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  1. Red PRV(881)

    Thank you for your replies, ahuat
  2. Offset adjustment

  3. Red PRV(881)

    Dear All, I am not an expert with Omron PLC, so please help : Why i always get a red PRV(881) ( means error ) every time i am trying to use it with CJ1M CPU22? Thanks in advance ahuat
  4. Offset adjustment

    Dear All, I am using CJ1W AD041 unit, and have some problem with offset, in manual W345-E1-05 i found the way to do an adjustment by using handheld programmer which i don't have now and it seems complicated. Does anybody has information how to do it by CX programmer? Thanks in advance. ahuat
  5. laptop hibernation causing comunications errors

    Still doesn't work, i also try to use some registry cleaner program, but still doesn't work. When i try to communicate, the comm light on the CPU was flashing but always occur alarm communication fail. Regards ahuat
  6. usb to rs232

    Dear All, Thanks for your replies. i just did some experiments and want to share with you all, I use cheap usb serial converter, i get it with only around 8 dollars. First i connect to CJ1M to my laptop ( SONY Vaio ) with my usual serial cable, length is around 3 mtr. Doesn't work at all. Then i try to connect the usb serial converter via my Desktop, and it worked!! Then i change my normal serial cable with better quality cable and shorter, and connect cpu to my laptop ....surprisingly it works!! The only problem is everytime i disconnect my laptop from CPU, the blue screen appears. My conclusions are : 1. USB in desktop has more "power" to do the signal convert ( i'm have no information about this ) 2. Better quality cable gives better performance. 3. Shorter cable give better performance. I hope can help others Regards ahuat
  7. laptop hibernation causing comunications errors

    Hello all, I just get this problem few days ago, unfortunately i didn't know about this thread before. I already tried to re install the OS and CX one but the laptop still can not communicate to the PLC ( CJ1M CPU 22 ) everytime i try to connect to the PLC, the comm light on the CPU flashes as though its trying to comunicate, but it stop with an alarm that CX programmer is failed to connect to PLC How to get Registry Mechanic? Do i still need it after i re install the OS? Regards ahuat
  8. usb to rs232

    Dear all, Mostly new generation of laptops do not have a serial port, what i need to know is, if it is possible to use a third party usb to rs232 converter to communicate between laptop and cpu. i tried use a third party usb to rs232 converter to connect between laptop and cj1m cpu but no success. thank you all.
  9. sharing information about cj1m

    Dear All, I want to share my experience with CJ1M CPU11 i connect CPU into 5 CJ1W ID211 and 5 CJ1W OC211, configuration is Power Supply, CPU, 5 Input unit, 5 output unit. It runs correctly until one day i was called because of the malfunction in PLC. I found the malfunction are only in the OC211 module, sometimes the relay didn't work although the small leds are on. After i spend few hours check the system, finally i found the cabinet backplane for the CPU, was not really flat anymore, because it's an old backplane, maybe too thin, and after few years the machine running, the backplane was not flat enough that it could make DIN rail for the CJ also slighty bended, and i assume the voltage bus between PA205 and the output module was cut because of that. The remedy was i add another backplane ( 2mm thickness ) as a support for the PLC unit only. hope can help. regards ahuat
  10. cj1m cpu13 expansion system

    Dear All, Thanks for the replies, i already download the W393 manual, i only have the sales brochure, and it doesn't state CJ1W-IC101, so i have to zoom it to see II101. Again, thank you all for the information Regards ahuat
  11. cj1m cpu13 expansion system

    Dear All, I try to built a system with 8 unit CJ1W-!D211 and 8 CJ1W-OC211, i can not find CJ1M CPU 13 expansion system information on the net, if i compare with C200HS system, it should use a expansion cable and an interface to connect the main rack into the expansion rack. Does anybody know any information about expansion unit in CJ1M CPU13? Thanks in advance ahuat
  12. C200HS peripheral port

    Dear All, I have to upload / download from C200HS with peripheral port, is it possible to do it via CPM1 CIF01? I tried to check on W235-E1-3, C200HS manual, but can not find any info about that. Thanks in advance ahuat
  13. open collector need 2 power supply?

    Probably if the sensor need other voltage range ie 12 VDC or 48 VDC? and... seems like CJ1M built in IO only accept 24VDC, then one must use 2 power supplies. For similar voltage range ( 24 VDC ) i think we can use only one power supply.
  14. Dear All, I try to connect a NPN open collector device to CJ1M CPU 22 as high speed input, further reading in the manual : cat W395-E1-03, page 32, shows that for such kind of device the system need two power supply. Is it ok if i use only 1 power supply 24 VDC, and connect terminal + of sensor device and IN ( 24VDC )? I think the reason why omron give a 2 power supply schematic is if the sensor need different voltage for power supply, am i right? Regards ahuat
  15. difference between ns5 sq00b v2

    Dear all, Does anybody know about the difference between NS5 SQ00B V2 with NS5 SQ00B ECV2, because the type ( ECV2 ) is not included in the manual... does both of them replaceable? Regards ahuat