out of the EEPROM. I have attached a PDF file that contains the specs on this module and the pinouts for clarification. I just bumped into this interesting protocol. I haven't written anything for it yet. Let me know what your thoughts are. I will start writing hopfully later on this evening. Have fun and let me know what you come up with! PS: Just remember, there is a Read or Write Initialization byte that has to be transmitted before the actual data byte is written or read. HAN_ID_Module_Flow_Chart.pdf
  15. Turck Programmable Gateways

    Hi Nick, No specific questions as such, I just wanted to see "Turck" CoDeSys awareness at Mr.PLC. Thank you for your reply. ~Chaca