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  1. analog data confusion

    thanks I went out and slowed the motion way down and tried to watch the input value progressing slowly, and it looks like the jumping that I occasionally see occurs at the transition from 0 to 10 may can get around this with a couple of less than and greater than. I will change the format and let you know Travis
  2. analog data confusion

    I am still doing something wrong. I incorrectly gave the word 11 and 12 last week, it is actually 12 and 13 for input 1. I moved to input 2 so that both Bytes of data would be in the same word. Open the attached program and look under the file called "Drives" on rung 31 is my BTD instruction. Looks like it works but something is not corect, because when watching it count i occasionally see a number way out of progression, like maybe it is counting around 50k and I see a 20k number flash up for just a second and then continue back at 50k. You will also see I added a few rungs under the BTD to make sure which BYTEs were counting. the analog input is a Turck RI360 rotory prox sw that should give 0 - 10. This works correctly when I check it with my meter, so I feel it is not the reason the count jumps around sometimes. I know it goes all the way to 10 and starts at zero, so notice under the BTD instruction it looks like the value never went below 214 or above 65276, Do you see anything I am doing wrong? thanks Travis Slat_Welder.ACD
  3. analog data confusion

    thanks Bob, I will let you know how it worked Travis
  4. analog data confusion

    I have a L35 Compactlogix using Numatics G3 fieldbus IO. The Numatics IO is 9 digital input modules, 3 output modules and 1 analog input module. The module is a 4 channel 0 - 10v input module. All of the digital IO works perfectly. Looking in rslogix5000 all of my data from the G3 system shows up as 32bit words, so there are 4ea 8 bit rows in each word. So the 4 analog inputs use 8 bytes, 2 bytes for each input. Each input is a 16 bit value, example word 11 11111111 11111111 11111111 11111111 word 12 11111111 11111111 11111111 11111111 My 1st analog input is the value of the last byte of word 11 and the 1st byte of word 12, the next input is row 2 and 3 of word 12 so how do i look at the value of input #1? Thanks for your help Travis
  5. Conveyor Indexing Optimization

    If I understand you are basically running the conveyor at some speed thru the VFD and then stopping at some preset encoder count? Is that correct? Are you doing some kind of controlled stop or is the drive just coasting to a stop? Might not have anything to do with accuracy but why not use a high speed cntr instead of creating your own encoder logic? Travis
  6. Analog input I vs V

    "Put a 1/4 amp fused disconnecting terminal block on a convenient terminal rail so you can connect the meter and then open the fuse for testing" That is brilliant, some people are so smart, thanks for the tip
  7. Analog input I vs V

    thanks guys, I like using the current inputs myself Travis
  8. Analog input I vs V

    What are the Pro's and Con's of using voltage or current for an analog input. I am using a 1769-IF4 input module and Turck Ri 360 rotary inductive sensors, I will have 3 of the Turck sensors monitoring the rotary position of 3 axis. The sensors give the option of using Voltage or Current and the Module will accept either. So is one better than the other. I have used both in the past with no real issues, except on 1 application I was using an air pressure switch that had an analog voltage output (I think it was Sunx, but not sure) I did not get good repeatable readings. Is this typical of voltage inputs, or was my sensor the problem? Thanks Travis
  9. Cooling Options

    thanks guys, I already ordered the high dollar unit, next project I will check out the suppliers that you mentioned Travis
  10. Cooling Options

    Our air is nasty, you can always find an air leak at our plant if it is blowing on something, it leaves a black oily film. Travis
  11. Cooling Options

    Why do A/C units for Control Panels cost so much? Using Hoffmans online calculator, I need 6000 BTU's, would be using 480 vac, my quote was a little over $3000. My unit for my house didn't cost but $2500. You can buy a window unit from Lowes for $500. Does anyone know of a cheaper option? Travis
  12. New Project Thread

    Shiner, I like the idea of the buss bar with the crimp on connectors much better than with the ground lugs. BobB can you post a picture of what you are talking about I looked up the Erico links and saw what looked like hangers for the cable, How are ou terminating the cables? Travis
  13. New Project Thread

    Hey guys, I am building an automaticly fed resistance welding machine. We are going to make rebar mats that will have 5 longitudinal wires (spelling???) and 3 cross wires. The mats will be roughly 5 feet wide by 10 feet long. It will use 5 - 120kva transformers 480 primary to around 10 to 15volts secondary. Secondary voltage depends on the tap setting. So on the Supply side I am coming into the machine with 3 phase 500 mcm feeder thru a 400 amp breaker. Then need to break out the power to terminal blocks or a buss to tap the primary of the x-formers, and to feed 5VFD's (2hp largest) a 7 1/2 Ton Chiller. Don't have any Terminal blocks that large with that many wire terminals. Thought about using solid copper buss and just drilling holes and attaching like ground lug to the buss to make the connections, I really don't think I like this option. I guess I could use a panel board and use breakers to feed the devices. But I have never seen this done in a control panel. The panel is a 4 door approx 150" wide and 72" tall. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks Travis
  14. Anyone on here ever use the Murr/Mac MMM? It is a Mac Air Valve Manifold that has a Murr elektronics Ethernet adapter on it. My pnematic sales guy is wanting me to try it. Looks pretty clean and easy to use. I am wondering about how well (reliable) the E-net communication will be. By the way this machine has 5 resistance welding heads on it. Will the magnetic field generated by the welding cause a problem with the E-Net. Weld transformers are 120kva all firing simultaneous. Any help would be greatly appriciated Travis
  15. G310 Speedometer

    Just found it. it is under Legacy Primatives Thanks