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  1. GX Works Project with TAGS. Convert back to normal?

    Thanks Akahige, It works.
  2. GX Works Project with TAGS. Convert back to normal?

    Dear Akahage,   I search for a long time where I can find these technical bulletins. Can you post a link where I can find it?

    Thanks Gambit. This is very helpful for me.

    MX Components for Android??? Interesting. Where can I find it?  Do you have a link? Thanks.
  5. FX3GE and MX OPC 6.01

    Thanks. It's working. 
  6. FX3GE and MX OPC 6.01

    Download link is not working. Please re-upload... Thanks
  7. Hidden Device?

    Hello Droopy, I have send you a PM.
  8. iQ Works Q & A

  9. iQ Works Q & A

    Which version do you use?
  10. Screen switching by script

    @Crossbow, I know what you mean, but I want also learn the other way. (scripting) Sometimes it is useful or necessary to do it that way. @Delbert, Thank you, thank you. Now I have a example to do it. The next few days I will study your script. "I cant send you the whole project." Can or can not? Is it possible that you send me this? I will send you a PM with my private e-mail address. I am grateful for your help.
  11. Screen switching by script

    I have a GOT 15-Q HMI and I try to learn the scripting language. Is there a possibility to switch a screen by scripting? I do not mean with d-registers but GOT variables. (e.g. GD etc.) Maybe someone has an example? I hope that someone can give me a answer.... Thanks in advance.
  12. Usefull stuff?

    Try Netsetman, freeware
  13. Up/Down Counter GX Developer

    I tested and it works. (INCP and DECP) Many thanks.
  14. Up/Down Counter GX Developer

    Hi All, Can someone please place here a picture from a UP counter and from a DOWN counter in ladderdiagram? (GX Developer) many thanks
  15. Macro E-Designer

    Thanks for the answer.