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  1. panel meter

    You have a GOT ??? just used the same (GOT)device for the Graph meter and numerical display.s
  2. Installing GX Developer on Windows 10

    Latest version GX Developer is 8.503Z release 30-10- 2018  
  3. Remote Run/stop on FX0

    The FX0 is maybe a little to old. The current PLC is FX5. so you;ve missed the models 1.2.3 in between. This wouldn't be an issue with those models. and the FX5 have ethernet as a standard. The program can be converted if this is a big problem.
  4. Remote Run/stop on FX0

    Strange I've never encountered this message. Normally the Software will stop the PLC if it is in run when you do a download and start it again after. If you don't use entry data monitor yourself. Have the select switch in Stop mode. Use GX Dev to start the PLC. Then try a download. GX Should stop the PLC and start it again after it is finished downloading.
  5. Remote Run/stop on FX0

    That is correct you can only use the Run and Stop Devices if the switch is in STOP mode. Then do you get this error ? When the PLC switch is in STOP and You have set the PLC  to run via the M Devices?      
  6. Remote Run/stop on FX0

    Goedemorgen Jimmy, Instead of a serial ethernet converter you could also have used a small got (Mitsubishi HMI) with ethernet. The programming software already supports that so you do not need a COM to IP software on your PC.  
  7. GT designer 3.. template issues

    That is not how it works. The template (registration) function is so that when you use it you can change the attributes accordingly. So if you place your template on the screen you only have to adjust the things you want to adjust.    
  8. Excel import

    As you already mentioned I would use the the device memory to send the Data. And create a Dut or Array in the global list    
  9. Excel import

    Right mouse click on your variable list in GX works 3 will give you an import and export option. But If you're are going to make an array than it just two entries  
  10. FX5U and FX5-ENET/IP

    You already have the FX5-ENET/IP module. It's just been released.   Do you have: GX Works3 (Ver. 1.050C or later) EtherNet/IP Configuration Tool for FX5-ENET/IP (Ver. 1.00A or later) X5U/FX5UC (Ver. 1.110 or later)
  11. CC-Link IE Field basic master

    As far as I know there is an PC utility for CC-Link IE Field. There is a CC-Link IE Field Basic plugin for Wireshark. I suggest you buy a small FX5 as a master they are not very expensive.  
  12. FX Invertor communication

    Which Inverters are you using ? The new FR-E,  FR-A, FR-F can be bought with integrated ethernet which support CC-Link IE Field basic which is also supported on the FX5U standard ethernet port.
  13. GXworks2 can't detect error

    Which version are you using ? In which GX Works 2 mode are you (Read)??
  14. Connection slow error

    The FX5 works fine on higher Baudrates.  How are you using the RS232 port. Non protocol , pre -defined protocol , Modbus ???? What is the Scan time of the PLC ?   
  15. @Ron_Sis right you should use the PLS (Rising Edge) and PLF  (Falling Edge) instructions in a FX0
  16. Device point error between Parameter and PLC

    I Do not think this is an error Just a warning message that the Device point in your PLC parameters differs from the one previously downloaded in the PLC parameters. You can check by creating a new project and uploading the parameters. Also If you would clear the PLC and download then you probably wouldn't get this message as then there is no setting yet in the PLC.
  17. Connect plc FX3U with ABB driver ACS355

    There is a FB for a Mitsubishi inverter via MB on the Mitsubishi website
  18. Connect plc FX3U with ABB driver ACS355

    What exactly do you want to know ? Modbus is pretty straight forward in an FX3 ( FNC 276 ADPRW ) Have you read this manual? FX3S/FX3G/FX3GC/FX3U/FX3UC SERIES USER'S MANUAL - MODBUS Serial Communication Edition    
  19. Q to Q Enet Comm - GP.Read Instruction Error

    In your program the target network number is set to 3 ?????? But you  are using network 1  
  20. Protocol GX Works3

    Which FX ? If it is an FX5 just use the simple PLC comms
  21. GOT recipe record list.

    Why not just test the demo program  Recipe_V_Ver2b_E.GTX Recipe_V_Ver2b_E.pdf
  22. GXWorks2- Difference POU and program settings

    That doesn't matter the POU is the same
  23. iQ-F FX5U function blocks.

    How do you want to control the inverter Serial (inverter protocol/modbus) or CC-Link IE Field basic ?
  24. How good are Mitsubishi plc's

    Always good to share info like that. You never know what you might run into tomorrow !!!
  25. Alpha AL2-24MR-D Need to measure a time?

    Well there is not time as far as I know but I attached is a small example I made where I created a delayed output using the Flicker block for the timing. You could do something similar for you application and use the counter value to display on the screen  Delayed_out.vls