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  1. Ok, found a weird problem that I can't find any tech connect tickets or posts that solve my problem. Looking for other ideas. What I got going on is I am trying to register an EDS file. I use the EDS Wizard and I pick a single EDS file. It goes through the wizard just fine and acts like it completed the EDS file installation, but when I go to RS Linx or look for the AOP profile, it is not listed. I've tried to run the EDS Wizard as administrator. I've uninstalled RSLinx 4.10 and reinstalled. I've reboot my PC afterwards. I still can not get the EDS profile to show up.  It was WORKING at one time. I have a project where I setup the EDS AOP just fine, then something broke it, and now when I open an old project, it says this: <EDS not registered> Where at one time it was registered but now it's missing from the EDS library pick list and I can't reinstall it. I have tried using the AOP pick list in: RSLogix5000 version 20 Studio5000 version 32's missing.
  2. Still working on the Allen Bradley conversion to Omron NJ project...has proven to be alot harder than I thought. This time I have an TAG which is an INT, that I want to map to the first 8 bits of an ARRAY of BOOLs TAG_INT (int) to TAG_ARRAY of 0-96 BOOL TAG_INT.0 = TAG_ARRAY[0] TAG_INT.1 = TAG_ARRAY[1] TAG_INT.2 = TAG_ARRAY[2] TAG_INT.3 = TAG_ARRAY[3] TAG_INT.4 = TAG_ARRAY[4] TAG_INT.5 = TAG_ARRAY[5] TAG_INT.6 = TAG_ARRAY[6] TAG_INT.7 = TAG_ARRAY[7] In Allen Bradley, you can refer to a INT by bit numbers with a DOT (then bit number), it seems Omron doesn't like that. There doesn't seem to an INTtoARRAYofBITS function, but there is an ARRAYtoBIT function. Any suggestions with this one?
  3. What would be the best instruction for me to use in Omron Sysmac to act like a FLL (File FILL) command in Allen Bradley? I have a Tag that is TAG_NAME ARRAY[0..95] OF BOOL I would like to set bit (array) 17 through 95 "ZERO" or "FALSE" with one function block. Set 80 bits FALSE? TAG_NAME[16] through TAG_NAME[95]  = 0?  
  4. Is there a manual or guide for Sysmac much like one that was made for CX Programmer? Here is the version of the manual I am referring too, I wonder if there was one for Sysmac Studio somewhere.
  5. Many likes

    I am not sure if you guys can, but if you mark them as a SPAMMER, "ALL of their posts" become hidden at that point. I've been trying to delete them as they get reported. I know Mark does a good job reporting. Thank you Mark!
  6. Hi Chris,

    Hope you will be doing well. I have to set (increase) the damping on Crimson 3.0 (installed with Centurion PLUS™) for a Ariel Compressor. 

    I will appreciate if you could help me on this. Thanks in advance!

    Regards - Arshad Ali

  7. It's getting harder for me to keep up to date on new innovations in the industry, but this week I was at a Neff Expo in New Jersey and I saw this Murr Mico Pro. Is anyone else using this product in their panel builds instead of traditional circuit breakers or fuse block holders for 24 VDC protection? Looks like a really neat product to try.
  8. on the allen Bradley  QandA there is a broken link to the AB KB in one of the answers.

  9. can i convert ab program to pdf format

  10. Good evening, do you know how to download RSlinx GATEWAY?
    why I want to do the communication of the labview with RSlogix 500 via OPC, except that RSLLX classic lite does not do this type of communication.

  11. Interacting with QCPU Registers from LabVIEW or Raw TCP

    This is my FAVORITE TOOL in my backpack. Shark-Tap It works with Wire Shark no problems. I have solved alot of problems with this, from Ethernet/IP, to ASCII over Ethernet, to Modbus commands, to just about anything that passes through my Shark-Tap box.
  12. Webpage View and Excel Sheet Updating

    Is there any new software out there that can connect to QTY (16) Compact Logix PLCs via EIP, and setup a nice dashboard from each PLC a few tags that a person can hit an internal ip address to view the dash board, and then can that data be saved to an excel sheet or written to an excel template? Just wondering if anyone has developed some new stuff that can do that.
  13. Hey Chris!

    I'm new to the site and seen that you had posted to help someone with PLC programming estimating. Looks like you had linked a file " plc_estimate.xlt " but I can't seem to click it myself.  Is this something you could share with me? I'm also looking at trying to get some estimating done.  New to it as I've only worked hourly but I was thinking 1.25hr/point in use and 0.25hr/point not in use (I pre-program points not in use as well for future use).

    Anyway anything would be helpful.



  14. Has anyone found an "OK" drawing software that is FREE that works for electrical drawings and can generate DXF or DWGs? I am trying to recommend some software to some kids I know that want to start to learn how to draw. I know AutoDesk offers educational software versions, but we both are looking for something a little bit lighter weight out there. Any recommendations you guys have stumbled upon?
  15. AB PLC Firmware or Hardware Producer/Consumer Limits?

    Ken and Joe. Thanks. Ken, good pointer what to check.