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  1. Data Conversion

    The cognex_dollynumber is a string format. The values are already strings  12339 = H3033 = ASCII 30  or do you want 3007 as decimal number in a register in that case you can use HABIN to convert the two registers to one decimal nr.         
  2. Melsoft Series GX Develop Error

    sure but Can you just zip the complete project including the resource folder and then attach it ?
  3. Melsoft Series GX Develop Error

    Ok you have a system Q (Q02HCPU). Project files are for GX Developer. I would select all the files and remove the read only checkmark and then try again. If it still won't open maybe you can share the project so we can try. If you want to download the update for GX Developer:
  4. Positioning with FX5U and FX5-40SSC

    Should be an issue with your enable. Why not change to a some bt which isn't in your program. and try if that works. (i_bEN:= Schweissen_ein OR Taster_Schweissen_Ein AND P_Achse_Referenziert  ) If it doesn't do you get an error at the second attempt ?
  5. CCLINK program problem

    No problem. You have it working now ?
  6. Melsoft Series GX Develop Error

    that's not to old. You should also check if files are read only.  
  7. Melsoft Series GX Develop Error

    Which version of GX are you using ?
  8. Hi Gambit

    I need to convert my e1101  panel to GoT 2000 , can suggest or give proper tool for the same. I have gt desighner 3 and e designer too.

    thank you ,


  9. Cannot Download some base Screen on Got 2000

    This has probably to do with the version of the software it was downloaded in was a previous version. Why is it a problem to download the complete program again ?  
  10. Cannot Download some base Screen on Got 2000

    strange for me the select button is active. If you crate a new project is it than available ?  
  11. fx2U write option grayed out in GX Developer

    You either still have a monitoring window open (like entry data monitor) or are in the read mode. Close all windows and press F2 to go to standard edit mode and then try again .  
  12. Cannot Download some base Screen on Got 2000

    This is probably related to your software version have you downloaded the latest version ? You can find them  on the Mitsubishi FA Site:  
  13. Positioning with FX5U and FX5-40SSC

    What do yo mean exactly when you say you can't program a position ? You can't define a position or drive to a position ? When it doesn't wotk do you get an error ? If you are more familiar with PLC OPEN there are FB's available.  p.s. I saw this piece of code :    MOV( bEnable OR PLC_1st_scan , K0 , K4M700 ); You should try not to use hard addressing and replace the K4M700 with an array instead 
  14. First you need to make a connection between the PLC and our PC. (Which Mitsubishi PLC are you using ) Depending on your PLC type this could be . After you have a connection you can send the data with bufsend. There are examples in the manual how to use these instructions. However if you like @copyleft mentioned if a constant connection is also possible than you can use MX sheet as this will directly read your controller data from the PLC. But if the initiative needs to come from the PLC than you will need to do it as I explained
  15. This is not hard to do actually. From the PLC side all you do if execute a command to open a port on the PC and then send some data. This can be done via fixed buffer com. or pre-defined protocol. All the MX components MC protocol and such you have read about is the Mitsubishi protocol. This is so a PC, HMI, SCADA  would talk to a PLC and request data. If I understand you correctly the PLC will should initiate comms and send data. Which PLC will you be using ?