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  1. Rslogix 5000 Teamwork Options

    We are embarking on a new project soon and it will be using possibly rslogix 5000 v18.5 or (or v16.86). With a larger software team there is potentially going to be more than 1 plc Developer working on the same project at the same time. Is there any "Team work" software that will allow 2 developers to work on the same ACD File. The majority of our PLC code is written with in ADD-ON instruction and currently with RSLogix 5000 v16 we need to down load the complete project to the PLC to update a single addon. Other reason for sticking currently with version 16 is that we are developing system that use the RM & SRM (Redundancy Modules) not supported by version 17.
  2. RsLogic v16.03 - Teamwork

    Our projects are starting to get bigger and more than one developer is needing access to change the ACD file. Is there a "teamwork" server that will assist with 2 people working on the same source file. Most of our code is done within addon's so we find that we have to take the PLC off-line to make the change to the add-on before re-download in the PLC program Project is fully redundant so we are stuck on Version 16.8 firmware until 18.5 comes along later this year or early next year. Thanks in advance Andy
  3. Anybody knows?

    For PLC stuff in UK check out Routeco
  4. You will need to take into consideration a density calculation as different fluids have different density's and also possible a temperature. because if the H20 is above 100DegC then it may be steam rather than water.
  5. Comms between Controllogix processors

    If you are using redaundancy in your project you cannot use produced and consumed tags and have to use the "second" method ^^ above
  6. Had a bit of a strange one that I have lost all my controller tag comment, rung comments etc. Tag names are still there seem to happen when program is downloaded to the PLC and then uploaded. But not all the time . Other thing we have found is that ocassionally we will look online at the code and there will be the ODD Bool displayed in Ladderview (especially as a parameter of an addon) and this won;t allow online edits. Bool value is being displayed as 0.0.0 or 1.0.0 and line is in 'e' or fault. (while running) Using V16.03.00 (CPR 9) of Rockwell 5000 and Firmware V16.53 ( because we need redundancy using 1757-SRM.
  7. Just a quickie Looking for a solution to provide a 0 - 30v DC Supply at up 3A. Problem is the control of the voltage 0-30 must be able to be proportionally controlled by a PLC either digitally or vai analog control(4-20mA or 0-10v etc) . If possible, I would like and off the shelf solution that could be DIN rail mounted. PLC will typically be a Compact logixs. Application is for a test rig to allow us to ramp up and down the voltage in 1/2 volt steps. However load is approximately 2A at 24v DC.
  8. Software Multiplex'd Code

    OK what scares me most about everyones answers so far is that you are all employing JSR with parameters. When an addon instrcution can be used to do the same as a JSR with parameters. Advantage of the addon is that it has it own memory space/ security/ Stack etc......... Currently we are doing something simalar using dymanically addressed addon instructions....
  9. Software Multiplex'd Code

    What I am trying to do is reuse one Task muiltiple times (up to 32 times) so as to use less memory and save having 32 identical tasks. How I have done this so fas is that I copy the data in from the controller task(using a CPS copy) into the local task , process it and then return it to the controller Database using a CPS copy. - That works unless... The problem I am having is that the HMI has to write to the Controller db for task12 (originally it used to write directly to the task eg task12) to make valve movements, however the CPU copy from the Local to the Controller is overwriting the command sitting in the controller DB before it can be passed to the mulitplex for processing (all to do with timing). Any suggestions on how to resolve this. All data is in arrays of UDT's with Command and Status's in the same nested structure. We also have the PLC clear the command bit to show that the command has been actioned OOOO my head hurts thinking about this today
  10. Alaising in RsLogix 5000

    Thanks for the long reply that seems to clear up a lot of the points. For you information we have already taken the plunge and everything is written (well 95%) using addon instructions and passing in Custom UDT's. I was looking to take the program 1 setp futher and have a single well model being updated through Alaising but looks like I will have to CPS copy the data about if we utilize this unless I can come up with another intresting (& cunning) way of doing it. - Thinking caps on again.... So far our new design for the Wheel is certianly not circular but is working reasonably efficiently Long live the non circular wheel.
  11. Alaising in RsLogix 5000

