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  1. VB or data grid in RSview

    Do both VB and RSView Studio have to be installed on the same machine or can a VB file be transfered and used on the RSView Studio computer. Have RSView ME 4.0 as well. As for the service pack for VB is that a microsoft VB pack or a AB service pack. The error message that appears before the earlier one when the microsoft datagrid 6.0 is attempted to be added. It says to make sure the selected active x controller is available on the operating system and platform on which you are deploying the project.
  2. Does anyone know how to add something produced in visual basic to a screen in RSView Studio. It looks like I can add it somehow because it is an option but it is not allowing me to add something. Is this an addon that has to be purchased seperately or is it possiblly only on a certain license of RSView. When trying to add a microsoft data grid an error message appears that says "failed to create control licenese information for this componenet was not found".
  3. Is there something in rsview that can add a scroll bar so when using a pannelview the operator can see the most often used information and then scroll to the side or up and down to see more information. Anyone know how this can be done?
  4. I am trying to sense two different metals using a prox. With this i am hoping to not have to waste a AC input card on one or two prox's. The two metals would be stainless steel and aluminum. I was thinking that an analog prox could be used so as to send out two differnt voltages for the different metals, but was uncertain if there is something out there to convert the signal to a DC signal without having to buy an AB A/D card. Anyone have any suggestions or soulutions?
  5. AutoCAD plotting

    Well, I thought about that, but I am just not sure how autocad calls upon this text file imputting the values into the command line prompt. Could you explian how autocad recieves this information from the text file, i am assuming that creating a path like start d:\......plot_pdf.txt would only start notepad with the file and not load it into autocad.
  6. AutoCAD plotting

    for the batch file code plot these files.bat: plot these files.bat start D:\autocad\aclt.exe "210151-80-100.dwg" /b "plot_pdf.txt" del /q *.bak AutoCAD starts and then loads the file 210151-80-100.dwg and then an error message shows up in auto cad saying: "plot_pdf.txt" invalid file name the plot_pdf.txt file and the drawing are in the same folder as the plot these files.bat batch file to run this. do i need to have the plot_pdf.txt file saved somewhere else or have it loaded into autocad somehow differently?
  7. Synching 2 PLC's Start Time

    1)Cat-5 connection between the two PLC's both control logix 5000 2)PLC clocks, we have to go in about a month later after synching them and re-sync them because one of them trails off by a few minutes and starts our lines up later than the other. 3)Looking for maybe somewhere in the range of seconds.
  8. I am trying to sync 2 PLC's start time. One PLC will be the master and the other will recieve the time from the master and input it into the second PLC the slave. They are RSLogix 5000. Is there a way to add something to the main program to sync this time once a day at a certain time each day?
  9. AutoCAD plotting

    I did some searching myself and came up with this: start /b D:\AutoCAD\aclt.exe "210151-80-100.dwg" "plot_pdf.txt" del /q *.bak This doesnt load the command line script into the command line for some reason. But the specified drawing loads up in autocad.
  10. AutoCAD plotting

    Thanks Panic Mode Yeah, my bat files and my txt files are in the same folder as my drawings. However, when i double click the bat file in order to open autocad and the drawings and then plot them the bat file opens a dos window but for less than maybe 2 seconds and then closes and nothing is printed or opened in autocad. I am confused on why it would do this. I tried to just open autocad with the code by making a bat file that all it has in it is the location of the file open autocad code: D:\Documents and Settings\bact3bz\Desktop\AutoCAD LT 2006\aclt.exe But nothing opens so i think i may be doing something wrong from this point and autocad is not open so it cant load the files and then cant plot. Any suggestions on how to solve the problem of getting it to load? If i go into dos and type that d drive string it will load autocad so i know it can load from dos i think im just loading it wrong in the bat file or i have a problem with the location of the drawing or batch files.
  11. AutoCAD plotting

    Ok in a roundabout effort i copied the files to the d drive and am able to load aclt.exe from dos so i believe that there is something wrong with my code possibly? Could there be an error in the location of the files and the location of the aclt.exe? Do these need to be in the same folder? here is my new code for plot these files.bat : D:\Documents and Settings\bact3bz\Desktop\AutoCAD LT 2006\aclt.exe "210151-80-100.dwg" /b plot_pdf.txt D:\Documents and Settings\bact3bz\Desktop\AutoCAD LT 2006\aclt.exe "210151-80-001.dwg" /b plot_pdf.txt del /q *.bak the first part is where the autocad lite 2006 file is and the "210151-80-100.dwg and the 001.dwg" files are in a different folder D:\Documents and Settings\bact3bz\Desktop\print\80% do i have to reference this path even if these dwg files are in the same folder as the plot these files.bat? It should plot these files when i double click the plot these files.bat if eveything is set up correctly, correct? Sorry for so many questions, you have been very understanding and very helpful!!!!!!
  12. AutoCAD plotting

