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  1. Slc 500 Modbus Communication

    Just thought I would post an update for the people who commented - the project is almost complete and as mentioned the Prosoft module takes all the hard work out of it. Commissioning is under way - I am now trying to demonstrate the advantages to the client of higher level comms. I think it is criminal to spend all that money on VF drives and not utilise the information they provide. Thanks again to everyone who commented. PH
  2. Slc 500 Modbus Communication

    Thanks for the responses guys. The VLT 6000 drives now come with Modbus as a communication option as standard - it never used to so I don't know when this became the case. I have decided to bite the bullet and buy an SLC 5/04 and the Prosoft module and give it a try. I might be back if it all turns sour...
  3. Slc 500 Modbus Communication

    Hi, My first post so please be understanding! I have 12 Danfoss VLT 6000 series drives on one of my sites for the control of dry air cooler fans in a condenser water circuit. Communication is currently via the I/O terminals on the drive however I have been looking at changing this to Modbus communication. I weighed up Profibus and DeviceNet however dismissed them mainly due to the need to purchase additional interfaces for the drives. I have been looking at the MVI46-MCM Prosoft module for this application and am wondering if anyone has used this module specifically for communication with Danfoss drives and if so could they share their experiences? Any general feedback on this module would also be much appreciated. If this is successful I would be aiming at utilising this strategy across the entire site. Phil