    Sorry to bu g on this but the previous answer still didn;t graps the problem If I define an array of Int;s in the controller Can I set an Alias to point to Array Element [1] = yes ( no probs at Design time) Can I get the PLC to alter the base Pointer of the Alias to Point at Array Element [2] at runtime = ?? If I could get this to work then all I would have to do is adjust the Alais snd re use code rather than have to to do MOV instruction to copy the data bout in the PLC proir to using it. The whole point of this is to make the same piece of code be used for multile Oil Well with out haveing to move masses of data.
  12. Aliasing in RSlogix 5000 ( L62)

    SO how do you access the Assign the Alais to the New Structure element at runtime eg move alias from pointing at MyStruct[1] to Pointing at MyStruct[2]. I've only ever used Aliases at design time form making the I/O tags more "friendly".
  13. Generic Question : On larger systems with multiple PLC's of the same brand doing there thing( say 5 machines all on Allen Bradley) OK to get the HMI to talk to all 5 machines it would be better to put in a data concentrator but what is the consensus on the platform for the data concentrator. A) a "Server" running some gateway app like Kepserver and link master etc or B) a PLC based data concetrator with interfaces out as required.
  14. Was having a think and wondering if this is possible, At the moment I have a array of UDT defined in the Controller and Use a small block of code to move this into a proccessing Tag with in a Proccessing TASK and then move the data back into controller when finished then increment the array element and repeat. Is there any way I could, using aliasing set up so the alais can point to the fisrt element of the array and then by code just increment the alias to the next element and so on, by using the inbuild ALIAS function of the the databses. Just think it may be more efficietn EXAMPLE So we would have Define these tags Controller.Array[1].UDT_Structure1 Controller.Array[1].UDT_Structure2 Controller.Array[1].UDT_Structure3 Controller.Array[2].UDT_Structure1 Controller.Array[2].UDT_Structure2 Controller.Array[2].UDT_Structure3 Controller.Array[3].UDT_Structure1 Controller.Array[3].UDT_Structure2 Controller.Array[3].UDT_Structure3 Where Scan 1 MyAlias:=Controller.Array[1] giving Myalias.UDT_Structure1 ( Array Element [1]) Myalias.UDT_Structure2 ( Array Element [1]) Myalias.UDT_Structure3 ( Array Element [1]) Scan2 MyAlias:=Controller.Array[2] giving Myalias.UDT_Structure1 ( Array Element [2]) Myalias.UDT_Structure2 ( Array Element [2]) Myalias.UDT_Structure3 ( Array Element [2]) Scan3 MyAlias:=Controller.Array[3] giving Myalias.UDT_Structure1 ( Array Element [3]) Myalias.UDT_Structure2 ( Array Element [3]) Myalias.UDT_Structure3 ( Array Element [3]) Scan 4 MyAlias:=Controller.Array[1] giving Myalias.UDT_Structure1 ( Array Element [1]) Myalias.UDT_Structure2 ( Array Element [1]) Myalias.UDT_Structure3 ( Array Element [1]) -------------- Or Can this not be done?

    Looking for links to some simple SCADA What I need is a Scada Package or HMI package or some sort of OPC visualization to allow maybe max of 100 Points this needs to be ideally Freeware. or very cheap ware. Need to be able to communicate with OPC Server or Allen Bradley Controlllogix THis will only e used to display some PLC data for inhouse testing. I did try WINLOG LITE but it times out after about 10 mins - other wise it would have been perfect. We have full blown Wonderware for the main systems. but this means installing wonderware and servers etc I'm looking for something simple just to develop a few simple test tools graphics will be simple a few button and lights with some analog values. No need for security etc. ideally easy to set up on different machines in about 10 mins