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  1. Help Installing GX Developer on Windows 10

    I'm sorry about your luck, that's some really primitive software. Why not use a virtual machine with Windows XP for your legacy Mits PLC software? I recently worked on a small project that use Mits GX Works 2, someone else already had a Windows 7 VM so I started with it. I made the mistake of updating Windows and then GX Works would not even start.
  2. Remote connection using eWon

    Hello, I'm no Siemens expert but I'm currently remoted into a Siemens controlled machine through an EWon as well. I'm using TIA V15 connected to a couple of S7-1500 PLC and several Comfort HMIs. I have the same thing, accessible devices only shows the local network and I don't see any options to have it search the network I'm connected to through the EWon. TIA can't go online to the HMIs either but I'm able to download to them. If you want to go online with the HMI to monitor and control the HMI remotely you just need to select Online/Simulation/Start. Sorry I don't have any solutions to you exact issues but I hope that helps a little.
  3. Overlapping memory areas in TIA Portal

    Joe, I'm no Siemens expert but I know not everything shows up in cross reference in TIA. Even simple things like being on a contact of a timer's Q bit does not show the timer. In TIA it's mostly possible to avoid using direct references to DB address. TIA is certainly a lot better than Step 7 classic with all the cretic addressing. You can still find them by doing a search for "DB2" in the entire project. In our last project for alarms we also set individual bits but they are part of a Structure with an array of INT so they can be cleared by the tag names and avoid the direct addressing that your French machine has.
  4. convert program PLC Yaskawa to PLC mitsubishi

    Is this the newer Yaskawa motion controller which I don't believe is a true PLC or the really old legacy PLCs? Also on the Mitsubishi side there are different PLCs that use different software. MotionWorks is the software for the newer Yaskawa controllers: https://www.yaskawa.com/products/motion/machine-controllers/software-tools/motionworks-iec I do not know if there is a way to convert the code, I doubt it. You will likely have to convert it by hand. But you can use Excel to generate code for Mitsubishi and import it. So if you can export code from Yaskawa it would be possible to create something. But that may be more work depending on the volume of code you have to convert. Good luck.
  5. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    The lack of a instruction to move or copy data regardless of data type has came back to bite me again. I have a good sized (100s of members) multi-tiered structure that collects data on production parts across 6 MAC which all works great. Now we want to send all that data to SQL for data collection. The problem is it appears you can only send a flat structure. Without an instruction to copy a block from the multi-tiered structure to the flat structure this leaves having to copy individual members one by one. One would think this would be the purpose of the MemCopy instruction but even it requires data types to match. All the member data types would actually match I just don't see a way to copy sections of the multi-tiered structure to the flat structure. Why is there not an instruction that can do a bit wise copy? There was a way in CxProgrammer and Rockwell can do it. Hopefully this will be added to Studio. Anyone know if IEC 61131-3 covers this?
  6. I did a system recently with an NJ5 and 6 R-30iA Mate Controllers and used Ethernet/IP for all the communications to the robots. If the EDS PMCR uploaded does not work I have one from Fanuc that I can send you (I don't know how to attach it to this message).
  7. RSLogix500, RSLogix5000 and Factory talk

    I agree with ASForrest. Virtual machines will save a ton of time and headaches. I would just add using VmWare or another virtual software to first create a virtual machine of the current systems. That way you still have them to refer to and use while going through the upgrade process and as needed for legacy hardware. We have used virtual machines almost esclusivly for roughly 5 years, our Rockwell VM is now on Win7 64bit as is our Omron. I've not used Siemens in a couple of years so it's still in a WinXP VM. My host OS is now Windows 8. We keep an archive of past virtual machines as well for legacy support.
  8. Any word on Rockwell's Next Generation PAC?

