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  1. Program problem

    I do not understand the question. Here's how this rung will work: If L5060 is OFF, then bit M60 will turn ON for one scan then turn OFF. If L5060 is ON and M61 is OFF and M60 is OFF, then bit M60 will turn ON for one scan then turn OFF. If L5060 is ON and M62 is ON, then on each touch screen, window 13 will appear.
  2. communication with PC

    As I understand it, MX Components is a per unit license, so it might make sense to work it out on your own. Depends on the overall cost of the machine and the number of units per year. Can't help you with examples.
  3. communication with PC

    The easiest way to talk to a Mitsubishi PLC is to get a license of MX Components, which is a set of protocols and VB functions for talking to Mitsubishi equipment. Unless you are tinkering on your own or developing an OEM application where you plan to duplicate the project on an ongoing basis, the cost of the license pays for itself many times over in time savings. If you are intent on developing the protocol on your own, there are manuals available that detail the Melsec protocol. I have not used it, but I have worked with guys who have. I've never tested multiple connections, so I don't know the answer to that one.
  4. HMI GOT Simple: Time Display

    The "built-in" Siemens timers (the ones that have hard addresses like T0) are a special "TIME" format that is a variation on BCD where the first digit indicates the multiplier and the last three indicate the time setting. If you're using one of these you'll have to convert the value using either PLC code (best) or GOT scripting (if available). If you are using one of the IEC timer functions (TON,TOF, etc. with an accompanying timer DB object), then the time format is simply a 32-bit word indicating milliseconds. The hh:mm:ss:ms format is something that TIA Portal does automatically. If you want that specific format, you'll have to use code to calculate the separate elements. If you only need seconds, then just display it as a double on the GOT with either formating or data operation to insert the decimal.
  5. GX Developer

    If you mean get the programming software, call your local distributor. If you mean get the original program file for the machine, call the machine builder.
  6. It's really hard to gauge what value you'll get out of a diploma. It depends on the program and on you. I tend to agree with what has been said, that it is essentially a piece of paper. But I have two caveats. 1. As mentioned, the degree opens up doors. It can make a difference to salary, to job opportunities, and to status among your peers. This last may be the key point. Whether or not those of us here think the degree means anything doesn't really matter if someone you have to work with or for has an education predjudice. 2. There may be some un-quantifiable value to the education. As time passes, I am constantly made aware of how my previous experiences shape me in ways that I don't realize. Whenever I try to explain boolean logic to somebody with no background in the subject, no matter how intelligent they are it can be difficult to overcome their lack of previous knowledge of the subject. So, it is superficially true that everything I know about controls I learned on the job. After all, I was barely aware of the field when I graduated. But my education prepared me to learn the subject more deeply and more quickly than someone starting from scratch. Only you can really decide whether it will be worth while given your past experience.
  7. PanelView C1000 Terminal

    That's a component class panelview. Software is Connected Components Workbench (CCW), which is free. You can also program them using a web browser. Just surf to the IP address and use the online interface to modify the program. Don't forget to save an archive of the program if you do this.
  8. CompactLogix strings.

    In AB, the offline file always includes device data as part of the processor image. So you are "monitoring" the offline data. This data then gets downloaded to the processor with the program and parameters. There's no way to separate the pieces in AB, it's all or nothing.
  9. CompactLogix strings.

    Go to tags and create a string tag. Then switch from the edit view to the monitor view (tabs at bottom of tag database). Click on the value and type in the string you want as your constant.
  10. CompactLogix strings.

    You cannot do string constants in ladder logic. Your only option there is to create a tag that you populate with the string that you want, and use that as your constant. Another option is to use structured text (ST) programming, if you have it available. You have to have one of the higher levels of the software. This method takes a little getting used to, but it will allow string constants.
  11. PID controller

    GX Works 2 and CodeSys are two different software packages for different brands of PLC. What PLC are you using?
  12. MELSEC A2ACPU(S1) PLC Program

    The A series PLC is programmed with GX Developer. The most recent version is 8.55, but older version will probably work. I think the trial version limits the number of rungs, so I would recommend just buying the software. It's pretty reasonably priced compared to other major brands, and if you buy GX Works 3 (the newest software), GX Developer 8.55 comes with it.
  13. Cheap plc .... any good ones?

    I've done several cheap PLC comparisons for clients and one of the best options from both pricing and capability is the Automation Direct Click. I've found it inexpensive, especially for analog I/O, and the software is free and easy to use. It won't work for an extremely large amount of I/O, but for small to medium projects it does a nice job. Another option that I've wanted to try but haven't had the opportunity is Velocio. They're cheap, but I don't know much else about them. On the HMI end, I simply do not like the C-More micro. Also, in a recent comparison, I found that the Mitsubishi GS2000 series beat them out on price. Mitsubishi software is not free, but it's fairly inexpensive, and I find them easy to work with. Another less expensive HMI option that I have not yet tried are Maple Systems. I also recently heard about Kinco brand, which is a bottom dollar Chinese HMI. I wouldn't want to use it for industrial work, but it might be fine for a home project.
  14. ES:01802015

    Try downloading but only checking the Program and Parameters options. Don't download the data memory until after you download the parameters.
  15. how to sync two mitsubishi servo motor?

    There's going to have to be a lot more information here. What is controlling the servos? How are they wired? What kind of synchronization are you trying to do?