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  1. We use Micro Motion flow meters throughout our plant.  They are great meters.  We have had issues with the old (>20 years old) devices after power failures.  I don't recall which model the old ones are, but we cannot even get them repaired reliably.  We have been systematically replacing the old units with the 5700 series transmitters.  They work with some of the old flow sensors, depending on the number of wires in the sensor.  I highly recommend contacting Emerson to find out who your local Micro Motion salesperson is.  They are really good to work with (at least in my experience).
  2. Autotuning Kinetix 350

    Unloaded motors are difficult to tune and will sometimes exhibit the problems you describe.  If I were you, I would try one of the following: Find a load for the motor.  It could be a plain gearbox with no load, or a pulley system.  It is best if you can create a geared ratio of at least 3:1.  The higher the ratio, the better results you will find when doing the autotune. If you can't find a load, then try to change the autotune parameters relating to the motion.  I am not near the software, so I can't tell you specifically what to change.  Start with the distance then change speed.  I have a feeling once you open up these settings, you may see a failure in the autotune.  Again, unloaded motors are hard to tune and that may show up if you try it with a longer move or higher speed.
  3. Autotuning Kinetix 350

    When you say that the hookup test ran flawlessly ("The motor will slowly turn... for as many revolutions as I input.")  Are you using the same speed settings (accel, velocity and decel) settings when you run your test as the hookup test uses?  I have had similar experiences during my testing where I have had aggressive accel or decel rates or the speed was excessive.   How long after motion starts do you receive the error? Do you have any gearing between the motor and the load?  Is the inertia of the load within the motor specifications?  If inertia is not matched between load and motor, then you will be able to achieve slow velocity movements but will most likely fail when positioning.  
  4. Script Rodando Direto

    Google translation:   Direct Scripting Script   Is it possible that someone can help me, in FactotyTalk, I created a script that le excel spreadsheet data, but this by clicking on a button. How do I make this script run right behind my screen without having to click the button ???
  5. Connecting Cognex Camera to Controllogix

    What RPI setting do you have set up?  If you try to communicate faster than the camera can respond, you will drop connections.  The info may be dated, but I found a reference that the RPI should be no less than 10mS with a Cognex camera.  Please post the solution when you find it.
  6. Machine HMI Enclosures

    We have been using Strongarm enclosures in places where we need to suspend them from a wall or pole.  They offer painted and stainless steel enclosures. They have several options available.  the website is www.strongarm.com.  Good luck.
  7. Rules for the Forum

    I find myself getting frustrated with vague or overly-simplified requests for help, as well.  Sometimes I think that it would be awesome to have a forum with a form to fill out that asks for pertinent details, then makes those details searchable and filtered by manufacturer, model, symptoms or scope.  I am sure there are some knowledgebase and web-based support forums for products that are like that.  Then I realize the following: 1)  It takes time and effort to create a support forum like that. 2)  If that support forum were created, we would all find things that would be nice to have for it.  Once we added our 'two cents' to the list, the wants list would become too large and searches would either return way too much info or not enough. 3) Those that do provide pertinent information when asking for help will find the required information for the forum to be a juvenile requirement and then probably not use the forum anymore.  This would lead to a reduction of requests and more importantly, a reduction of responses because of the extra time it may take. 4)  Then, the most important one - freewill plus the GIGO principle.  If someone does not provide adequate information (Garbage In) or is simply looking to get their homework done by someone else, we all have the free will to choose not to respond to the request (Garbage In = Garbage Out).  OR, if we have time to help,  we could simply post back the info we need in order to help.
  8. Storage of Various Cables, etc.

    I FINALLY got tired of untangling all of the programming cables I need to use and started bagging them in heavy duty ziploc bags.  I have several bags in my toolbox and their contents are segregated by function (or even frequency of use for some of the oddballs).  I write the name of the technology or type of cable set on each bag and that makes it a lot easier to locate the cables when I need them.  It also keeps them from tangling. I work in a manufacturing facility now, so I keep all cables in a roll around toolbox/workstation.  This would have been helpful when I was on the road and used a roll around case like a doctor's bag.  The same would work for a backpack. Need to carry: screwdrivers, cables, wire strippers, small flashlight, thumb drive, change for the vending machine, phone charging cord and battery pack.  The list could get long...
  9. Multiple Machine Integration

    We use the 1783-NATR in a couple applications.  It is a 1:1 NAT device for up to 32 devices.  The setup is simple and our IT department approves.  
  10. Good call, Joe.  That is common especially in plants with unstable or uneven flooring.  In our plant, a forklift driving by can shift the concrete slabs when it drives over them.  Way back when the building was erected, the contractor was pressured to rush on the concrete installation.  The quick-cure and poor base prep caused some slabs to curl on the corners causing a slight "dishing" in the center of the slabs.  We have to shim the enclosures in some areas to keep them level.  
  11. Does it look like the enclosure was dropped?  How were the holes cut in it (manually using hand tools or boring mill, radial drill, etc.)?  If it was dropped, the hinge or area where the hinge is welded could be damaged.  If someone cut the enclosure on a boring mill, for example, the tool could have crashed the door causing distortion.  Another place it could have been damaged is the fold around the doors.  If they are distorted, they will rub on the door opening.  Regardless, you will need to inspect for the location of the damage and then "help it back into position".  A large enclosure like that typically takes a lot to distort it.  It will take an equal force to move it back.  I have had to use a large mallet in the past to move a door back that was hit by a forklift.  Good luck.
  12. Universal Analog Input Card

    That usually means that the card can take multiple types of analog inputs.  For example, it could take +/- 10VDC, 0-10VDC, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, thermocouple (multiple styles) or RTD.  The card would usually have some hardware configuration (different terminals to select the type of input) and software configuration for scaling.
  13. Control Panel Builder

    Welcome to the forum.  Please include some more details about yourself, your specific experience building panels and if you have pics that would be great.  Where are you located?
  14. network parameter fo A3A cpu

    I spent some time this morning looking at your program, but I cannot easily determine the mapping of the network devices to the internal memory devices of the PLC.  It would take some time to study the prints, the physical layout of the machine and the program in order to determine the network map.  That is something I could not do in the time I spent this morning.  I would recommend contacting the original machine builder or contact a Mitsubishi office and ask for someone who is familiar with the A series PLC.  I worked on stuff like this over 20 years ago.  The product has long ago been replaced by new PLCs, networks and software to program it all.  I am sorry I cannot help you.  Best of luck in your search.  
  15. network parameter fo A3A cpu

    Attach it to this thread.  I will do my best.  It has been many years...