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  1. Enet Comms GOT-Q PLC Not Working

    The GOT and PLC can't have the same station number. Change one of them to something else. Yes, you can control/monitor M-bits from the GOT.
  2. L06CPU ethernet to CMore HMI question

    Great! And thanks for the follow-up in case any of us need to do the same thing.
  3. L06CPU ethernet to CMore HMI question

    The protocols will at least be similar. I would do a test if you have the hardware. The only HMI I've connected to the L was a Maple, and it had a Q/L driver that I used.
  4. PE Exam

    Sorry for the delay. Actually, I can't really answer your question. It would make sense that different concentrations would give you a different stamp, but I don't know the particulars.
  5. Going Online RSLINX and RSlogix5000

    You have to set up the path within Logix first. Use the Online menu Who Active option. This will open a small RSWho window right within Logix. Then browse to your processor and you will be able to go online or upload/download. If you also set the project path (button at bottom), then you can use the Go Online command.
  6. PE Exam

    The difference with doctors is that /all/ of them must be licensed to practiced. Control engineers not so much... So having a PE is more of a differentiation. I'm not arguing your points, just focusing on the OP's specific question. The value of obtaining a PE license is much higher than using it to hire a controls engineer. Anybody who requires it is satisfied, anybody who doesn't either ignores it or sees it as an additional perk. Few and far between are the employers who intentionally discard candidates with a PE license!
  7. F1/F2 conversion help

    Explanation is on page 164 of the F2 programming manual in the downloads section. It's a compare instruction.
  8. Force on the Project

    You'll also see monitor values in red. This means they're being forced.
  9. FX5U High Speed Counter

    Can you post your program? How do you have the parameters set up?
  10. PE Exam

    Getting a PE license requires more than just passing a test, you also have to work under a licensed PE for a set number of years first. In my experience, controls engineers with a PE license are few and far between, and I am not one of them. I passed the FE/EIT test right out of college, but have never worked under a PE. This has never gotten in my way career-wise, but if I had the opportunity I would try to get the license, as it would open far more doors than it would close.  
  11. Gx works3 simulator

    Did you put an IRET instruction at the end of your interrupt routine? Can you post the whole project?
  12. Remote I/O over Enet/IP in Q?

    Note that Ethernet/IP is an Allen-Bradley protocol. You can use gateways to connect Ethernet/IP devices to a Mitsubishi PLC, but it will not be as high-speed as a direct connection to an AB PLC. If you just want an Ethernet based protocol, then I second CC-Link IE. In the implementations I have done, I used the L-Series, which has an available head module that acts as a CC-Link slave device. Add a power supply and up to 10 I/O modules, and you have a whole "rack" of I/O in a fairly small amount of space. I used an L-series main PLC with a CC-Link IE master module, but the same thing could be done with a Q-PLC as the master. In addition to the L-series head module, there are CC-Link IE standalone I/O modules, if you have a low remote I/O count or need it spread over a large area. Be aware that CC-Link IE must be a separate network from regular TCP/IP traffic.
  13. Predefined Protocol

    I haven't done that setup on L/Q, but in the FX you have to choose either Modbus or FREQROL, so the answer would be no. However, the Mitsubishi VFDs will work with Modbus, you just have to set things up a little differently.
  14. FX2N -2LC

  15. FX2N -2LC

    Yes it can, but you need an adapter.