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  1. s7-400 upload lossing descrition?

    controlsdude, Tanks for the info, I will look a the compare utility next Monday. Good Week-end
  2. s7-400 upload lossing descrition?

    Controlsdude, I tryed to do a compare with the PLC but i'm not shure of wath is same or not (to much info ) same time stamp, not same time stamp, offline newer than PLC and so on!!! There is no turn around? If there are difference in the value, the compare will fail or only the structure diference will do? Tanks guys for your input.
  3. s7-400 upload lossing descrition?

    Tanks Groo, I will try that on a bench test unit tomorow! Maibee they lose the name once and they are scare to loose them again!! it make sense to do a upload as a security feature, we never know witch hard-drive will dye .
  4. s7-400 upload lossing descrition?

    My Client said that he never do a up-load of is PLC (s7-400) beecause he will loose his DB (name). today we had to do a cold-restart of that PLC and to re-type all the DB's number for the target point for some operating value. I can't beleave that there is no way to get a backup of the value in the plc to be able to restart sooner the production (3hrs this time) if the name get lost, can we do a up-load separately to be able tto download back those good opérationg value an then, load the program with the name and go on-line with that program??? (yes I'm use to work with A/B!!) From the time I was working with S5, we were doing transfer back and forw, witout problem!!
  5. Nt20S and C200HS-cpu01

    I'm using to download nt support tool 4.2 or nt support toll 4.6 and I Tranfert the application to the NT20S at 9600B with a CBL-202 as supose to be :) if the converter 9 to 25 is supose to work! then I supose that the Nt20S will not talk to a C200HS thrue a lk201 for I don't know what reason! Tanks ESCI
  6. Nt20S and C200HS-cpu01

    I guess that you are right on the peripheral port because when I connect the NT thru it (with cif1) no comm. light flash on the plc! I scroll thru the Omron cable manual for a direct cable from the ONE port NT20S to the LK201 DB25. I'm using the CBL-804 and a converter from DB25 to DB9. And like ECSI told, my settings are 0-0-5-2 and to be sure it's the good setting, I programmed the PLC true it and it work well! The cable pin out that I need is the (XW2Z-200S) or the equivalent Canadian cable (CBL-xxx) Tanks Ric
  7. Nt20S and C200HS-cpu01

    Tanks GTsupport, my NT number is NT20S-ST121B-EV3. When I conect tru LK201 I see both rxd and txd flash but the NT don't show the screen i'm asking for in the control area dm100. The nt show the (conecting to host)? Ric
  8. Nt20S and C200HS-cpu01

    Any-buddy know if there are isue that a NT20S can not communicate with a (old) C200HS-CPU01? I tryed with the periferial port with a rs232 converter and a cable cbl-202. Also with a C200H-LK201 comm card and a cable CBL-804. NT configured to talk Host-link and the C200H. Both at 9600 Bauts 7e2. I saw some where that tis setup can work with CPU21 but noting on CPU01?? (C200HS). I can program tru both entry with CX-Prog but when I connect the NT and set the DM for specific page, moting happen on the screen Tanks to any answer. Ric
  9. c200hs not talking anymore!

    Wow!!! This Old PLC ad as default baud rate of 2400baud Tanks to Denis Omron Representative in Canada The auto-online do not start at that low baud rate thats why I ad not luck with that. Tanks Ric
  10. c200hs not talking anymore!

    Tanks GreyWolf but I don't have a programing console! I'm using Computer to program PLC. By the way, the PDF file you sended look like bad! I'm not able to open it with acrobat 7? I dit remove the batery for 30min and no luck. I configure the c200h-lk201 with those setting (sw1=0, sw2=0, sw3=5(9600bauds), sw4=0(7E2) and back switch 1,2,3,4= off and cts selector to 0v. I see the RCV lit but not the XMT when I try to communicate with it?
  11. c200hs not talking anymore!

    Ok Zoran, I will try that. Ric
  12. c200hs not talking anymore!

    I was testing a NT20S on a C200HS-CPU01 and I transfer a C200HX program in it. Since then, I'm not able anymore to comunicate with the C200HS. I disconect the PLC and then switched the (dip-switch 5) to ON for getting back the RS232 back to standard but no luck. Usualy I use the CX-NET (scan serial port)to figure out watt's the setting of the comm but no luck, notting show'up? I'm usin a CBL-202 with a CPM1-CIF01 tru the periferial port on the PLC. I tryed also to disconnect the batery without power to reset the unit and no luck!! Can the port be blow off? I have a LK-201-V01 RS232 but I'm nut shure if I can use it to communicate with the PLC with-out configuring it by the setting in the PLC (I tried to get comm with that card but no luck). Material: Laptop HP with serial to usb patch (comm7), CX-programmer 6.0, CBL-202 cable, CPM1-CIF01 RS232 to periferail converter, C200HS-CPU01 on a empty 7slot rack. I was working with this unit until the download! How to Reset (Master reset) Tanks Richard
  13. Fifo In S5-155u Cpu 928 How-to ?

    no luck for me, the function ob240 do not allow the data to be visualized (exept for a few) and I neek to display each board quality on an operator display ! I know that the S5 is at the end of it's life but compare to A/B PLC5, this PLC need a lot of code the replace the litle fonction box!!! (my opinion) Diotter
  14. Fifo In S5-155u Cpu 928 How-to ?

    I finally fond the aswer to my question! The shift-register are found in the OB240,241,242 block (found in the manual) I'm used to program those function in the Allen-Bradley PLC but in Siemens! Anybuddy already use those block (any example?) Tanks (I will continue my search) Diotter
  15. Fifo In S5-155u Cpu 928 How-to ?

    I'm programming a board cooler for a melamine mill and I was looking for the FIFO fonction but I din't fond any. Is that function is sold by siemens? I try to figure-out a way to program one with the DO function but with an indexer in the pointer, my value won't shift in the menory file (dbxx dw(pointer)) The purpose of this FIFO is to follow the grade, lengt, with... of the board tru the board cooler and to retreive the data at the end of the cooler for grading purpose. I would use as much DB as I got parametre to carry-on. My board cooler got 150 position. I'm shure there is a simples way then to move each data one by one Tanks Diotter