    Thanks Arlen, I would expect them to announce something this year and that would make sense for them to show it off at the big show and give them time to work out the major bugs. @jstolaruk Who said anything about drastically changing the user interface? I'm talking about simple stuff to improve efficencies like adding wildcards to speed up searching and cross-referencing. I don't think that is too much to expect from any company. Even one with only one programmer would have added some user friendly features by now. That seems like arrogance (*corrected spelling) on Rockwell's part as it shows their lack of respect for their customers.
  9. Any word on Rockwell's Next Generation PAC?

    Hmm, it must still be a ways off or they went back to the drawing board. I'm pretty sure the article was either in a trade magazine or in Rockwell's journal newsletter, I've searched online but have been unable to find the article or any news. I remember it saying everything was going to be Ethernet/IP even the PAC backplane communication. We are using RsLogix 5000 v21 on this project due to v20 not supporting the Kinetix 5500 servo drive. All these versions and no bacwards compatiblity are becoming a real pain. I forgot how slow RsLogix is when doing cross references or searches, I can't imagine them being able to squeeze HMI integration in as well. As behind as the ControlLogix platform is their HMI offering is even more behind. I am surprised how little effort Rockwell has put into making their software more user friendly. They will have to do something as they will start losing out to the competition on the high end as the scan time is just too high on larger high speed machines with a ControlLogix PAC. "I doubt the Rockwell will get rid of the ControlLogix or Studio 5000 anytime soon." Oh I agree even after they come out with a new platform I'm sure they will continue supporting it for at least a decade.
  10. Has anybody heard anything on when Rockwell's next generation PAC will come out? I read an article last year on it but I've not heard anything since then and can't find the article now. I'm getting back to working on a Compact Logix project after finishing an Omron NJ project and Rockwell's current offering is starting to show it's age. The Logix series has always been slow and the software cumbersome but it's really prevalent now compared to the competition.
  11. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    I just noticed you can now add global variables online. Just start online edit in the global table like you would in a program. I'm not sure what version this was added as this was the first time I had tried it.
  12. "Change history of Sysmac Studio Ver.1.11 : October 2014 Sysmac Studio Version 1 Auto-update"http://www.fa.omron.co.jp/product/tool/454/sysmac-studio/e1_doc.html
  13. Thanks Andy! That was exactly the problem, I was testing the enumerator data type in a program. No error shows up but it does show a build error on the Output tab. Omron got back with me today but did not mention looking at the Output tab for a failed build, I was only looking at the Build tab.
  14. I posted this on the simulation freeze thread but decided to make a new thread post as it is not limited to the simulation. I get the following message when trying to transfer to the controller or start a simulation: "The project was not built. Please build the project and try again" I'm now using Studio 1.10 but the problem has not gone away. Rebuilt the project, checked the program no issues, saved a new copy and repeated and still simulation gives me this message. Defiantly some kinks for Omron to work out. There must be something wrong with my project that does not show up as an error but is preventing it from starting simulation or allowing a download. So I've emailed my project to my local Omron support on (2014/08/01) and am still waiting from a reply from them. I'm able to work with a previously saved version of the project but it is a couple weeks old and I've added a lot of stuff to the project since then especially on the safety CPU side. It does not appear to be any way to copy the safety configuration from one project to another only the code and variables. Has anybody experienced this problem, know what could cause it or a workaround until Omron fixes it? Thanks, Wulfgar
  15. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    It's all made up of ones and zeros so it should be easy. A structure still takes up bytes in memory (with no spaces if using the USER type and defining the offsets) so you should be able to copy all or part of that structure to a basic data type like an array of DINT. This would come in handy to enable you to use instructions that do not work on structures. Example 1: I was looking to copy a byte array that was inputs from a robot on Ethernet/IP (as we have done in Rockwell RxLogix5000) until I found out that I could map the robot I/O directly to a structure. Example 2: I created a structure for an HMI interface with named BOOLs for push buttons with USER type mapping to fill up the bytes. I was thinking I might want to know when any button is pressed. So if I could copy the 16 or 32 BOOLs in the Structure to a UINT I could then do a compare.