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  1. ANSI / OSHA Standards Search

    Turns out NFPA 54 - National Fuel Gas Code is the most applicable.
  2. PLC Law

    It is out and in the downloads sections.  The "official 2016 - 10 year anniversary edition" of the PLC Laws.  Enjoy and chuckle.    
  3. PLC LAWS 2016 Edition View File The 10 Year Anniversary Edition of a community guide on what to do and what not to do in the world of Automation.  Thanks to the members of MRPLC for submitting such humorous anecdotes. Submitter BobLfoot Submitted 01/11/16 Category Tutorials and Guides
  4. PLC LAWS 2016 Edition

    Version 1.0.0


    The 10 Year Anniversary Edition of a community guide on what to do and what not to do in the world of Automation.  Thanks to the members of MRPLC for submitting such humorous anecdotes.
  5. PLC Law

    Ok -- I bit the bullet and edited a new edition finally [2016 Edition].  It is with the proof readers now and hopefully will be available in the downloads section in a week or so.  thanks gleblanc, RussB and JordanCClark for your assist.
  6. I am looking at a project which will use an Open Natural Gas Flame to modify the product passing the automated cell.  My question is what OSHA / ANSI standard is there for Piped natural gas to an open flame?  I can find Bottle Gas and Oxy?Acet standards but nothing that seems to directly apply.  Thoughts anyone?
  7. KF2 and Rslinx enterprise

    First I am pretty sure your PLC is an SLC 504 not 405.  Second have you confirmed that your PSV1500 is using Dh+ and not RS232 to talk to the SLC?  If so it should be a matter of configuring the Linx Classic driver to see the PSV. Or configuring Linx enterprise on your laptop/PC so FTView can see the PSV.
  8. I am relatively new to Modicon PLC and trying to find a memory map that will help me out.  I understand the 0xxxx are output and 1xxxx are digital inputs, but in the Ab world I had S registers which contained the system clock and fault/status stuff.  Is there a document with the full register/memory map of the 434 or 534 CPUs explained.  Mr. Google and I haven't had any luck finding it yet.
  9. Well we updated from 434 to 534-14B and the Traffic Cop was an issue.  Turns out previous tech setup traffic cop for the 200 series I/o online and even though you read from the controller both standard and extended memory the traffic cop configuration is not uploaded.  This meant we had to reconfigure traffic cop in the 200 series I/O for the Model 534 cpu.  And of course Columns and Row don't translate to Racks and Slots as a sane individual would do it.  We had Rack 2 Slot 8 above Rack 3 Slot 6 whcih was above Rack 2 Slot 1 and Rack 2 Slot 2 in column 1.  Turns out there is a knurled pin with 8 slots and this determines the slot number.  And Inputs get placed on rack 2 and outputs on Rack 3 and there is no Rack 1.  Bottom Line it was learning curve but it was successful.  And yes We know the 434/534 are obselete but they are still working.
  10. Using Proworx with our Modicon PLC over ethernet occaisionally the connection drops and we encounter a situation where the programming mode bit is set and no one can gain programming mode. I've heard rumor that a block write from a neighboring modicon can reset that bit, but can't find the proof that this idea is anything more than "wish ware". Anyone know?
  11. Should I be concerned that traffic cop on the 434 is missing some racks which still work and has others defined which are "vapor ware" ?
  12. I am working in a "vintage" facility using ProworxNxt and need to migrate a CPU434 system to a CPU534. Can any proivde a referemnce or the broad strokes for doing this. I have changed the CPU in traffic cop using ProworxNxt offline, but not sure if there is anything else I need to do or how to "stuff" this new program into the CPU534?
  13. Connected Component Workbench

    I have not used CCW for PLC Programming, but every other RA Product I'm familiar adds the END invisibly even if you don't see it in the GUI/HMI. Best I can suggest is give it a try.
  14. Communication between RSLogix 5000 and AS400

    Mr Google recommends these guys. Never used it, but the website reads like it might work.
  15. Controller vs Program Scoped Tags

    I also beleive that most HMI Programs can only access Controller Scoped tags so tags doing critical calculations which you don't want the HMI to potentially corrupt would be program scoped.