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  1. Modicon micro Comms Issue

    This area is for PLCs from Automation Direct. Please re-post in the 'Modicon' area
  2. I'm sorry that I can't help further. The only applications I worked on were much slower. I don't know if there is a module with PLS (Programmable Limit Switch) capabilities such that processing of counts is done in the counter card itself and directly controls it's own high speed outputs. Good luck.
  3. It will count and keep track of each pulse but the rpi will control how often the total is reported to the CPU. Your scan time will control how often your program can act on the total as reported.
  4. You didn't mention your program's scan time. You would still have to deal with that. The number of pulses between actions on them will depend on the greater of the rpi or the scan time. You may have to do more research on high speed processing.
  5. 60Khz is a 16.66 microsecond per pulse period. What is your scan time? At an rpi of 2 ms you get about 120 pulses per update. Is that ok?
  6. Dispersion of an array

    Since 'dispersion' is a general concept you might use standard deviation (STD)
  7. Voltage Output Greatly Reduced

    You have the second output - O:5.1 - set to current output. That doesn't fit your description. O:5.0 is the first output on that card.
  8. Too SLOW?

    Mainly make sure the reset of the timer is last because resetting it resets the done bit. And of course the move of the counter's accumulator has to come before it is reset.
  9. Too SLOW?

    Your rungs should be Use done bit to perform the move Use done bit to reset the counter Use done bit to reset the timer. This order works in my simulator.  
  10. Do-More Designer

    For help on time storage in the DoMore systems go to 'help' and search for DMD0221 - Date and Time Overview.   As a side note to Host - will the 2038 time bug be handled when that time comes? I see it was discussed on the Host site in 2010 (I was part of the discussion) but I haven't heard of any resolution. Let everything break in a little over 18 years?
  11. Gender Neutral Electrical Connector

    In all seriousness I like the terms Initiator/Responder for communications. I think the relationship is much more clear that way. Though I don't know how I could encourage others in that use.
  12. Unclear on OTE OTU instructions used together

    Seeing just these two rungs the first seems to be irrelevant
  13. Micrologix 1100 1762 L16BBB

    You will get an error code until a program with the card listed in the ok list is downloaded. Be sure to follow all configuration directions.
  14. Creating an Array in Compactlogix_17JUN19

    In short you can create an array of any defined type including UDTs.
  15. He didn't mention an HMI. I believe he is reading liters directly on the flowmeter display and comparing that to the count recorded in the PLC.