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  1. wireless start stop

    i have a 12 channel device in my home i use for various functions, door locks, lights, etc., the relay board is wired directly to the plc and the transmitter (smaller than a credit card) runs on a AAA battery. it works great. check ebay thats where i bought mine for like $20 american.
  2. electric vehicle help

    I have a EV project i have been playing with for a little over a year now, but now comes the time when i need to start wiring for my plc. (yes i said plc) I have a compact logix and a panelview 700 to put in but i am new to both of these. what i need to know is this. what cards do i need to monitor dc voltage from 12 to 50 volts with a compact logix? is it possible? my plc is just a processor and 1 input and 1 output card. money is very tight as of lately so my purchasing has stopped for now but i would like to get an idea of what i need to get later. any help or cool ideas to use it for is appreciated
  3. electric vehicle help

    Thank You Paulengr, that is a wealth of info i will be checking into all of the tips to see which may work best as well as be the cheapest. i will update as i go. thank you again
  4. PLCs in the home?

    i have a few posts around here some where on home automation. i have 2 panelview 600's and a slc5/04 controlling my house. it is an excellent energy saver
  5. web site

    hi guys. i want to build a website with a forum similar to what mrplc is (but i would like to do one on free energy). can anyone tell me what softwares i will need and maybe a few good study books. i am intermediate at programming so it shouldn't take me long to pick it up i just dont know where to start. i already have a server i bought off ebay. i think i will have to get some changes done with my isp so that my ip adress will stay the same. Nathan and Chris you guys got any suggestions (being you 2 are like walking encyclopedias). thanks a million
  6. Red Lions PLC and HMI

    well to put my $.02 in, our company has been testing quite a few of the redlion g310's. We are quite impressed with them. Everyone is sick to death with the atmosphere of Rockwell. I am not high enough up to be able to say for sure but it looks like all of our HMI's are being changed over to Redlion as they go bad. All people i have spoken to in our company is impressed with the performance,reliability, and customer service that Redlion has. i myself am pushing ,from a troubleshooters stand point, for the switch to Redlion because i was able to download the software FREE on my home computer, as well as documents, without an act from congress and the president. This allows me to have time to better learn the software and experiment at home, comms are much easier to deal with as well as programming. From me Redlion gets two thumbs up! Rockwell two thumbs down
  7. web site

    nothing illegal Nathan.my site will be on using solar wind and water. converting gas vehicles to electric and things of that nature. I will look in to the sites you guys mention , however I would like to have it run from my house (on solar power) as part of the theme of the site. and I prefer not to have to answer to another company. but due to costs I will have to look at all options. thanks guys
  8. mrplc.com mobile

    thanks guys. I will check the links and see how it does
  9. mrplc.com mobile

    how hard would it be to do mrplc for windows mobile? I visit as much on mobile phone (tmobile wing) as desktop. website works but is harder to use on mobile. just a thought. anyone else? thanks, david
  10. Red Lion G310

    Hello All, I recently had the chance to get a red lion g310 touch screen . seems to have a wealth of potiential. We will be attempting to hook to allen bradley dh+ or dh485. any one have any thoughts, experiences, or tips. please share. thanks, david
  11. Red Lion G310

    Thanks for the info. i will update on my experience with the g310. as of now it seems for the money this is going to be a hard unit to beat
  12. slc 5/04 bit shift

    sounds like you have dealt with this Bob, any tid bits on how to get started? never written anything close to this type logic i think if i had a small sample i could probably figure out how to go from there. thanks
  13. slc 5/04 bit shift

    hello folks, i have a question as to whether or not a BSR would be appropriate for a load queue. what i have is a generator controled by a slc 5 04. the total load is roughly twice the size of the generator. so what i have come up with is using intergers and math instructions to calculate how much wattage is actually being used and how much is left and bring in other loads when one drops out that doent exceed the wattage thats left and hold off all other loads. could i use some type of bit shift to create a queue to sort of create a first come first serve type deal? timing is not critical so if one has to wait a while it is not a problem i just dont want the larger loads hogging the hole thing all the time i want to be fair and give everything a turn so to speak. if this sounds like it might work how would the rungs be written? thanks , david
  14. Internet Explorer 7

    i had IE 7 on 3 computers and it made various things not work or crash so i uninstalled it on all of them. hopefully with the error reports i sent they can fix it all soon and i may try it again later. hope everyone else has better luck
  15. ftp help

    hiya folks decided to download the ftp server program from the thread with all the useful programs.i just can not get it to work. my setup is: ISP MODEM > LINKSYS ROUTER> PC i have set up port fowarding for this program and the ip adress to the modem is the ip adress i am trying to use to access from the internet but have still had no sucess. ex.ip adress any info on using this on a home network would be great thanks guys
  16. ftp help

    also tried port fowarding and setting up the DMZ and disabling my firewall.......still no acess from net, says windows cant acess the folder but i am pretty sure the spelling of the adress is correct...?
  17. ftp help

    thanks for your reply Nathan. i checked and using the adress above i CAN acess the server from my computer! i will check into the dmz for my router and see whats up there. thanks again
  18. Thanks for the support!

    I 2nd that!!!!!!{{{{{{{applause}}}}}}} to all
  19. Blue hose (AB RIO or DH+) in festoon?

    thanks Bob . i have searched many times at rockwell and didnt find this one. thanks again
  20. Blue hose (AB RIO or DH+) in festoon?

    quick question while on the subject of DH+ does any one have a link or info on the termination resistors for DH+ network? such as values of the resistors needed. thanks
  21. hi guys, it is getting close to christmas again and my wife wants the best light show on the street so i thought of maybe using a plc to do some fancy blink work. anyone have any ideas or pictures or video of a plc controlled light display. i will be using an AB slc to do this with. thanks guys
  22. Math Overload

    was just browsing and seen this and thought i would check out Ron's post and i will say the link above is a really good post i cant thank you guys enough for taking the time to write out such long posts to help us inexperienced understand this stuff better.
  23. getting close to christmas

    if i had to hook up enough wire to fill all that up for a display i think i would turn scrooge too!
  24. getting close to christmas

    thats pretty neat i may try some of that. thanks TW
  25. Literature Library Changing

    i like your explination Bob. i think this could be another rant....... but i wont go there....yet