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  1. CX-Supervisor PC crashing with alarms

    Hi, Did you upgrade CX-Supervisor since 2 years ago? What version are you running now? What does "stays out of memory" mean? If you mean the RAM usage is increasing until available ram is full the sounds like you have a memory leak. Normally you only have 500 alarms logged (configurable) so intentionally should not keep allocating more memory.  Regards BB
  2. Cx supervisor with cx designer and cx programmer

    Even more, as all "CX" products use CX-Server for communications, you can share the device and point configuration. The Point Editor has an Import from CDM and CXR format so are designed to be installed together.  BB
  3. Hi T, I have something similar. This looks like a defect (probably related to the new shaded and transparent drawing of objects added in 3.4) so I raised a ticket on and indeed they confirmed it was already reported and the fix will be released shortly.  Hurray! Regards, BB
  4. adding signal???

    Hi Dunc, Do you mean the SYSMAC Gateway Console, and the Tag Monitor? The only thing that is likely is that you IP address changed or port needed to be opened.  For SGW comms this tool should be your first diagnostic step.  Glad you got it working, Regards BB
  5. Hi,  I think I remember reading a release note about a comms problem in Trial mode on developer machine - I need to see if I can find the details. Can you try on a machine with the dongle? Is there any thing in the CXS Event log? Regards BB
  6. CX-Supervisor - where are the users/passwords stored

    Hi T, Yes, I think the design time users and passwords ARE stored in the SR2/SR3 Runtime file.  However, when you make edits at runtime (like some user updates his password) I know it is saved in .udb file. I assumed this was just the changes, but maybe it is the whole user db. So if you have a .udb file try renaming it so it doesn’t override the built database.  P.S. if you copy the udb file back to the developer then when you re-open the project it says something like “do you want to load the updates back into the project?”  so that all those new passwords can be kept Regards BB
  7. CX-Supervisor improvement requests

    Yes I understand your logic. I guess because the pages are really external PAG files that you have to ‘add’ and in theory used in multiple projects.  You can use “Save Page As...” which does a similar job I think. BB
  8. How to connect cx-supervisor to PLC Omron

    Hi, So if you’re connecting to the peripheral port with a Toolbus cable then just configure CX-Supervisor to add your CQM1H device using Toolbus.  What could be simpler Regards BB
  9. [SOLVED] Color Pallete Size Problem

    Hi, Strange one. You say you’ve tried different resolutions, but what about different Font Size/zoom (depending on your OS)? Are you running at 100% or other setting like 125%? Regards BB
  10. Serial communication

    Hi, ?? What problem are you having? Basically just use "Device Setup" and [Add] a CX-Server device with the right model and settings. Regards, BB
  11. How do we debug scripts in CX-Supervisor Developer?

    Hi, All functions can be used in both VBScript and CX-Supervisor script, but note these differences: VBScript ALSO supports hundreds of standard VBScript methods with examples on the web VBScript is generally loosely typed, so performs automatic conversion, whereas CX-Supervisor Script is strongly typed, so needs explicit type conversion In CX-Supervisor script most commands are NOT implemented as Functions. Check the "Functions" menu and you see only Sin, Cos etc. This means the rest are NOT functions and cannot be used 'inline' so that the return value is also the input parameter of another command. For these reasons, my preference is ALWAYS for VBScript so I never select "CX-Supervisor Script" option. More specifically, you are failing because of (3) above.  ValueToText can be used in CX-Supervisor Script but not 'inline' as a Function. To use it you would have to do something like following: FOR i = 0 TO 9 txtValue = ValueToText(i) txtMessage = txtValue + ": " + Recipe[i] LogEvent( txtMessage ) NEXT So VBScript should work, but this should do what you want. Hope that helps, Regards, BB
  12. SR2 File Extension problem

    Hi, Yes this has become a problem with Windows 10, and the Default Apps repeatedly hijacking the file associations. I also have problems with "Edge" grabbing the PDF extension rather that Acrobat Reader and drives me wild. For CX-Supervisor is sound as described here How Do I Solve CX-Supervisor "Error Could Not Execute" and sounds like version 3.4 now uses .SR3 extension to avoid this. Regards, BB
  13. Hello again Bertie,

    I have a new problem with my CX Supervisor and was wondering if you have ever come across it. When I converted our PCs to Windows 10 I had to change the Runtime icon from photos to Supervisor in Properties. This has worked fine and if the end of line pc reboots the Runtime automatically restarts. The pcs have updates done at the weekend and now upon rebooting the Runtime will not start as it reverts back to the photo format. I have changed the Open With to Supervisor but as soon as pc is rebooted it reverts to photo again. Maybe worth restoring pcs to last week.


    Kind Regards




  14. How do we debug scripts in CX-Supervisor Developer?

    Hi, No, VBScript does not have any debugger or step mode. The only method is old skool debug techniques: - Use MsgBox to confirm variable values, and confirm execution and branch points - Where performance is an issue or too many pop ups, use LogEvent to record messages in order into Error log - You can also use the data logging or Audit trail to follow point values Hope that helps, BB
  15. How to connect cx-supervisor to PLC Omron

    Hi, Connection should be very simple, whether using Ethernet, RS232 or Toolbus cable. Remember that CQ series uses FINS communication so you should choose CX-SERVER option for FINS (not SYSMAC GATEWAY for CIP/EIP). If you have the CX-Programmer project, you can copy the settings, and even “link” them to CDM file for use by CX-Supervisor point Import function.  You can also look at the COMMS demo installed with the product and adjust the settings to match your setup.  I hope that helps, but if you get specific errors or problems please explain in detail and attach screenshots  Regards BB