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    That is a servo amplifier error for axis 6. You will need to contact a mitsubishi service partner.
  2. GX Works2 Version 1.501X Request

    You should ask your Mitsubishi Dealer.
  3. Time stamp

    Which PLC are you using ? The new types create events after downloading or on-line change
  4. Switch LAMP latch

    Than look at the Action tab again and look at the Lamp part at the bottom. Also you are using the general switch for multiple actions. you can use a standard bit switch 
  5. Latch switch

    You can choose if the button should react on the touch of the button or the status of a bit. So if you use the status of the bit than the button is pressed when on and not pressed when the bit is off.  
  6. Beijer Mac12

    Can you get the terminal into transfer mode ? Hold [<-] and [-] continues during power up   
  7. CMP instruction

    C235 is a Highspeed counter so 32 bits. You should use the highspeed instructions DHSC .... etc
  8. CMP instruction

    CMP D0 D1 M0 unless you're using an System Q than you schould use the and=  What's the problem you couldn't find the instruction or how to use the instruction?
  9. FX3U Stop Reading Channel Data

    Strange issue. If the module couldn't be reached the PLC should give an spec mod error. I would monitor the BFM just to make sure the problem is at the module side. I can't think of anything which could produce this behavior accept for disabling the channels.  Are you sure it couldn't be the source of the analog signals which is stopping ?  
  10. FX3U Stop Reading Channel Data

    Have you checked that you're not writing over D0-D3 /D110 etc? ?? I would first check if it is in the PLC or the module. Have you monitored the BFM 9-12 when this problem occurs? (Online- monitor - buffer memory batch.) Hmm as the second module is producing the same problem I guess it is not in the module.    
  11. IEC Developer Online Change rules

    If you are using a 4 you are already using a universal type. So it automatically saves the program to the standard Flash Rom. You are also working with GX Works 2 than instead of IEC Developer  so you can take full advantage of the file structure. So an SD cards is not needed even though you can use a normal industrial SD card so costs would be low.    
  12. FX5-ENET\IP with NZ2FT-EIP

    184H to 1A9H CIP Extended error An error notification has been received from the external device. Refer to documentation such as the manuals of the external device to check the conditions under which a notification is made for this error and the action to take.
  13. IEC Developer Online Change rules

    There are a few things to take consider  The format of the memory ( was MBOC checked) multiple block online change Normally 500 steps are reserved when downloading for on-line change in a system Q but this can be changed. If you have enough space in your PLC or a mem card you can download the whole program if you deselect parameters without having to stop the PLC.  
  14. RJ71C24

    Ok the  QJ71MB91  is a modbus module the RJ71C24 is just serial communication. So you can add a System Q extension backplane for the iQ-R and add this module. But i would be easier just to add a GOT and use this as a modbus slave and also comm with the iQ-R and let the data copy the data between them.    
  15. Q03UDVCPU 1: No That is not possible 2: Yes If you download the symbolic Information to the PLC. (This can also put on the SD card)