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  1. SCL2(486) Scaling for OMRON PLC's

    Thanks I did, but don't know if it's helping me. Can anyone explain the SCL2 function? If I understood corectly there are three parameter words, P1 (offset which is in my case zero), P1+1 (X number of increments - in my case the full scale is 4000 BCD = 0FA0 HEX is what I should enter) and P1+2 (Y full scale conductivity - for exemple 1000 mS/cm in BCD that means I should enter 1000 and not 03E8). To conclude should the last parameter word be entered in BCD or in HEX like two first words?
  2. SCL2(486) Scaling for OMRON PLC's

    Thanks gtsuport, I'll look right away... Gosh! What's the time in Michigan now?
  3. SCL2(486) Scaling for OMRON PLC's

    Hello people, I'm a novice to PLC programming so be aware that some questions might be silly beyond any limits. I cannot find the explication for this instruction (actually for the parameter word P1). I can see it's formed of 4 words but which one is what. I need it to convert the 4-20mA signal into 4000 increments which will measure the conductivity/concentration. General idea was that Source word is conductivity (in increments) and result word is concentration (two of them, separate, one for acid and the other for alkali).