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  1. Echo back setting on QJ71C24n - R4

    What I meant with that was that you know the data you have sent so when a message comes back just compare them. If they are the same don't use it and use the next message.  
  2. Mitsubishi Q Series Error clear

    If you are going to do a remote reset. you have to turn on "allow remote reset" in the PLC parameters. If you haven't it is no problem you can download the parameters again with this set up and it will word. You do not have to reset beforehand to activate this.
  3. Echo back setting on QJ71C24n - R4

    This is only possible for Channel two. Can you change your wiring to RS422 ? or just use code to ignore the that was message send if it comes back.
  4. FX2N Problem

    You are welcome. Anytime 
  5. FX2N Problem

    Transfer Other Keyword Go to PLC All Clear and hit enter This will put the PLC back to factory settings        
  6. FX2N Problem

    yes Which software are you using?  
  7. 2 servo plc /GOT application example help

    Have you done the free e-learing program(s) ? There are already templates available in GT designer  for the simple motion module 
  8. Binary string to int conversion

    I am confused now. Do you have a String (ascii) value or Binary?  
  9. GX Developer FX in Education

    Like @Crossbow mentioned GX DEV en GX Works 2 go up to FX3. For the FX5 you will need the new GX Works 3 programming software
  10. Binary string to int conversion

    You don't have to do anything. This is just interpretation of data. De word device containing the data will look like when monitoring in Binary format 0000.0000.0000.1001 If you monitor Dec in you will see 9 If you monitor Hex in you will see 9 If it is string data then you can use STR_TO_INT
  11. Create Number Order FB on GX Works3

    You don't need to create a FB. There is already a sorting instruction available in the PLC.  
  12. Got2000 and gxworks3

    No I mean you should let the slave device boor up before you power up the HMI
  13. GX Developer FX in Education

    Contact Mitsubishi UK. I am sure they will help you out. You can always use iQ-works which contains GX works (this replaced GX Dev) and it will work for 60 days without a license.
  14. Got2000 and gxworks3

    First boot your modbus Device and then the HMI. Looks like the HMI is faster at booting up.   
  15. Got2000 and gxworks3

    Serial ? Most likely the slave your connected two wasn't ready yet when booting up again