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  1. ScadaPack 314 Counter Inputs

    I have a project using ScadaPack 314 and I am coming up 2 discrete inputs short. Question is can the counter inputs be utilized as discrete inputs?
  2. I have a flow meter that produces 0-150 pulses per minute that equals 0-1200 GPM. I don't need to display flow rate, but I do need flow totals. Can anyone help me with this code for Micrologix 1100 Ser. A. Thanks in advance for your input.
  3. RSView32 Alarm Log Problem

    I have an application just started-up using RSView32 Ver.7.30 and after making some minor edits to the Tag Database the Alarm Summary and Alarm Log are blank and are not logging data. I have restarted the program, and the machine without any change. I have searched the AB Knowledge base and have not found any help. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Any help would be appreciated. RDRead