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  1. The HMI program should not have any local PLC vars inside. There is no reference in the local vars which indicates to which adres the we're compiled last
  2. The local labels aren't device related. The comment list is. Or do you wish to copy the global labels to the comment file   
  3. For the systemQ project : Don't use the navigator to open the project but use GX works and then save the project as a single file instead of workspace.
  4. FX3U-485ADP-MB Problem need help

    ok than the FX3U is the slave and should be H11.  Can you post the settings of the moxa serial port and slave number 
  5. FX3U-485ADP-MB Problem need help

    ok but who is sending the requests SCADA or the FX3U? Baseblock comtest is that scada or the moxa? How is the serial comm parameters setup in the MOXA. Did you reset the FX3U after implementing the change?
  6. FX3U-485ADP-MB Problem need help

    I see D8401 is set to 1 modbus master RTU.  Wouldn't SCADA be the master/Client  in this case ? If so set D8401 to H11  You than should also set u the slave number in D8414  
  7. GS2107

    Why two post? close one
  8. GS2107

    You need to install GT designer for GT2000 and the GS installer after that
  9. fx

    Yes you should be able to upload download using GX Works 2 and the SC09
  10. FX PLC Multiple ladders possible?

    D8000 and up are special devices. Can you upload your program? or program part
  11. Or you can check te manual MELSEC Communication Protocol Reference Manual  
  12. FX PLC Multiple ladders possible?

    Of course in GX Works you can create multiple ladders. But these could be compiled into one program in the PLC depending on the CPU type.  If the program is in simple mode you have to change it to label mode or structured mode
  13. looks like labview has an MX components driver. Also the  NI-OPC server support all Mitsubishi PLC's
  14. GX Works ARRAY usage

    Change S3 of the PID function to PID_Param[0]. PIS_Param is the complete array you need to define the first word address of the array
  15. Convert Q03UDCPU to Q04UDHCPU

    Can not find anything wrong. If you have a connection can you go to Diagnostics => system monitor => you can choose to get a list of your hardware. I would delete the IE Field settings and remove the module. See if the PLC goes online. Then just add the settings one by one to see where it goes wrong