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    is the 24V connected to the module ? What does the module diagnostic say ? Y101 that's very high where is the module located ? Which software are you using ?  
  2. GOT GS2110 ethernet connection with robot

    Have you checked if it supports modbus TCP ?
  3. GOT GS2110 ethernet connection with robot

    Which Kawasaki Robot controller are you using it probably support modbus TCP/IP  
  4. GOT GS2110 ethernet connection with robot

    Which protocol over ethernet does the Kawasaki Robot support ?  
  5. I have mistubishi HMI GT14 QTBDE,I have created recipe by using your Recipe backup with scripting.Everything works fine,But when i saved the recipe with a correct name the Recipe list not get update.

    In your Scripting backup you use storage device A:standard SD Card,But in my case  I ma confused what path i have to assign cause there is no external SD card,or USB.Please Help me what should i do?

    Thanks for Your Scripting backup.

    My hmi backup is attched here

    1. chandu_landge



      please help me

  6. Gxworks installtion error

    Creating multiple topics won't help
  7. Gxworks installtion error cde

    Windows 7 64 is fine. which version of GX Works 2 are you trying to install ? (last version is 1.570U) Sounds like a bad download. Can you download a new copy?
  8. 1ms TON and TOF GX Works 3 FX5U

    That's exactly why you should use the highspeed instructions like PLSY, PWM etc ..... they work outside of the SCAN
  9. Gxworks installtion error cde

    Which version on which operating system ? and did you install the software as an Administrator ?
  10. fx1n software demo help

    Juts get a copy demo version of iQ-works . It wil work for 60 days
  11. 1ms TON and TOF GX Works 3 FX5U

    Why you can use the PLSY or PWM  instruction 
  12. 1ms TON and TOF GX Works 3 FX5U

    aha I see. Well in that case can you explain what you want to accomplish.  Because at that speed you will also need to make an interrupt program because otherwise you'll be depended on the scan time of the PLC anyway. The fastest timed interrupt in the FX5 is already 1 ms. 
  13. 1ms TON and TOF GX Works 3 FX5U

    Yes TON and TOF are available in de FX5
  14. Latch Data of PLC Mitsubishi Q03UDE

    Yes create some file registers (R devices) on the MEM card and use those instead of D500 or make a copy at the beginning and end of the program.