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  1. Gender Neutral Electrical Connector

    In all seriousness I like the terms Initiator/Responder for communications. I think the relationship is much more clear that way. Though I don't know how I could encourage others in that use.
  2. Unclear on OTE OTU instructions used together

    Seeing just these two rungs the first seems to be irrelevant
  3. Micrologix 1100 1762 L16BBB

    You will get an error code until a program with the card listed in the ok list is downloaded. Be sure to follow all configuration directions.
  4. Creating an Array in Compactlogix_17JUN19

    In short you can create an array of any defined type including UDTs.
  5. He didn't mention an HMI. I believe he is reading liters directly on the flowmeter display and comparing that to the count recorded in the PLC.
  6. Can you provide the complete part number of the E+H Promag unit. Also a diagram of its output wiring to the AB 1400 would be helpful.
  7. Ken - Nyame Ephraim has been in touch with me via email. After many exchanges I came to the conclusion that he believed the Program File Number (PFN) in the HSC setup indicated the ladder in which all HSC related instructions must be placed. My last email to him was this morning and I haven't heard anything else. From all his descriptions to me I believe this may be the case. I guess I'll just wait to see if my guess was confirmed.
  8. If the HSC accumulates then the battery is not the problem. The hookups for counting would not affect the transfer of the accumulator's values in the MOV commands. If you print your program to a PDF and post it (or send a PM to me for my email) I can look at it. Meanwhile check the other items I proposed. And just for the heck of it, make sure the PLC is in 'Run'. Since the HSC is a hardware device within the CPU I can't remember if it can accumulate in other modes.
  9. I assume you see values in the accumulators while running. Are these rungs in subroutines? Are the subroutines being called? Are the contacts before the MOV instructions true? Are there any other instructions which write to the destinations? If you are testing by forcing the outputs their associated contacts won't follow the forced state.
  10. Discrete Input Module Issue on DL06 PLC

    When you swapped the modules did you swap the wiring block? If not then it is most likely the module. If you did then inspect your wiring, especially the commons. It sounds like commons - signals swapped.
  11. Purely a guess, the original file had a lot of temp files (the RSS is actually a full directory structure - open it with 7zip). On uploading it cleans out the temp files.
  12. Micrologix 1400 ASCII String Compare Not Working!

    Various possibilities: in a subroutine which isn't called, string not changed/zeroed between scans (otherwise the one shot won't trigger if scan is the same), one shot address used elsewhere.
  13. Micrologix 1400 ASCII String Compare Not Working!

    That particular rung is still in edit. Note the e's on the left.
  14. He's using hexadecimal. The '0x' prefix also indicates this.
  15. How to move an Array ? (CompactLogix)

    Create a UDT of all the items in the recipe. Then create an array of that UDT type. Then the copy can be used to move entire recipes as a unit.