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  1. Synchronize Clock

    It's a Windows XP computer and I have CX-One version 4.03 installed on this one. Tell me what software to install and I will find it.
  2. Synchronize Clock

    Hi everyone! I have a CJM1-CPU12 with a CJ1W-ETN11 and I want to synchronize automatically the PLC clock with a computer locate in the shop. I don't want to always connect online with the PLC and go at the PLC Clock screen and push the Synchronize button at the middle of this screen. Thank you.
  3. 2 vfd, 1 pot

    I have two A1000 Yaskawa vfd and the signal will be 0-10V. I don't want to use a external power supply. The potentiometer is install on the front door of the vfd's enclosure.
  4. 2 vfd, 1 pot

    Hi Guys, Can I control 2 VFD's with one potentiometer? If it's yes, what's the schematic? Thank's
  5. 1784-PCC

    Thank's for the help.
  6. 1784-PCC

    I would like to know if the 1784-PCC (PCMCIA ControlNet card) work with Windows XP.
  7. PanelView 1000c

    In my PanelView i have N31, N32, N21, F8. So in the Map PLC/SLC Messages i write 31, 32, 21, 8 and i create my new tags in the Controller Tags. Is it true?
  8. PanelView 1000c

    I'm thinking that RSLogix 5000 was able to emulate the tags of my PanelView.
  9. PanelView 1000c

    About 1000 tags.
  10. PanelView 1000c

    But I can't create a PLC kind of tags in a ControlLogix Controller Tags.
  11. PanelView 1000c

    I want to change my PLC 5/40 for a ControlLogix 1756-L63. My PLC 5/40 read and write with a PanelView 1000c ControlNet 1.5. My question is: Are we able to change a PLC for a CLX without changing anything in my PanelView (addressing ex: N31:100)?
  12. 1784-KTCS

    I everybody! Did somebody has try to communicate with a SoftLogix 5 Controller who has a 1784-KTCS ControlNet communication card and a ControlLogix (1756-CNB)?