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  1. wire duct cutters

    We use a handheld scissor type cutter (like was linking in that google search) for the duct, and a chop saw for the cover.
  2. DIN Rail Cutters

    Does anyone have suggestion for DIN rail cutters? This one is pretty nice, but you have to change dies for different sizes of rail. Also we use a lot of 15mm rail, and they don't have a die for that size.,-rail,-cutter,-DIN/Detail This one is a nicer and still not crazy expensive. I wish the website had better pictures so you could really see the product. Iboco sells a cutter as well but it is priced around $1200.
  3. American Wiring & Safety Standards

    While, I agree this doesn't stop customers from demanding the stickers. It almost seems like you have to add a caveat to your labels that says: Arc Flash data is XXX For a load supply of XXX.
  4. motor feedback

    These are usually auxiliary contacts from your motor controlling device (motor starter, VFD, or softstart).
  5. ampacity

    Hm I'm not too sure what these tools do. They don't give much explanation on the website. To be more clear tables like NEC 310.16 and 310.17 are for not more than three conductors in a raceway or conduit and a single conductor in free air respectively. The UL 508A table 29.1 is another list, but it strangely doesn't mention anything about grouping. I guess the UL table is the best choice, but it seems strange that I could put a bunch of power wire in one duct and not have to worry about heating (something that the NEC seems to pay close attention to). Seems like such a basic question, but I'm struggling to find a satisfying answer.
  6. ampacity

    What charts do you guys use to determine wire size in wire duct?
  7. Frequently I we get called out to local factories to aid in troubleshooting or machine repairs. We are starting to get requests from some of our customers for our formal safety policy. In the past we have usually defaulted to the customer's policies, but I think that some of the new Arc Flash standards are causing people to reevaluate their safety policies in general. Does anybody care to share how they have handled these situations? I am not opposed to a formal policy, but considering the work I do varies from place to place I need something that can be useful in all situations. I think there is a fine balance between having a practical policy that allows you to get your work done safely, and a policy that is too vague and just becomes a piece of paper in a drawer.
  8. I'm starting on a project that uses Honeywell XNX transmitters communicating via HART to a ProSoft PTQ_HART module in a Quantum PLC Rack (programmed with Concept 2.6). Has anybody done this before, or used any of these devices? I've not worked much with HART in the past so it is fairly new territory.
  9. I've got a system that has several power meters connected to a MODGATE Ethernet Gateway over an ICOMM network. Then the gateway is connected to a NOE module on a Quantum rack. We are having some communication problems. I am looking at the PLC end while other are looking at the networking side. I would like to try to use a MSTR (MBP_MSTER?) block to grab the data I need, however I don't see how I can assign a unit id to the MSTR block. It seems that it just wants the IP address. Alternatively I've looked at the READ_REQ block in conjuction with the TCP_IP_ADDR block. This looks promising, but I wonder if what they are callling "Map_Idx" is what I am calling unit ID. (For example on address there are four power meters with unit IDs 1, 2, 3, and 4.)
  10. I can't figure out out to display elements of an struct/array in Concept's Data Reference Editor. Does anybody know how to do this?
  11. SOLA Power Supply Problems

    I believe about a year ago Sola and AB has a falling out, and now AB supplies are manufactured by some other entity. I think PULS used to do a lot of the rebranding stuff, but they are getting out of that business too.
  12. In the past we have used several SOLA 480 3ph to 24 VDC power supplies. I have been having problems with these supplies failing in the field. We've had three 40 A supplies fail, and one 20 A supply. The first failure was 5 years ago, and then we have had the rest occur all under a year. SOLA claimed to fix the problem 5 years ago, and they are saying the same thing now. Now we are looking at some other options for our DC supplies. Does anybody else have a similar experience? Any suggestions on other power supplies? We are now looking at Carlo Gavazzi and Puls.
  13. I'm looking for a point of reference (preferable some established standard) to establish e-stop zones in a plant. One of the specific systems (which was installed and ran for 10 years or so with major e-stop gaps) has equipment that spans two floors. Some of the equipment in the basement is tied into other parts of the plant, such as some oil heaters and water pumps. It seems like it may be in appropriate that if someone upstairs hits and e-stop it has to shut down all the equipment in the basement. I know this is going to be very application specific, but like I said I'm just looking for a point of reference so that I can better work with the plant personnel to establish a solid e-stop scheme. I've tried searching OSHA, ANSI, NSA, and NFPA with no luck.
  14. What I would like to do is display some data recorded by a PLC as a line graph on an HMI. I was planning on using some type of PanelView, but as I looked into how the trend object works I think I may have to go with something else. The main problem is that the trend object (and line graph on an EZPanel) are all made to display data in real time and record it. What I would like to do is take a previously recored data set and display it on demand on an HMI. My data set tracks two variables each with 230 data points over about 0.5s of time. There will be up to 15 sets of this data stored at one time, and it needs to be able to be recalled and displayed on demand by the operator. One possible solution to this is to "feed" the requested data to the HMI whenever it is requested. There by simulating data in real time. The problems with this however is the timing between update/refresh rates, the PLC logic to "feed" the data, and trying to keep it from taking 20 seconds to draw a graph. I have run some simulations trying to do this, and I get poor graphs with missing data points. I hope I was clear in explaining my situation. Any suggestions?
  15. Ebay sale is about to end with no buyer :( Soon the link will no longer work, but the item will still be for sale if somebody wants to send me an offer. I will close or edit this thread once it is sold.