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  1. Encoders

    I have an application that will be using incremental encoders and a H4-CTRIO card to monitor motor shaft speed. One revolution of the motor shaft = 1.2" of movement of product on rollers driven by the motor. Can anyone help with code required to track this movement? I'm using a DL450 CPU. Thanks in advance.
  2. Does anyone have sample code showing how to add input filtering on Thermocouple inputs. I have followed all the required hardware installation requirements and still get irratic readings. I see fluctuations of 20-25F even with the inputs shorted which should show a stable ambient temperature. The T/C module is in slot 1 of a 10 slot base with a 350 CPU.
  3. AB 1746-NT8

    Thanks for your reply and your help. I was not aware of the AB documentation download sight. Regards, Al
  4. AB 1746-NT8

    Being relatively new to AB PLC's I have never used an AB 1746-NT8 module. Can anyone give me sample code showing how to read the data from this module. It will be used with an SLC 5/05 processor.