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  1. Link register in Q series plc

    What do you need to know. Reading and writing is the same as a D register. But normally these are also used for the netwokr data. Check your network parameters
  2. This are index registers. They are  not added by the PLC!!! they are part of your program. So if you have D15Z0 . this means that if the vallue of Z0 = 14 Then the device being used is D29 (15+14). Looking at the devices being used it looks to me that the original project uses a FB and you are looking at the compiled code        
  3. Array of SDT as I/O on FB

    Se this is what you have in your FB. Works fine 
  4. SP_READ Function

    That is a decicated instruction for ethernet. You can find it in that manual or use the e-manual viewer !!!!   

    Seems the GS series doesn;t support the internal Devices. Just use a unused word device of the controller connected 
  6. Set Current Value to Zero

    Strange Can you use the HPR method Dataset just to see if it has something to do with the HPR itself. With Dataset you mov to the desired home postition and the activate HPR that will be 0 or the defined value
  7. Accessing specific bits in a word.

    I think you want to use an Array. Like than you can acces is like the following. Arrayname[Z0] But you do  not have to use a direct indes register you can alos define a word Arrayname[index]    
  8. have you checked the port number ?
  9. Set Current Value to Zero

    You can use bit designation like U1\G5928.2 Or move 4 or more inputs Like this mov K1X25... U1\G5928.  
  10. Set Current Value to Zero

    If you do not use the inputs on the Amplifier than you can use BFM 5928 BFM 5928 Set the status of the upper/lower limit signal, the proximity dog signal and the stop signal. (Cd44)      
  11. Level Display

    Veganic is right you have to look for GT Works which is GT Designer + GT Simulator + all the tools
  12. Set Current Value to Zero

    What Do you mean with I cannot set the Dog signal. You do not have one connected ?  
  13. Set Current Value to Zero

    You don't have to make a Homeprogram. It's part of the system Just select in the parameters which type you want to use and than start homing. There is an example in the manual for setting the home position. Chapter 11.3 and 11.4  
  14. Set Current Value to Zero

    You might want to specify which compents you are using. But is sounds like you want to use the homing function. There are several types
  15. Level Display

    The update is in under your MyMitsubishi account