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  1. GX configurator2-DP could not be loaded

    1.576A is the latest I download and install that update or you can  install GX Config DP 
  2. Maps alarm management

    Aha I see. Let me ask you another question. Why do you want to see this ? Because MAPS already has an alarm managment system with ready made repots which will your bad actors top 10 alarm etc..  
  3. GX configurator2-DP could not be loaded

    Update must have gone wrong whihc version are you using ?  
  4. So the porgram is the same just GX2 instead of GX IEC ?  
  5. Maps alarm management

    Than what is the problem just a an alarm Viewer add your alarming agent and you are done.
  6. iqR + FTP

  7. iqR + FTP

    But than you are looking at the standard memory of the R CPU not the SD card.
  8. iqR + FTP

    So if you do a dir command what do you see than?
  9. iqR + FTP

    Can you write a file to the location ? Are you looking at the correct drive no?
  10. Maps alarm management

    Perfect have you Alarmed these agents  ?
  11. What do you mean wiht inter PLC comms? Which method of communication are you using between the PLC's ?
  12. Maps alarm management

    Ok lets just start from the beginning. Have you set up your agents tags digital analog etc which you want to alarm?
  13. GT Designer3 Language Switching

    No problem. It is very easy. All you have to set-up the language switching device which can be a Got device or one from your PLC. Than on your HMI screen make for instance a button and use this to set this word device  to 6 this means is lnaguage will switch to language 6 The language switching device can be found in your on your system Tab under enviromental settings  
  14. Maps alarm management

    You don't need to do it like that the alarm management agent is for when you start doing reporting on alarms. you just need an alarming agent. Take a look at the quick start below. There should be a newer version but the principle of alarming is the same   MAPS_SCADA_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf
  15. If this is the first time you are using the standard Ram if so have you formatted the standard Ram ?