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  1. Hey Chris!

    I'm new to the site and seen that you had posted to help someone with PLC programming estimating. Looks like you had linked a file " plc_estimate.xlt " but I can't seem to click it myself.  Is this something you could share with me? I'm also looking at trying to get some estimating done.  New to it as I've only worked hourly but I was thinking 1.25hr/point in use and 0.25hr/point not in use (I pre-program points not in use as well for future use).

    Anyway anything would be helpful.



  2. Has anyone found an "OK" drawing software that is FREE that works for electrical drawings and can generate DXF or DWGs? I am trying to recommend some software to some kids I know that want to start to learn how to draw. I know AutoDesk offers educational software versions, but we both are looking for something a little bit lighter weight out there. Any recommendations you guys have stumbled upon?
  3. AB PLC Firmware or Hardware Producer/Consumer Limits?

    Ken and Joe. Thanks. Ken, good pointer what to check.
  4. I have old Siemens program. In that DB952 is used for 2D barcode scanner data. Previously Barcode was only 10 letters but as per Customer requirement new Barcode is 12 letters. Now if we scan new Barcode with existing program it gives #####error on HMI. When I checked it I found in PLC program in DB952 STRING for barcode scanner data is defined as [10]. So now I want to increase that STRING Length so that I can scan my new Barcode with 12 letters without any error.
    Please help me.....
    Please see attached picture of my DB952 where STRING is declared.


  5. Does anyone know if there is a firmware or hardware compatibly issues with producer / consumer tags? I've run into an issue where a newer PLC (version 28.0) works fine with Producer / Consumer tags, however and older (version 16.0) PLC doesn't seemed to want to work. I am trying to chase down the firmware trail and see if there is a compatibly matrix or hardware matrix somewhere that lists some limits or "not support" somewhere. Is anyone aware of such a thing?
  6. Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 PLC  When i turn it on the FLT light flashes Red and battery LED also solid on. i need help 

  7. Would there anyone be interested in the domain name and website content of I just don't have time anymore to work on this piece and I haven't done a PLC Halloween in a long time. I didn't know if anyone else did.
  8. DeviceNET Master Simulator

    Jeff, Purchased the Anybus one. It works great. Easy to use. No more setting up RS Networks just to check DeviceNET slaves...thank gawd...
  9. I want micrologiconnection PLC connect with dot matrix printer by rs 232 pl. Suggest me about its cable connection and ledder example.



  10. DeviceNET Master Simulator

    I saw that one and two more, but I was wondering if anyone had tried these products and what they thought about them. I am getting a quote on the Anybus one.
  11. DeviceNET Master Simulator

    Has anyone ever found a DeviceNET Master simulator they like or have used? I have a need to test several DeviceNET slaves. I would also like to toggle some of the I/O using the simulator in the DeviceNET slave. I see a couple online, but I am wondering if anyone has tried any of these. Would be super handy if I could also test CC-LINK and PROFIBUS with the same type of kit or same brand of master simulator.

    As IO_Rack suggested, do a search is the best way to find the new link. It's tough to go through all 1.5 million posts and update old links. Doing a search brought up several of Okie's examples still.
  13. [PLC Sample Code] - RAMP Function Example Logic

    Here is a link to the file:
  14. Ethernet/IP

    I use "L1" bricks. They are $1300 list price typically. Program with 5000 platform RS Logix. Good value for the money. I have moved away from any 500 series PLC which would include all Micrologix PLCs because most devices that are SLAVE EIP, require implicit communications.  
  15. I need your help about programming average in logix 500