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  1. Change IP address in NS

    Only the NS is connected to ethernet for use of the web interface. I also had hoped for hidden variables that i could change.
  2. Change IP address in NS

    I don't want a customer to go there, because they can change other settings also. I even blocked the system menu! ( it happend a few times). The NS is connected to the PLC with NT link, all the addresses are serial connected. The ethernet connection is only used for the web server function.
  3. Change IP address in NS

    Is it possible to change the IP address of the NS in a screen. If a machine leaves the factory, we put in a IP address etc., but if the customer wants to change it to an other address, then I don't want the customer to go into the system menu. Is there a way to change the IP address and subnet mask in a normal screen?
  4. CXS <-> MC card CJ1

    Sorry about the topic name! I ment the memorycard in the PLC and not the MC(H) option board. AC DC (Low voltage)
  5. CXS <-> MC card CJ1

    If CX-S is active and connected to a PLC with a memorycard, then: right mouse click, Choose: Communications Utilities > PLC Memorycard... You get access to the memorycard, like with CX-Programmer.
  6. CXS <-> MC card CJ1

    An other way of doing it: Use the Communications Utillity : PLC Memorycard.... tool in CXS, copy the file to a directory accessed by CXS. Then you can do what you want to do and put it back again on the memorycard using the same tool. Sometimes life can be easy. Regards,
  7. CXS <-> MC card CJ1

    Sorry for the late response, I was 1 week in the UK for work. The first solution will work, because I already read/write the files with the PLC from/to the MC card. I'm making an extra read/write routine triggerd by CX-Supevisor to manage the parameters (100 programs with 400 DM and 50 HR words), so I can manipulate them in CXS and put them back on the card The second solution I will try also, but that will take a little longer Thanks,
  8. CXS <-> MC card CJ1

    Is it possible to access files on the Memory card in a CJ1 for reading and writing *.CSV files with parameters in it? I use CX Supervisor V2 Thanks
  9. CX Designer re-order num. inp.

    I thought there must be an easy way. Thank you
  10. Re_order.bmp Is it easy to re-order the numeral inputs. After adding and changing the numeral inputs they are mixed up, when using a keypad, you jump from the top one to the middle or last one. 1 4 2 7 9 I want it to be like 1 2 3 4 5 6 So if I use the keypad, it will scroll down nicely from the first input to the last one. Is this easy to do ?
  11. Gas Filling....

    See also: WITT Dansensor
  12. Bluetooth To A C200HX

    Settings for port are Sysmac-way 8,1,N , 115200 (for CX- Programmer), if you follow the instructions in Promi-SD202-OA_manual(v1.0).pdf from omron

    What about Omron's latest product, Sliced I/O !
  14. Filename_Var

    This one works: value = Batch_nr value defined as integer textpoint = ValueToText(value) textpoint defined as string GenerateReport(ReportPath + "\report1.txt",ReportPath + "\Report_" + textpoint + ".txt") Thanks for the help!