    I believe my problem lies within my network. My autocad lite 2006 access is to a shortcut on my d:\ drive which references to my c:\ drive which has the original aclt.exe file. But wouldnt you know it i cant load it from dos because if i go to its address in cmd i cant type the original files address in and load it for the c:\ drive. And wouldnt you know it dwf viewer is locked up too. Admistrator privelages. I'm assuming that dos will not access shortcuts, almost certain about this before i even tried it. So, does anyone know of another program to view dwg files that is free and will plot exactly as if it were autocad plotting it? Maybe its my code I have all my drawings and my txt's and bat's in the same folder plot these files.txt & plot these files.bat : C:\Program Files\AutoCAD LT 2006\aclt.exe "210151-80-001.dwg" /b plot_pdf.txt C:\Program Files\AutoCAD LT 2006\aclt.exe "210151-80-100.dwg" /b plot_pdf.txt del /q *.bak plot_pdf.txt: Command: filedia Enter new value for FILEDIA <1>: 0 Command: zoom Specify corner of window, enter a scale factor (nX or nXP), or [All/Center/Dynamic/Extents/Previous/Scale/Window/Object] <real time>: extents Command: -plot Detailed plot configuration? [Yes/No] <No>: y Enter a layout name or [?] <Layout1>: Enter an output device name or [?] <HP Color LaserJet 8550 PS>: \\Cusiif03\7129 - HP LaserJet 6P Enter paper size or [?] <Letter>: Enter paper units [Inches/Millimeters] <Inches>: Enter drawing orientation [Portrait/Landscape] <Landscape>: Plot upside down? [Yes/No] <No>: Enter plot area [Display/Extents/Layout/View/Window] <Extents>: Enter plot scale (Plotted Inches=Drawing Units) or [Fit] <Fit>: Enter plot offset (x,y) or [Center] <Center>: Plot with plot styles? [Yes/No] <No>: Enter plot style table name or [?] (enter . for none) <>: . Plot with lineweights? [Yes/No] <Yes>: Scale lineweights with plot scale? [Yes/No] <No>: y Plot paper space first? [Yes/No] <No>: Hide paperspace objects? [Yes/No] <No>: Write the plot to a file [Yes/No] <N>: Save changes to page setup [Yes/No]? <N> Proceed with plot [Yes/No] <Y>: y Command: filedia Enter new value for FILEDIA <0>: 1 Command: quit Any suggestions
  13. AutoCAD plotting

    In response to 1) its not a factor of being lazy or anything i just didnt know how to reflect this enter key strike in the plot_scr.txt code. I wasn't sure if this batch file is supposed to place the same inputs such as yes or no into the command prompt for all the files. That wasnt a good example, since im always going to use the same printer ( i just chose that one because it was the first one i saw). My problem is that each of my files has two layouts. One is always model and the other is called something different depending on the drawing. The one that is not model is the one i want to print and is always the default setting for the "enter layout name". Is there a way to select this default value such as enter or spacebar and have it reflect in the .bat code for all the other drawings. I was unsure if it would since the default value is going to change for each drawing.
  14. AutoCAD plotting

    1) Is there a way to select the default value for one of the prompts and repeat this in the batch file? - the default value can be selected by spacebar or enter but if one of the options such as ";enter an output device name or [?] <your_default_printer>: your_printer2" in my list of drawings the your_default_printer value changes so is there a way that i can select whatever the default value is for each file? 2) You mentioned the command line history as plot_scr.txt and sample script is plot_pdf.txt are these meant to be the same file name 3) I havent had much time to look over creating the batch file and am uncertain as to whether i need to go about placing the dir /b *.dwg > dwg_files.txt in the same plot_printer2.bat 4) what do you mean by directory with acad.exe must be listed in path variable of your os? where does this need to be listed in the batch file? Otherwise the first part of your code and everything else i think is really going to help thanks alot
  15. Does anyone know how to print off multiple autocad dwg files with the same plot settings to the same printer without having to open every drawing in autocad? The reason for this is i have to print over 100 dwg files. Any help would be great. I searched autocad help and found information about spooling, but was unable to go anywhere with this. Is there an easier way or does someone know of a better guide than the directions for spooling in autocad help? Is spooling even the best way to go about doing this?