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  1. QuickPanel Control & DeviceNet Status Words

  2. I have just started using a QuickPanel Control 6" & VersaMax I/O with a DeviceNet NIU. I have the units already communicating over DeviceNet, however, as part of the project, there are some predefined DevNet variables. Like DevNetDeviceStatus (int array with 64 elements), DevNetNetworkStatus, etc. I am looking for information on the different values this variables can take and their meanings. Any help will be much appreciated. Chears!
  3. CJ1G-CPU45H I/O Identification

    I am trying to create a PLC program for the CJ1G-CPU45 with dynamic I/O addressing. In other words, I need to reassign internal bits to physical Input or Output Modules bits based on the number of input modules or output modules installed. I cannot create an I/O table for this because it will be fixed to whatever combination of I/O is entered. I know the CPU is capable of automatically detect I/O without the need of creating a table, but I need to let my program know this combination in order to redirect bits in my program to this input and output modules. Does anybody know if there is a set of undocumented bits/registers in the Auxiliary Area that will allow me to do this?