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  1. Description Entry

    I think @BobB has a typo above, he meant "Copy from the Symbol table..."
  2. NA screen acknowledge alarms on reset?

    The only thing that I can think of is to uncheck Popup and Acknowledge in the alarm setting, but then make Global Events for the alarm bit.  If you want the window to close automatically, you will need to make an event for the on and the off condition. This is a bit tedious, but it will work.
  3. OMRON Ethernet IP as Slave

    Yes, you would use Network Configurator for EtherNet/IP (or you could use Beckhoff's software, but I can't help with that).  Do you have the EDS file for this device?  If you post it, perhaps I can help.   I have been unable to locate the file.
  4. OMRON Ethernet IP as Slave

    It won't really be a "slave", but you can set the Omron EIP units up to produce data that the Beckhoff can consume.  It should work fine.
  5. NJ controller and 1S servo position after power cycle

    I am guessing that it is indeed as you say.  Check here: Make sure to download to the NJ afterwards for and cycle power for good measure.  
  6. IEMS instruction migration

    @NPlayer  I fixed the links in the other posts.  Let me know if you find one that I missed.  
  7. Help with SEND function block

    @control-amsb I do not see any pictures that are not already fixed.  I only see some links to some pictures that a user put in the posts.  If the links that were shared are no longer valid, I cannot fix them.  You could try to contact @ozeufu and see if he / she can fix the links or share the pictures.  Or, if I am missing something, please let me know and I will try to fix it for you.
  8. Omron PLC CPU 43 series and Pro face HMI

    Something is wrong with the communications between the PLC and the HMI.  It is difficult to say what given only this information.  Are they communicating Serially or with Ethernet?  If the PLC seems to be functioning ok otherwise, I would check the communications cable between the two. 
  9. Omron sysmac SCY-PO sequencer manual

  10. Sysmac HMI Date Time Button

    This looks like NS information.  What type of screen are you using?  NA or NS, other?  
  11. Barcode string parsing

    Is there also a terminator?  If it is always sending just values separated with commas and a comma at the end, set your end code up to be a comma.  I would guess that this is probably not the case, that the end code is a CR + LF or something, but I thought that I would throw the suggestion out there.
  12. EtherCat Configuration

    I thought about this, but he specifically said that the nodes were set to 1-4, so I assumed that he had set the address on the JC03.  I guess that I should not assume anything.  Nice solution.
  13. EtherCat Configuration

    Did you do a compare and merge, then apply the network to your project, then download the project? Make sure that the proper node is connected to each port on the JC03.
  14. EtherCat Configuration

    Yes, this will work.   If you already have this connected, use the compare and merge functionality (right click on the NJ CPU in the EtherCAT Settings page).  To make your project setup look like the actual setup.  Then download the settings to the NJ.  
  15. ZCP Instruction

    I agree with Sergei, this is a good way to do it: