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  1. Mitsubishi & Omron -OPC-UA - KEPWARE Server

    No, None of the Devices yu have listed have an OPC UA Server Embedded on them. If they have Ethernet ports on them you would be able to connect to them with drivers in KEPServerEX However Serial Protocols typically only allow one master connection and that is the HMI's in your configuration. If the HMI's have the ability to server their data then you might be able to connect to the HMI's using one of the Kepware Client Drivers, this allows KEPServerEX to become and OPC DA/UA/XMLDA/DDE/Wonderware Intouch bridge. I would recommend contact Kepware and talking to one of the Sales Application Engineers and they can help you determine what you can do. No support contract is needed to talk to them.
  2. OPC data

    Greetings,  Are you manually adding the item request or did you browse to the UA  Server in the S7-1500 and Generate the item that you want to read from the dievice? Did the ATG succeed? What version of the server are you using? We do have a lot of users that are doing this successfully. Have you contacted Kepware Technical Support about this?
  3. Check your power settings. The USB port is most likely powering down.
  4. MicroLogix 1400

    So, if you are doing an OPC DA connection to RSLinx on the Windows 10 PC you may be getting impacted by the Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities that Microsoft sent security updates out. These would have happened on or after 1/3/2018. These updates broke most OPC Classic processing. Microsoft release updates to these to fix the breaks last Friday. 
  5. To Infinity

    Have you tried a Double Precision Float. It will get a higher value range and greater precision. I know that the logix controllers support the type.
  6. KepServer & Transaction Manager

    KepserverEX has the Datalogger plug-in for logging data. This can be done with several different triggers. For accessing the SQL data the ODBC Client driver can be used. That driver has the ability to connect to a stored procedure, supply some inputs and get a single line response. You can also do a query from it to get data. Contact and took to one of the sales application engineers and they can walk you through the entire process and answer any questions.
  7. S7 300 to Ignition

    There is not gateway functionality in the Siemens controller so you will have to get the data from PLC1 into PLC 2.
  8. You will need to do an OPC connection to the gateway. Remote DDE connections (NetDDE) are no longer supported by Microsoft. To do OPC DA or UA from Excell or access you are going to need and add-in for Excel. Try OPC this is not free like DDE is though. I believe that Matrikon also has a solution as well.
  9. Get data from RSLinx into VB.NET

    The Automation wrapper is quite old and no longer supported by the OPC Foundation. Your best bet is to get an OPC Client SDK that allows you to develop an OPC Client in VB.Net or C#. There are several of them out there. ClientAce from Kepware ( Unified Automation ( TechnoSoftware (
  10. FX3U-485ADP-MB communication

    So you must have a Modbus Driver or server that is talking to the FX3u through the cable. Is the FX3u writing data do the HMI through that driver or server or is the HMI sending poll request to the FX3U. In the first case the FX3u is a master and the driver or server is a slave and it will not know that there has been a problem because it is just waiting for the master to say something. In the second case the HMI (driver/server) is the master and it should report a communiciatons failure. I suspect you are configure like the first case. In that type of configuration you should have a watchdog item that is coming from the FX3U that you know will change at a specific rate and use that to indicate that comms has failed.
  11. Ethernet/IP and FINS together

    You should be able to because they use different ports. It is just a matter of configuring both interfaces.
  12. Maximum range for Float data type in FX series

    32 bit FLoat 1.17549 x10^-38 to 3.40282 x 10^38 with a 6 digit precision. 64 bit Floate 2.22507 x10^-308 to 1.79769 x 10^308 with a 15 digit precision. You can find this with a quick Google search and it is a standard.
  13. KEPServerEX 4 w/ Micrologix 1100

    No the legacy server does not support that model. The 1100 was not released to Market when development was stopped on the Version 4.x server
  14. OPC server

    What is the OPC Server you are using? Did you configure the FactoryTalk View table with an OPC Connection and add the items from the OPC Server to the table?
  15. Kepware/OPC Networking L3

    OPC is what an OPC Client uses to communicate to an OPC Server. It is straight device communications to the PLC's. You should be able to talk to any device as long as the Subnet allows the addresses and routing is enabled via the switch. That is what should be checked in this configuration. You can also contact Kepware for additional help.