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  1. GX configurator2-DP could not be loaded

    I See what you mean in your case I guess the GS is the option to go for. I think they have all the models because off backward compatibility. I already suggested why not separate the screen from the intell. Like choose GT21 23 25 or 27 as a board or something and then select a sceen size. Less stock for them also 
  2. GX configurator2-DP could not be loaded

    Yes but it's only for iQ-R I guess you are a FX user? 
  3. GX configurator2-DP could not be loaded

    Haha  This is the first time I have heard someone complain about having to much choice!!! p.s. GX Works 3 has SFC maybe not the best but it is in there      
  4. PLC program uploading automation

    Why don't you password potect the program. ? You could also transfer the program via FTP. OR put the program on an SD card at power up it will load from the SD card.
  5. GX configurator2-DP could not be loaded

    1.576A is the latest I download and install that update or you can  install GX Config DP 
  6. Maps alarm management

    Aha I see. Let me ask you another question. Why do you want to see this ? Because MAPS already has an alarm managment system with ready made repots which will your bad actors top 10 alarm etc..  
  7. GX configurator2-DP could not be loaded

    Update must have gone wrong whihc version are you using ?  
  8. So the porgram is the same just GX2 instead of GX IEC ?  
  9. Maps alarm management

    Than what is the problem just a an alarm Viewer add your alarming agent and you are done.
  10. iqR + FTP

  11. iqR + FTP

    But than you are looking at the standard memory of the R CPU not the SD card.
  12. iqR + FTP

    So if you do a dir command what do you see than?
  13. iqR + FTP

    Can you write a file to the location ? Are you looking at the correct drive no?
  14. Maps alarm management

    Perfect have you Alarmed these agents  ?