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  1. ASCII Chercter to decimal Converter

    Please See the table below. It's just interpertation you are looking at it as a decimal. ASCI (char) 0 = DEC 48 ASCI (char) 9 = DEC 57 Change your setting in GX-.... to translate into ASCII and you will see the text.   Decimal 12336 = Hex 3030  Decimal  48 = Hex 30 Hex 30 (see table above ) = 0 ASCII Each Data register contains 2 ascii character. So the first 8 bits and the second 98 bits. thats why you have to look at in in HEX or ASCII.      
  2. MR J3 A SERVO

    Why create two posts asking for the same information ?
  3. MR J3 A SERVO

    You can use a FX5U which can already control 4 Axis and add 3  FX5-16ET modules which can handle 2 axis per module. You can add a maximum of 4 modules if necessary.     l08439-a FX5-16ET E_-H Application Leaflet.pdf
  4. Security Setting

    Here is an example project to get you started Password_Access_Denied.GTE
  5. Connecting a GOT 2508 to Mitsubishi Q12 plc

    The connection to the from the HMI to the PLC is UDP not TCP. (take a look at your last screen capture...... 5006 UDP) You have to set up a melsoft connection but for UDP    
  6. Connecting a GOT 2508 to Mitsubishi Q12 plc

    Can you give us your settings for your ethernet settings on the PLC and the HMI.
  7. problem communication with FX2N

    There are no settings so the RS232 would be in default. But a programmer would normally have set the correct parameters anyway.  
  8. problem communication with FX2N

    Like I mentioned before no communication setting have been created in the program. This means it can only be working in Default but that would still be bad programming. It's more likely you haven't got the correct program Which communication setting are used in the sniffer ? baudrate bits etc.
  9. problem communication with FX2N

    look like the software has a dedicated driver. Can you check/send a screengrab of the communications tab 
  10. problem communication with FX2N

    There is nothing in the program for serial communication. not in the parameters not in D8120 and no RS instruction is used. So i don't think this is the correct program.  
  11. Mitsubishi iQ-R Series

    Hello Matt, Like you said it is Mitsubishi's latest newest system with a lot of new security. Because it is new not all the modules are there yet. But Why would this be a problem since the PLC's are linked via Melsecnet 10 so you can use one of them as a gateway for the data from the iQ-R system(s). Alternatively you can use something like this from HMS: (CC-Link IE Field = Modbus). . This way you can also opgrade the complete network to IF Field and use standard ethernet equipment and cables I expect the priority from Mitsubishi will not be for an old protocol like modbus. (modbus Master is possible with the standard Ethenet port). They are more focussing on new technology. For instance the OPC UA module for the iQ-R. RD81OPC96 which might be a solutions in this case maybe        
  12. FX5 & LPLC Ethernet Communications

    You don't need to program anything. The L-series has simple PLC communication setting. Altough only the QnA FX3 and system Q are listed I think the FX5 will work as well  
  13. Stop positioning instruction!

    Are you using an MR-J3-A or MR-J4-A for the servo? You should be to read the current value (absolute position) with the DABS isntruction
  14. Connecting FX3U-ENET with FX3GE over Ethernet

    yes that looks like the right one
  15. Connecting FX3U-ENET with FX3GE over Ethernet

    There are FB for the FX3U-ENET module to communicate MC protocol. You can download those from the Mitsubishi website or ask your dealer