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  1. Hello Jay,

    I could see you're an Omron Expert and I am in quite a pressing situation. I though I might be better commenting on here.

    Im quite new to working with Omron. I am struggling very much to get online with an Omron CPM2C-S110C. It has a CIF01 card also. I hear this PLC is quite an old one.

    I have referenced the manual on 'connecting a computer running support software' and double checked I have the correct cables.

    The ones I am using and the way I am connecting is:-   

    PLC Peripheral port >> CS1W-CN118 >> XW2Z-200S-CV >> serial to USB >> Laptop


    CIF01 Peripheral port >> CS1W-CN118 >> XW2Z-200S-CV >> serial to USB >> Laptop

    I have also tried RS232 to UBS in replacement for the Serial to USB.

    Checking on Device Manager, I have all the drivers installed, the comms ports are correctly numbered yet I still cannot connect. There are 4 dip switches on the top right hand side of the CPU and all are swiched off. I have called Omron Tech Support and they said to ignore them in this instance.

    The RS232C port on the CIF01 is used by a barcode scanner so there is no means to connect through that (I have been told)

    I feel that I have been through setting and checked in CX-Programmer and nothing looks obscure.

    Please offer me any ideas you may have. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you