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  1. Dear All I have some problem with CC Link IE module QJ71QF11-T2 Link to NZ2GF2B1-16D and NZ2GF2B1-16T the problem is I can not read/write to remote I/O at X1000/Y1100. please help me Thank in advance Thanya
  2. Dear Experts I can not read data from buffer memory. The data can be stored to buffer memory but can not store to data memory. Thank in advance
  3. How can I read analog value from Q64AD?

    Thank you very much Panic mode
  4. What is SP.UNIT LAY ERR in Q02H CPU?

    Thank a lot every body
  5. Dear Expert Please check program for me. I can not read analog value from Q64AD and I can not send analog value out by Q64DAN Thank a lot
  6. Dear All I need to know the meaning of error code 2107 SP.UNIT LAY ERR and 2501 CAN'T EXE PRG. How can I solve this problem Thank you for your time
  7. Dear Expert I want to know Where I can downlaod GSD file for Procan2 of Krauss Maffei Regards
  8. Could I connect FX2N-4AD to FX3U-64M

    Hello everybody Thanks a lot for your answer. That is some problem with hardware. Regards
  9. Dear All I had some problem with FX2N-4AD connected with FX3U-64M. I can't read data from CH1 to data memory. I'm not sure about FX2N-4AD support or not? Thanks a lot
  10. Dear All Please help me about how to change slave axis data via touch screen for NJ301-1100 CPU I used NS10-xx-V2 Regards
  11. I selected LReal it doesn't correct. I created tag to LReal and selected display type to decimal (didn't have floating) Thank
  12. Hi Steve Bailey My Quick panel model is QP 12" TFT (IC754Vxl12cxx). In VersaMax CPU, if I configured tag to Real, it shows floating point now. But it doesn't show on Quick panel. On Quick panel, I can't selected tag to Real. I can select only LReal. How can I do that? Thank a lot
  13. Hi ParaffinPower Thank you so much for your answer
  14. Hi Steve Bailey Thank you for your answer. I know that was 32-bit floating point but when tested with VesaMax CPU-005E, it can't convert. I want to know how to convert it as I want to show that floating on touch screen Thank