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  1. L Series PLC/LJ71E71-100/ Modbus TCP

    Forget SLMP that is a Mitsubishi driver. you'll should define a pre-defined protocol port. Are you using the PLC ethernet port or de module ?  
  2. L Series PLC/LJ71E71-100/ Modbus TCP

    What are you confused about ?  
  3. Profibus QJ71PB92V

    Nope ...But it should be part of your GX works 2 project.
  4. Q02H Analog Signal scaling GX Works 2

    Why didn't you just download the FB from the mitsubishi site for scaling ?  
  5. Alpha 2 Counter that resets after 24 hours

    You should be able to download it from your mymitsubishi site. Look for AL_PCS_WIN
  6. Connect to PLC through GOT HMI

    Sorry for the late reply I was on holiday. There are two ways to connect a Got terminal to the PLC. Via SLMP or melsoft connection. When you have selected the iQ-F driver then you need an melsoft  TCP port. If you select SLMP than you need the SLMP port and enter a port number on both sides.  
  7. Profibus QJ71PB92V

    It's not possible to open an uploaded config file. It's only for back-up and download. If you don't have the config file you will have to create it again. There are some things you can monitor though which might help you like station numbers refresh area's etc.  
  8. Connect to PLC through GOT HMI

    You tested from the GOT not your PC Right ?
  9. Connect to PLC through GOT HMI

    Just close your project. Online =>  read from PLC...... and make your comm settings Or do a verify.   
  10. Connect to PLC through GOT HMI

    ok Can you read out the PLC and check if the Melsoft port is there?
  11. Connect to PLC through GOT HMI

    Aha you mean you don;t have it connected to a switch !!! Just as a check can you open the utility menu on the GOT and choose the ping option.  
  12. Connect to PLC through GOT HMI

    Yes that is what i meant. The setting look perfect now.  Did you reset the PLC after downloading adding the melsoft port ? Can you check your ethernet diagnostics from the FX5U. looks at the ports
  13. Connect to PLC through GOT HMI

    Did you create the melsoft port and reset the PLC? If it still doesn't workt post screencaptures of your settings. or the projects themselves  
  14. Servo Movement

    Well I would still check the Z-phase issue, but other than that. Do you know which error the servo amplifier has when it faults out?  
  15. Connect to PLC through GOT HMI

    Just do it :)  The FX series is for the previous versions
  16. Connect to PLC through GOT HMI

    The wizard start when creating a new project if it doesn't go to tools options and turn the wizard on(Display New project wizard)
  17. Connect to PLC through GOT HMI

    yes you need to put iQ-F as a driver and FX5U as the PLC. The port will change automatically
  18. Connect to PLC through GOT HMI

    actually it's better. You've tried the direct connection already i saw in your post. If you don't you can use search and it will find the FX5 even if you're in a complete other IP range!!!! perfect 1) Have you read the read the connection manual ? 2) Did you make melsoft connection port on your PLC side? 3) make a screen capture of the GOT setting for comm.  If you use the wizard you can't go wrong    
  19. Alpha 2 Counter that resets after 24 hours

    Download the software at least. its free so you can play with the simulation mode? When you've got it working in simulation you can program it via the keypad although i would buy the cable and download. In NL it's about 60 Euro's. As for the 24 Hrs period I would use the sec puls and count the pulses  
  20. FX5U and FX5-ENET/IP

    You can do the same with Mitsubishi just use the regular ethernet port on the CPU. Simple PLC communication settings.  
  21. Connect to PLC through GOT HMI

    First is the GOT communicating with the FX5 ?  
  22. CC Link Inputs (limited to 2 words?)

    Setting look good maybe it's on the slave side ?          
  23. Looks like the camera only supports ethernet raw(json strings) or ethernet/IP.  So your options are: Add an Ethernet/IP module to your FX5U config. Create the Raw data protocol needed in de FX5 using pre defined protocol support. Use a camera which supports the mitsubishi SLMP protocol like cognex - keyence etc  
  24. Servo Movement

    Well No not really but the description of your problem seems to suggest this. So I would check the setting in the amplifier and change them if it this so you can rule this out. Also I would check which homing is being used and check if all the homing signals like dog sensor etc are working correctly.  
  25. D0 and Z0 are both word devices but only Z can be used for indexing another device. As for the slash you are correct