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  1. How do we debug scripts in CX-Supervisor Developer?

    Hi, No, VBScript does not have any debugger or step mode. The only method is old skool debug techniques: - Use MsgBox to confirm variable values, and confirm execution and branch points - Where performance is an issue or too many pop ups, use LogEvent to record messages in order into Error log - You can also use the data logging or Audit trail to follow point values Hope that helps, BB
  2. How to connect cx-supervisor to PLC Omron

    Hi, Connection should be very simple, whether using Ethernet, RS232 or Toolbus cable. Remember that CQ series uses FINS communication so you should choose CX-SERVER option for FINS (not SYSMAC GATEWAY for CIP/EIP). If you have the CX-Programmer project, you can copy the settings, and even “link” them to CDM file for use by CX-Supervisor point Import function.  You can also look at the COMMS demo installed with the product and adjust the settings to match your setup.  I hope that helps, but if you get specific errors or problems please explain in detail and attach screenshots  Regards BB
  3. Need Help for Cx-Supervisor Push Button Action

    Hi Masqood, The short answer is to us the Toggle Button, and click “Toggle While Pressed”. This will work exactly like you said.  But this question is quite similar to your last, and you should protect against any failures (network, BSOD etc) which might mean the Toggle-off might never get sent.  Regards BB
  4. Runtime takes too much time to load

    Hi, 30 minutes is definitely not right !! I recommend a couple things to test 1) Test that one of the demo applications launches immediately  2) for database connections, turn off “Open on startup “ and add a button to manually open the connection. If it launches immediately but takes 30 mins when you click the button then it is related to your connection or query.  3) for PLCs, same thing. Turn off “Open on startup “ and open manually from button or PLC Maintenance dialog.  Interested to hear the results... BB
  5. Hi, NA HMI is made as 'Sysmac' series product for connection to NJ. NB is not Sysmac product, but can be frigged at least to connect to FINS addresses. See this video on Omron YouTube channel for steps. The key is adding FINS physical address for the variables in the AT field like %W0.00 and setting to Network Publish Regards BB
  6. From PM this morning

    Hmm. Well with Omron's own CX-Server Lite you CAN read and write data over the USB port from VB/C#. I'm not sure if this is standard or custom protocol, but guess Omron are the ones who know how to do this. Regards BB
  7. CX-Spervisor Dev V3 WANTED TO BUY

    Hi Mike, Agree with the above. Don't know any other good second hand outlets - and rarely see any bargains on flea bay, just desperate hopefuls.  Note you can download the 30 day trial to tide you over during delivery.  If you are looking for second hand, good news is that any version 3.0 - 3.3 is valid to upgrade to 3.4 but not v2.x or older. Regards BB
  8. Urgent need for CX-Supervisor v2.x

    Hi, The new version should also work with your old project. If not, let us know why in case we can help on that.  BB
  9. use a v1.3 rs2 file with CX-Supervisor 3.x

    Yes, CX-Supervisor 3.x Runtime will load and run all old SR2 versions, including 1.33. Note however the 3.x Runtime does not accept the 1.3 dongle though so you would need a v3 PLUS dongle (or old v2 PLUS dongle). BB
  10. Trigger Open PLC

    Hi, I guess this has now been resolved by your other question Restart Runtime after PLC Power Down Regards, BB
  11. Restart Runtime after PLC Power Down

    Hi Peter, OK I guess the results show this seems to be working. This script can cause you problems though - it means you're calling this script every minute... even when you are already connected and online. That's why you should add Boolean memory point e.g. PLCConnected and then only call the script if you're not connected. That is the plan of that example. Even thoufg it seems to be working, personally I would add this point to avoid the repetitive function call. Either way, glad you got a solution Regards, BB
  12. Restart Runtime after PLC Power Down

    Hi Peter, My understanding is ur talking about when CX-Supervisor is started, with the panels switched off  (and therefore the PLCs).  In this case the PLCs are not opened on startup, but are not retried later when the panels are eventually powered on.  As you say this is a topic touched on before I think. Yes there is a script "OpenPLC()" to attempt connection, and this could be used many ways to try to make it automatic. In fact there is an example of just that on, see How To Keep Trying To Open A Device That Fails To Connect I believe this should solve your issue. Regards, BB
  13. Hi again Bertie,

    So the solution to my problem is to put in a script to Open the PLC as I have tried the PLC  Maintenace  check box and it works perfectly. Not sure about the script as I have tried various ways and nothing is working. In Open PLC it asks for a Return State which I have used as an input in the PLC that is 1 when the PLC is running. The PLC is just the device PLC and the Completion Flag is an output that once again comes on when the PLC is running. The manual isn't very clear about what is needed for this action. I just really need the Open PLC to be automatically triggered when the PLC is started.


    Kind Regards



  14. CX-supervisor

    Hi, Kinda obvious, but is the Runtime actually running at this time? You still need to launch the Runtime.  Also did you set up a user already as “web user” so that you can log in? Finally, are you on 32 but or 64 bit? If you are 64 bit have you followed the steps in the ReadMe as this requires setting up properly.  Regards BB
  15. PLC Omron CJ2M-CPU13

    Hi, Yes agree with Crossbow. If you’re cash rich but time poor then purchase Omron’s CX-Server Lite. In 5 minutes you can write macros to read out data, or even link up controls without any coding. For me it’s worth saving my time   Regards BB