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  1. Programming s7 300 siemens

    It is a network where different components of one equipment are declared available ( installed). Using the results from this network, the program will access functions related to installed components and will not access functions related to not installed components. It seems to be explanation in project also. Language is German.
  2. s7 300 AND WINCC flex

    If you want to use a "push button" or a "retentive button " from GUI to activate the output , you have to use a memory bit. You may not activate directly an output from WinCC, it must be trough a memory.  
  3. SIEMENS S7 200

    Hi, You must pay attention to number of the timer. I suggest you to read help for timers where is explained relationship between number of timer and function. Then you will solve very easy whatever you want.
  4. Flexible Sequence Control

    You may use instructions like JUMP or SWITCH.
  5. VFD Analog output to LOGO!

    Is your connection cable correct screened?
  6. VFD Analog output to LOGO!

    Seems to be ok the wiring. Did you set the I8 as analog input? How it looks the LOGO program?
  7. Can any one help me

    Hello mshifa, You just give us the most important hint: voltage is 9V DC. 9V is not considered as HIGH logical level. 9V is not LOW but also is not HIGH. Just change to 24V DC and it will work.
  8. Siemens S7 STL Basics

    You must read carefully the timer instructions.  On first example the timer use an output ( can be a memory bit or an output ) When you ad the M0.1, on reality you do not assign an output to time in order to be used later on your program.  Therefore you will not involve the delayed signal from M0.0 later on other logical. This is the reason for which on second part the Q0.0 is no more affected by M0.0. You just create to sequences: one which start the timer by M0.0 and the  second change the output Q0.0 according M0.1 Please, look at example on next link  
  9. Siemens 1200 going into STOP mode

    Hello Ben, did you check error log on CPU? What was the cause that CPU report as stop reason? Knowing this answer, may exist a possibility to program CPU to remain on Run mode,  but only for some reasons not for all possibilities. 
  10. Cm1241(Rs232)6ES7241-1AH32-0XB0 Connection Problem

    Hi, Is the firmware version in project same as in real module?
  11. S7 Loading From Memory Card

    Ok you want to compare the actual running PLC program with the one stored on MMC card. Is that what you want? Then, I will do like that: I will insert the copy card into an not used PLC and I will copy the PLC program into PC next step: go online with running machine PLC and compare the two programs online with the one that you just saved on PC before  Step7 has a dedicated function for this task. For sure you will find differences. If those are located on DB you may be lucky and you can say that the program is same. But you cannot be 100%... Most of the time it is ok when differences are located on DB.
  12. S7 Loading From Memory Card

    Him want to unprotect the program and then to create backup from PLC  To do that, one method is by MMC card image. Once the password is revealed, the backup program of controller can be done or it can be modified as he wants. 
  13. S7 Loading From Memory Card

    Hi, as EMD said, do a backcup image of MMC card using s7imgrd.exe. Then the image can be used for future activities, like restoring or revealing the protection word. I know from the past, that the moderators do not allow to talk in public about password protection remove.
  14. Simatic S5 to Simatic S7 300

    Looks to be the right one. Check what "com" has been assigned by your PCI Express adapter. Go to system/ hardware configuration and see there what number has your serial port. For example you will find Com 3. Then, start your PG2000 and go to Options/Interfaces and choose PLC-interface also Com 3 as in hardware configuration. Dont change other things there. Then go to File/Open and select PLC Now, you have to be sure that your PG 2000 is not a "DEMO". If you still have questions, please, fell free to ask.
  15. Simatic S5 to Simatic S7 300

    Hi, first of all you need an TTY adapter to connect your PC  to PLC S5. Connect your TTY adapter to your com port. Then, you may use PG2000 software to Upload PLC program into PC. Set your PG2000 communication to your com port according PCI Express settings. Then press Open/PLC. After upload PLC program, save it with a short name. Be sure that your PG2000 is not on "DEMO" mode.