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  1. CC-Link IE + C#

    @kaare_t The problem is that most Ethernet ports only support 100Mbps for CC Link IE Field you needs a 1Gbps. Besides that if you could than it would not be certified by the CLPA.  The solution would be to use the PCI boards for CC-Link IE Field. As for the application of @Ericw the solution could also be to exchange to a servo Controller board in the PC or a PLC platform so the existing program can be reused.
  2. CC-Link IE + C#

     If you're looking for the right Servo supplier Mitsubishi is the best buy as they are used by many CNC machine builders which is a good indication of their capabilities  You have probably seen all of the MR-J4 features and that the encoder does over 4 million pulses per rev. As for your application why would you not just use an FX5U PLC in between with an SSCNET module to the amplifiers in between. This way you have the full features of the servo and the FX5 has a modbus tcp/ip server, datalogger and webserver.   Yes, The FX5 PLC plus SSCNET will be an additional cost (around $1000) but it will simplify your system and you have this set-up and running much faster & better.  
  3. modbus communication

    You can download them from but you will need to have/create a mymitsubishi account. They we're made for GX IEC Developer but you should be able to use them for GX Works 2 aslo    
  4. modbus communication

    You can use a QJ71MB91 module dedicated for modbus communication or use an FB for modbus on a standard C24 module. Another option is the pre-defined protocol support function.  
  5. GX Works 3 - Online Program Change fails

    When the size of the target data of online change exceeds 192 K bytes, online change fails and an error message is displayedon the engineering tool. The target data size may exceed 192 K bytes in the following cases: When the capacity of the edited program file exceeds 192 K byte When the total capacity of multiple edited program files exceeds 192 K byte In the above mentioned cases, divide the program file in advance to reduce each file size, avoid performing online change to multiple program files at once (divide the files and perform online change several times), or take other actions.*1 *1Usually, online change is performed to only edited files. However, in the following cases, online change is performed to a file other than the edited file. · When a global label or structure is changed, the program using the changed global label and structure is a target of online change. · When FB or FUN is changed, the program using the changed FB and FUN is a target of online change. For confirmation of the target file for online change and the file capacity, refer to the following. Can you create some more program files to put your programs in ? p.s.  v1.102 is the latest firmware for the iQ-F at the moment which now includes bigger program memory and a user webpage and can handle more I/O.    
  6. GX Works 3 - Online Program Change fails

    Which Firmware version is in de FX5 ?
  7. Output Module problem

    What do you mean it was not found ? just activate one of the outputs 
  8. Convert F930GOT to F940GOT

    In your project tree. look for Common settings => system enviroment=> system settings 
  9. FX-USB-AW Driver

    sounds like windows ls screwing up probably because you tried to install the Easysocket version. just tell select the driver yourself and not let windows search Choose the driver in the windows10_64 folder
  10. FX-USB-AW Driver

    That is strange. Did you select install from disk (CD) and have you selected to also look in sub folders? Did you browse to the windows 10 folder?  
  11. FX-USB-AW Driver

    Don't use the driver under easysocket USB. use the driver you have on your CD or maybe version 1.70 as you are using windows 10 64 bits. You will need to install it twice. Once you will have a unidentified device after the first install you will have the FX USB AW under your hardware. Right click this device and update the driver a second time. Now it will create a virtual com port you can use. 
  12. Convert F930GOT to F940GOT

    Yes just change the GOT it in your software to a F940GOT.  What seems to be the problem ? which software and version are you using ?
  13. You don't need to write codethat is only for the old A and QnA series.  You just need to define a SLMP port for UDP or TCP.  Like the attached screencapture from the manual Maybe you can share your settings
  14. GX Works 2 Cannot Open

    Which OS are you using ?
  15. Gxworks 2 help

    Have  you installed FX config EN ? then it should be available under special Module in the Project tree
  16. HMI GOT1030 Windows Screen

    Why do you want to disable the closing of a window ? Just use a popup without titlebar 
  17. GX Works 2 Cannot Open

    Have you reinstalled the software ?
  18. Mitsubishi FX5U user web interface

    Actually The webserver ia available for both iQ-R and iQ-F series. What do you need to know. You can use the same sample from the iQ-R in the iQ-F.  Just use any HTML editor like from microsoft expression web or something  and just add the java script for the example.
  19. Ethernet Communications Q series to Multiple FX3G

    Just download the update from mymitsubishi
  20. Fx3U range compare

    Why don’t you just check the value of k5m500 of if it other than 0. Set a bit.  
  21. Ethernet Communications Q series to Multiple FX3G

    Which version of GX Works 2 do you have ? Or open you project. open the PLC parameters. Select the Built-in ethernet TAB. Now look if in there is a button called Simple PLC communication in the bottom Left of this Tab. As for getting up to speed with Mitsubishi:  
  22. Ethernet Communications Q series to Multiple FX3G

    Well I can be quite easy if you have a new qnUDVCPU. The new types support Simple PLC communication. Also your GX Works 2 should be up to date. If not there FB available which you can use if the project has been made in structured mode    
  23. Mark detection number -Servo parameter

    Well  think the catalog description is best: Based on the data latched by the mark detection function (current position latch*), a target position is compensated by being written in the point table. * When the mark detection signal turns on, a current position will be latched, and the latched data will be read with the communication function.
  24. If you send your symbolic data to the SD card it won't use up the program memory!!! 
  25. Arre you trying to execute protocol 1 or 2 ? You should set the receive wait time it is on infinite wait rigth now