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  1. Up And Down Counter In Omron PLC CP1E

    Sounds like an assignment and not an actual project.
  2. Moving Data Memory

    Shout Out to @Michael Walsh for pointing out my minor programming bug.  Had a bit that was in the wrong state. Always nice to have a second set of eyes when your get blurry from chasing bugs for a couple hours!
  3. Moving Data Memory

    Hey no problem, I will take any help (and give) you have. I actually meant 3800 and not 3000.  words 3800 to 6144 are a free for all from what I can find from the training manual.
  4. Moving Data Memory

    Just the CJ2H.  The CJ2M is a 5 hour flight away lol.  I have not even tried the logic I am adding in the fianl PLC yet.  I was planning on developing it at home with the CJ2H and then adding it into the CJ2M when i get to Memphis in a few weeks. I may just end up changing the registers to word addresses as my logic seems to work when I do this. Question is what will happen when I try it in the actual PLC that is being used????? Why can't employers supply a test PLC that is actually being used in the field?????
  5. Moving Data Memory

    For my test bench there is only the CPU, no modules. The actual PLC that we are using on the machine has the following as attached.  The CJ2M is the actually PLC and the CJ2H is what I am testing with at home.
  6. Moving Data Memory

    See my response further up.
  7. Moving Data Memory

    Actual installed hardware is a CJ2M-CPU35 What I am testing on is a CJ2H-CPU66-EIP
  8. Moving Data Memory

    If you share your ladder, we can take a look.  There are only a few options as to what is causing this:  I cannot publicly share the program.  Company rules) 1)  The ladder is overwriting it directly. Possible but I did a cross reference for usage and it only references to my instance. 2)  The ladder is using indirect addressing and overwriting it. is an older program that had IR but I deleted most of it. 3)  A module that has special memory areas (in addition to the D20000 or D30000 areas) is overwriting that address.  Possible 4)  That address is being overwritten by communication from an outside device through a network card. Possible on the actual PLC however my test PLC only has the CPU.  The actual (in Memphis) has a device net card, and a serial communications card)
  9. Moving Data Memory

    No it is not part of the logic.  I threw that in there for trouble shooting purposes only. 
  10. Moving Data Memory

    Hi guys, I am not sure as to why I cannot move a value from one Data Memory into another Data Memory.  I tried moving from the Data Memory into a word address (3900) and this worked ok but not from one Data Memory (D9020) into another Data Memory (D9200)????  Is this not allowed in OMRON?  Nothing else is writting to D9200 so I am not sure why it is staying at 0????? I can cjange all my addressing to make it work but would still like to know why.  
  11. Flashing Bit

    Bit of an update....I could not find the issue but am thinking I accidentally crossed into the devicenet addresses. I ended up re addressing my bits to W bits. Cheers
  12. Flashing Bit

    Thanks for the reply and suggestion.   I will give it a try however I went around the logic driving the bit and it would still flash. Stay tuned for updates.  
  13. Ideas & Help Needed Please!!!

    Simple....just teach all 16 points.  Then during your inspection remember the X/Y position of the failed product. Would this work for your project?
  14. Analog Wiring NO NO

    I prefer forks over bare wire myself. I also prefer spring cage terminals over screw.  The spring cage has been well proven. I have 18 years of hands on maintenance in pretty harsh conditions. I have solid experience as to what works and does not work.
  15. Analog Wiring NO NO

    Your picture is the way I do my analog wiring as well.  As far as the Ferrells vs Forks.....I have no clue why the builder did this????  In fact they should not be using ferrels at the cards as they are designed for forks or rings only.  Ferrells should only be used for terminals. The quality of the cabinets defiantly has room for improvement.  I make suggestions but why listen to the new guy with 15+ years experience when you can keep doing what you have been doing for the entire year you have been in the business!