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  1. Logo!

    I`ll put 1234 as an default setting cause he did not specify if he put an password in logo after he finish his program. 1234 is only an example, cause it easy to remeber. If you put an password in your program after you finish it you must remember it, cause you cannot open your program if you not remeber it. Don`t be confuse!
  2. Logo!

    1234 is the default setting for me!. If you forgot your code, I`ll think you make 3 to 4 times trial of different code then it will return to default setting of code.
  3. FESTO Vs Siemens

    I know festo plc but i`ll prefer siemens plc. Siemens plc has all the features that you need. You could use your existing I/O with siemens S7 in modification your system.