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  1. E5CK or E5CK-T

    i have an omron e5ck or e5ck-t, i dont know which type. i use RS-485 for communication. it accepts commands like "@003020001" (remote control) or "@002010200" (SP) (+FCS+13 of course) i would like to achieve these two things: 1. heat up to #T in #m minutes 2. keep the temperature at #T for #m minutes ^this is not a sequence, i have to do these several times, so i guess i need to set only step0 at once. i cannot try the code i write, i have to send it and it MUST WORK! is the following algorighm correct? i turn the heater on... 1. i set it for remote control "@003020001" do some other automation stuff... 2. do i have to change modes or something like that here? 3. do i have to set the pattern number? "@005000001" 4. i set the step number to one "@005600001" 5. i configure the 0th steps SP, ramp rate and time "@00505####" "@00506####" "@00507####" 6. i set the time unit of the ramp rate "@005570000" 7. i set the end condition to reset "@005550000" 8. do i have to change modes or something like that here? 9. can i start the program with "@003000000" i wait... 10. i stop the program with "@003000001" (reset) will this clear the steps and can i do it once again with another temperature from 2.? after stopping the program, what will the heater do?