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  1. CX-supervisor

    Hi, Kinda obvious, but is the Runtime actually running at this time? You still need to launch the Runtime.  Also did you set up a user already as “web user” so that you can log in? Finally, are you on 32 but or 64 bit? If you are 64 bit have you followed the steps in the ReadMe as this requires setting up properly.  Regards BB
  2. PLC Omron CJ2M-CPU13

    Hi, Yes agree with Crossbow. If you’re cash rich but time poor then purchase Omron’s CX-Server Lite. In 5 minutes you can write macros to read out data, or even link up controls without any coding. For me it’s worth saving my time   Regards BB
  3. CX-supervisor runtime invalid

    Hi Ocoy93! Is the message "Error Could Not Execute"? Then as Tashinz correctly says you need to correct the file association as explained in this article How Do I Solve CX-Supervisor "Error Could Not Execute" Regards BB
  4. CP1H + CIF12 custom protocol

    Hi Pavel, No, CP1H only uses CX-Programmer in CX-One for programming, not Sysmac Studio (this is actually what the CX / C* means: CP1, CJ1, CJ2, CS, CV, C etc) so this topic should really be moved to CX-Programmer forum. Yes, CX-Programmer supports IEC "Structured Text" text editor programming.  PLC experts will tell you that graphical Ladder editing is easier and quicker for many digital tasks.  But I guess if you don't know it then it can't be easier Others might be able to help and comment if CJ1W-SCU dual comm port card is recommended, which is programmed with CX-Protocol (free in CX-One). Regards, BB
  5. CX-Supervisor improvement requests

    Looks like you’re in luck Jojo. Just seen in version 3.3 that developer can be installed in “Chinese”, so guess it must now be available in Asian market.  Regards BB
  6. CX Supervisor Modbus RTU

    Hi, No, there is a ModbusTCP control for Ethernet but not for serial, so recommend a SCU on the PLC to read.  Regards BB
  7. Display page

    Hi Yes, ActiveX objects like buttons have “Events” so there is an OnClick event where you can write any script.  Regards BB
  8. CX-Supervisor Trial version limitations

    Hi No only limitation for Trial version is number of points.  Try the Script Menu wizards to enter the correct script for you. Regards BB
  9. CX Supervisor : How to truncate points (values)

    Hi Confusing. If you don’t want decimal places in the PLC use Integer data type in PLC program. If you don’t want decimal places in SCADA use Integer type in CX-Supervisor. Regards BB
  10. Cx-Supervisor picture error

    Hi Did you resolve?  Funny because Omron picture object includes the image in the PAG and then in SR2 file so should not be missing. Regards BB
  11. Exel file

    Hi Jacques, OK I’ll bite. Please explain the problem. Regards BB

    Hi, Recommend you check your Windows Event Log to see if any process has crashed. If so then raise with developers on Regards BB
  13. Erratic display with Version 3.24

    Hi Peter, Ha - I should have read this post first! Anyway, did you resolve OK? I never saw a problem but if there is still something strange please send a screenshot  Regards BB
  14. Cx-Supervisor and Cx-Programmer Interfacing

    Hi  Both products use CX-Server so device and tag settings can be reused.  In CX-Progammer, on the Project Properties you can “Link to CX-Server file” and specify a CDM file.  In CX-Supervisor Point Editor you can “Import” from the CDM file. You can repeat to get later changes - saves a lot of time retyping ! Regards BB
  15. ModbusTCP Driver register swap option

    Hi This sounds like “Big-Endian” versus “Little-Endian” format. No I’m not aware of CX-Supervisor or PMAC controller option to swap the Endianess.  Regards BB