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  1. FX3U-RS485ADP-MB

    RTUE 19K2 8 none 1 is your comms ? D8401 is set to 4 ???? This should be 1 for master RTU Modbus
  2. Qcpu to Qcpu Communications

    Use the FB's
  3. I did some more digging 2221 is also a firmware issue. I saw that you are using a FX5-8AD whcih is very new.   You need Firmware version 1.050 minimum.  But this is no problem you can update the CPU via the link i already send you.   The procedure you can find in the e-manual viewer. Just search for :  5 FIRMWARE UPDATE FUNCTION  
  4. 7100 is the network Number parameter. p.s. I would update my firmware. Webserver and Modbus TCPIP server 
  5. Using buffer memory

    It's reading from the value of the internal memory adress (BFM) 30 from the first module and putting that value into D500.   Free on-line training:  
  6. MELSEC Q Processor with SSCNET

    You should change the amplifiers aswell.  
  7. GX IEC Developer

    What do you mean ? where to define the addresses in the global var list ?

    Have you checked the sample code from MX components? C:\MELSEC\Act\Sample\Vb.NET\Sample\AssemblyInfo.vb Assembly information file C:\MELSEC\Act\Sample\Vb.NET\Sample\Sample.resx Resource file C:\MELSEC\Act\Sample\Vb.NET\Sample\Sample.sln Visual Studio Solution file C:\MELSEC\Act\Sample\Vb.NET\Sample\Sample.vb VB file C:\MELSEC\Act\Sample\Vb.NET\Sample\Sample.vbproj VB main project file Have you tried  SetDevice 2 as  SetDevice  is for a long type  

    Can you be more specific? I assume you are working with MX components?  Which version are you using ? Have you checked the sample scripts? [User specified folder] - [Act] - [Samples] - [VBScript] - [SampleHTML] varRet = object.SetDevice2(varDevice, varData) VARIANT varRet Returned value (LONG type) Output VARIANT varDevice Device name (character string type) Input VARIANT varData Set data (SHORT type) Input
  10. Running a FRD700 Drive Over Comms

    The FX3G hace the inverter protocol embedded. So this will be easy Just look for  Inverter Communication  in the manual below FX SERIES USER'S MANUAL - Data Communication Edition    
  11. GX IEC Developer

    Doesn't matter just use the same device as the start of Table. The Device with the maximum value of the table is still stored in D+4
  12. GX IEC Developer

    Supported instruction depends on the PLC you are using, In your case the FX3GE. FNC 61 – SER / Search a Data Stack This instruction searches for the same data, maximum value and minimum value in a data table. FX3S/FX3G/FX3GC/FX3U/FX3UC SERIES PROGRAMMING MANUAL - Basic & Applied Instructions Edition  
  13. Can Someone Explain This Code Please...

    QJ71C24(r2 or R4). This is serial communication right? Ending the string with CR (hex 0D)
  14. Can Someone Explain This Code Please...

    The C24 module is set to byte processing instead of word. As for the >SFLD 3 [D9500.D9501............] [H0D] command you will have to consult your laser controller protocol 
  15. Take a look at this manual [ST program example 1] IF M0 THEN Y0 := TRUE; END_IF; The above program is equivalent to the following. LD M0; SET Y0; To avoid the bit device being always ON, change the program as shown below. [ST program example 2] IF M0 THEN Y0 := TRUE; ELSE Y0 := FALSE; END_IF; The above program is equivalent to the following. (a) LD M0; OUT Y0; (b) Y0 := M0; (c) OUT_M (M0, Y0);