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  1. Flashing Bit

    Bit of an update....I could not find the issue but am thinking I accidentally crossed into the devicenet addresses. I ended up re addressing my bits to W bits. Cheers
  2. Flashing Bit

    Thanks for the reply and suggestion.   I will give it a try however I went around the logic driving the bit and it would still flash. Stay tuned for updates.  
  3. Ideas & Help Needed Please!!!

    Simple....just teach all 16 points.  Then during your inspection remember the X/Y position of the failed product. Would this work for your project?
  4. Analog Wiring NO NO

    I prefer forks over bare wire myself. I also prefer spring cage terminals over screw.  The spring cage has been well proven. I have 18 years of hands on maintenance in pretty harsh conditions. I have solid experience as to what works and does not work.
  5. Analog Wiring NO NO

    Your picture is the way I do my analog wiring as well.  As far as the Ferrells vs Forks.....I have no clue why the builder did this????  In fact they should not be using ferrels at the cards as they are designed for forks or rings only.  Ferrells should only be used for terminals. The quality of the cabinets defiantly has room for improvement.  I make suggestions but why listen to the new guy with 15+ years experience when you can keep doing what you have been doing for the entire year you have been in the business!
  6. Small and newly started Controls Company available to provide service in the following areas: Controls Design Panel Building PLC and HMI programming Commissioning Services 15+ years in controls and automation ranging from automotive to material handling.   Experienced with Rockwell and OMRON Can ship panels to anywhere in the world from Canada Will design and or build your panels to your specs and according to CEC and NEC regulations. Can commission your machines on site.    
  7. Analog Wiring NO NO

    The analog cards should not be wired with individual TW conductor.  They should be shielded 2 conductor wire, or 8 conductor shielded, regardless it should be shielded. I also prefer Rockwell but the company standard is OMRON since they don't charge for tech support.  Have to agree with the company on that point. The digital cards have Ferrell and should be forks.  The Analog cards have forks however are too large. I see opportunity to start my own company as I have higher quality standards!
  8. Wire labels

    Guess no one has a sense of humor??
  9. Wire labels

    Yes, do not go to work drunk, hung over, or high and then labels should be straight. 
  10. Analog Wiring NO NO

    Whats wrong with this picture?  What could go wrong?  This is how my employer wires analog circuits in the panel! #Frustrated Employee!! #EPIC_ANALOG_FAIL    
  11. Flashing Bit

    Thanks for the reply and suggestion.   I will give it a try however I went around the logic driving the bit and it would still flash. Stay tuned for updates.
  12. Flashing Bit

    For the life of me I cannot figure out why a particular bit keeps flashing even though the logic ahead of it stays true????  I have tried different registers to rule out crossed memory registers and still get the same effect.  I have also tried going around all my compare logic with no effect. Any ideas?   Flashing Bit.mp4
  13. ZCP Instruction

    If this is the way to do then why does OMRON have the ZCP instruction?????
  14. Description Entry

    With Rockwell you can easily and quickly develop I/O description in excel using a CSV file. Does CX Programmer have a similar feature?
  15. ZCP Instruction

    Thanks!  That did it.