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  1. Desperation

    No, I am trying to draw the ladder based on the program list.  CX is changing the addresses. My address is 111, CX makes it 1.11. Some of my references do not translate to CX. HDM does not translate in CX. I just want to understand what is here so I can make adjustments. this controller is running a small punch press. The press is not stopping at top dead center. I need to adjust something in the program to offset this difference. There are no cams and the proximity switch that is connected to the HDM terminals has no adjustment. My boss wants to rip the whole thing out and have me install a Cieco press control, but that is $5,000! 
  2. Desperation

    I am re-posting. The last ANDNOT 11 was supposed to be AND NOT 111.  OMRON SEQUENCE MR PLC.pdf Here's the entire program if anybody feels ambitious. I give up! I can't translate enough of this to make a difference. OMRON PRESS PROGRAM.txt
  3. Annoying problem in Logix5000

    Twigums,   You say "compare". Is there a compare utility in 5000? I really miss that tool form 500.
  4. Desperation

    Does anybody know where I can get a key for the S6 pro16 console?   Even a side picture would do as I can probably make one.   I have the console, but without the key it's a paperweight.
  5. Annoying problem in Logix5000

    I can't seem to get a straight answer regarding temporary changes in Logix5000 programs. I have had several instances where I have made program changes, ran them in simulation, decided I didn't want to keep them, did NOT save the changes, but, when I re-open the program online, a box pops up with "Applying Changes".   I have no way of knowing what this is referring to. It does not show me the "changes" that are being "applied". And it wants me to save the "changes" that don't exist before shutting down the program !. How can this be possible?   Is there a cure for this?  
  6. 1769-BAT + 1769-L32E

    I also have a problem with the 1769-L32E, Compact Logix 5332E. This processor keeps losing the time of day. It is on 24/7, 365, and has a new battery, but still, randomly, loses the time of day. Could this also be a firmware issue?
  7. Replacement for CDM

    Thanks for the information. I am in your debt. I was able to adjust the settings, in Trends, but the Watch function will be a great help.  I can't believe I didn't see it before.
  8. Replacement for CDM

    I am running V27. I looked in the "tools" menu but there is no "Watch" tool listed. The output screen only has "errors" and "search results". I don't know how to get this tool installed. Using Trend was an issue as I don't know how to slow the scan down, or shrink the screen to where I can see what I am monitoring. All I get is lines that go off the top of the screen, like a poorly adjusted oscilloscope. I'll keep experimenting with this....
  9. Replacement for CDM

    Joe E. I tried to use Tag Data Monitor but I must have something set up wrong as I get "Error:429, ActiveX Component can't create object" I don't see the "Quick Watch" anywhere on the screen.
  10. Replacement for CDM

    Gents,   Does Logix5000 have an equivalent to 500's CDM File? I need to monitor several points but I can't get them on the same screen at once. Also, is there a work-around for the lag time when monitoring a bit in 5000? I am watching a timer ACC but it doesn't show in monitor at every cycle.
  11. 1747-UIC, New vs. Old

    Can't send picture but Ref: PUB. 1747-in063c-en-p, page 4 has drawing. New unit has only one cable, for USB, attached. RS-232, and DH-485 connections are now jacks instead of pig tails. Unit comes with DIN rail mount that is removable.  
  12. Gents,   I have several L40A's in service (yes, they still exist). They have an RJ-45 port that is configured for DH485. Until recently I have been using an older 1747-UIC, with the attached cables. This UIC was getting old so I purchased the new 1747-UIC as a replacement. The new UIC has a USB pigtail and ports for RJ-45 and 9-pin. The first time I plugged the new guy in the USB and OK lights came on but I could not get RSLinx to communicate with the PLC. I switched back to the old cable and it worked. Wen I tried the new one again the OK light came on but not the USB light. Windows control panel does not "see" the new device in the com5 port. I have tried to get a driver for the new one but I am told it is built in and should download automatically. Is this a fact? Do I need to get a different driver for the new one?   The old UIC still works but I don't know how much longer...
  13. Logix5000 Problem

    Thanks Joe E. Others have said that the tool was around, but only after ver.19. I'll have a look...   Stickman47
  14. Logix5000 Problem

    Gents, I am having a problem with Logix5000. I was doing an online edit in test mode. I was not happy with the results so I cancelled test mode and cancelled the edit. When I exited the file it asked if I wanted to save the changes. I clicked on NO and went on my merry way. The next time I went online with this processor a box popped up "Applying Changes". Since I am the only one who has access to this program, I need to know why this pop-up came on, and how to see what "changes" were being applied. Since A/B decided to do away with File Compare, how can I compare my file to the processor memory to see if any changes are in the ?   This is driving me crazy!!!!!
  15. What do you think of Lenze?

    Longevity does not equal intelligence.