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  1. AS-i 31 vs 62 node

    Can a valve with a 62 node capable AS-i top be used on a 31 node AS-i network?
  2. A-B VersaView Terminals

    Is this computer to be used with full blown HMI apps?
  3. RSLogix 5000

    No worries when I reread my post it looks wierd. I almost fooled myself.
  4. RSLogix 5000

    Ok I just checked. There is a SQO sequencer output instruction as I said. I havent used one in 5K but I did add one to make sure it works.??
  5. RSLogix 5000

    The 5K software has a sqo instruction. As for the tag it sounds like you want to make an array that you can sequence through. Make a new tag named sequence_step (or whatever you want to call it) Data Type can be INT if you just want 16 bits. your bits will be sequence_step.0, sequence_step.1 etc. That should get you started. after you figure that out then you will need to look into making larger arrays im sure.
  6. Another Pump PID Question

    I have never used a tuning software but am not opposed to it if it works. What do you think about this software? Is four hours typical to tune a loop with it? That seems extremely long. I couldnt imagine tuning a whole system at that rate.
  7. RSView 32 Inactivity Logout

    The problem is that I do not want the operator to be logged out if he is in the middle of working in a secured area. That is why I was hoping to find something that tells the system that the HMI has been inactive for a period of time. Like rsview SE does. thanks
  8. RSView 32 Inactivity Logout

    i don't have the software handy. unfortunately I cannot find it in the manual.
  9. Does RSView 32 have a tool to automatically log out an operator based on inactivity for a period of time? RSView SE has this functionality but I can't find it in 32.
  10. Numeric Input in RSView

    ok i have only actually done that with a data display not on a display for an entry field. sorry
  11. Numeric Input in RSView

    I believe that you can simply enter the tag / 10 (in the field that you would normally put the tag) instead of creating a memory tag.