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  1. In the automation community , what do you think of Lenze ? -Service -Reliability -Programming -etc
  2. Siemens Power Monitors

    I was looking at the Siemens Power Monitors. and I have a few questions Siemens 9300 1. Which one has the capability of MeterM@il and WebMeter the 9300 ,9330,or 9350? 2. What does the price run? Siemens Sentron PAC 3200 1. What does the Price run on this unit ? 2. Does Ethernet communication come standard with the 3200 ? Thanks for your input,
  3. Good Morning , Hope everyone had a nice Easter. I am looking for a Power Monitor , Power Factor,Voltage ,etc. I would like the communication to be Ethernet . Has anybody came across any that they would recommend. Thanks,
  4. PanelView Plus /40 exe Check- Error What is the warranty on a PanelView Plus -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a fairly new Panelview Plus ,about a year, that has a 40 EXE Check Error. I talked to tech support ,and they said that we should send it in for repair. Have anybody seen this error before? Were you able to fix it yourself ? and What is the warranty on the Panelview Plus. Thanks in advance,
  5. I would like to make 1 application for our supervisors, that has 1 main display from each of our 4 HMI's. But,I don't want to recreate those displays , objects , and tags. I would just like to copy and paste on another new application. How can that be done? Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks , I did print these Offline Instructions , but I still wonder why I can't see them online like I can other applications. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What blows my ( and that don't take much) is why I cannot create a online path and see those tags, even if they were developed offline. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. The 4 applications that I am having trouble with were done by a company out of Belgium ,their programmers are usually on the road or at a desk working on the next project,and are grabbing their tags offline out of the .ACD that they developed. I think that is somewhat of the problem that I am having if that makes sense. The tags that I do see in the online browser are only about 8% of tags that are in the program ,and I believe these were placed in the application onsite (online)and at the end of the project. The reason why I do not think it is in my RS View Studio,is that I can go into another application and Plc from 2 other integrators same type Plc, PanelView Plus and RS View and I am able to see all the tags.What blows my ( and that don't take much) is why I cannot create a online path and see those tags, even if they were developed offline. Any ideas, Thanks Again
  8. RS View Studio 4.0 -Reasons for Missing Tags -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What would be some of the reasons why I would be missing tags in my Tag Browser. Some of these are old tags. I had this problem before with new Tags, but I just rebooted and I had them the next time I opened RS View Studio. I just did an update from 3.2 to 4.0 but another application does well. We do have 4 applications that were done by another company and they seem like the ones I am having trouble finding the tags. Any Ideas , Thanks In Advance
  9. This should be placed under the connection tab right? What about the brackets? {::[NEW SHORTCUT]Program:MainProgram.Array_DINT[0]} I tried it like this but I keep geting an error in the numeric display {::[NEW SHORTCUT]Program:MainProgram.Array_DINT[0]3}
  10. Thanks for your help. I have it working fairly well. Now my question is about RS View Studio. I would like to place this turning device on my HMI Screen so the operator can see the filled positions and enter a 1 or a 0 to make a correction. When I drill down to my PLC tags ,I am only able to go down to my Array_DINT[0] and not my individual array bits. Would you know of any reasons why. Thanks
  11. I have a turning device that has 27 shelves on it and I would like to keep track of the shelves that have product on , and then activate a process when that full shelf comes around. I have my BSL working well but I would like to have my 27th bit (a 1 or a 0)be able to wrap around to my 1st position again. Right now I am using a doubleword to accomplish this. Right now ,it wants to go to 32 and drop off the end. Would you have any ideas.I am probably way off the mark. Thanks in advance.
  12. Good Morning , I am somewhat familier with the shift registers in the older AB plc's. Could you explain a couple of things dealing with the BSL in ControlLogix. What an example of the Array , Control , Source Bit , Length. Let me explain what I am doing. I have a part on a chain that I am looking for with a sensor ( input ). This part of the chain that I am sensing the part is about 3 steps away from the process that I would like to take place. For example, If I see the part at that position I would like for this seen part ( as a 1) step thru to that position 100 , 010 , 001. I have 27 positions on this chain ( would that be the Length?) BSL Bit Shift Left Array - Control - Source Bit - Length- Thanks in advance,