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  1. AB practice

    Hi! there. Could someone help me out in my practice? I'm using AB Micrologix 1200. Am new in PLC. Kind of practicing in basic instructions like One Shot Rising. when I upload the simple program with OSR appended, it does'nt show in the program.. Thanks, Danny Andrion ABpractice1.RSS
  2. AB practice

    Hello RDay, Really glad to have your samples from 1000 model. My project is very much related to simple cutting press using double acting cylinder. I'll post this as soon as it is working. Thank you very much to Forum.mprlc Best regards, Dandrion
  3. AB practice

    Thanks RDay for the assistance. Need to practice more. Can't get samples from AB Micrologix 1200. It's not included in the manual. Can you share some? dandrion