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  1. Step 5 cpu102

    Hi david, The part number for the cable you require is 6ES5 734-1BD20, it connects from the parallel port on your pc as a standard. If you require any other way of connecting to your pc you would need to purchase seperate converters, unfortunately. I know Siemens still has these, had to replace ours 2 months ago after it got some heavy plant condition treatment. Regarding the software you would have to contact your local Siemens vendor to assist as these items are not available in any siemens catalog anymore although it is still available from them on special request. You could always go for S5 for windows being sold by other companies, they normally cost in the region of 400 Euro's. I use the version from TTI, they have a demo version at www.ttintl.com if you want to try it out first. Happy hunting!
  2. MrPLC Shirts

    Chakorules, Have you had any success with shirt arrangements yet? Would like to get a couple for me and the team.
  3. CJ1M vs CQM1H

    Thanks OIDMBTRTECH I need reminders like that, one tend to get caught in the day to day rush of things, missing how privileged we are to call this paradise home. Thanks for the advise as well, it is highly appreciated.
  4. CJ1M vs CQM1H

    Thanks QTsupport, Being stuck in the middle of the ocean, having a 2-week delay in the quickest spare, we have a propper stock of almost everything, this will also give me a chance to work an a safe reduction on stock levels. Now I can sleep peacefully again tonight.
  5. CJ1M vs CQM1H

    Thanks for your views... maybe I should add a little detail to explain the bigger picture. After starting in this job about a year ago I had to give management (already a bunch of pro mechanics and anti electronics) the gloomy picture on the upgrading/replacement of all our Siemens S5 plc's ( 26 controllers) a few months ago. Up until now they are thinking Siemens - ga, ptoe, BAD! Omron - ok?. Now that we are in the 5 year replacement phase of this series of machineryfrom FMC foodtech and would require replacement again in 5 years time, so if possible I would like to cut myself a bit of slack, if the old CQM1H model will be around that long, and then do the Omron's (14 in total). Sparing some anti automation remarks.
  6. CJ1M vs CQM1H

    Hi everyone, I'm new to Omron plc's my current company has a few CQM1H models, recently we replaced some of the old machines and the manufacturer wants to use the newer CJ1M models. Any reason why we should change? We still have a number of other machines running on the CQM1H type, and I would prefer to stick to one type, reducing spare part to keep in store. Will Omron be moving away from the older model soon, or is the manufacturer trying to make an extra on his sale? Thanks for your views. Nico
  7. OMRON R88D Servo drive

    Jip, that was the alarm! After removing the encoder, we found a broken connection on the inside of the plug...Yet the end was not in sight, next up was a pot-not error found both limit switches working but the output was only 5-8 VDC, replaced them and viola! it worked again. Were unable to connect...the correct cable was the hampering factor. Thanks for the assistance guys!
  8. OMRON R88D Servo drive

    Many Thanks, Got the download, will try and figure out the coms in the meantime.
  9. OMRON R88D Servo drive

    HI, there. I'm having some trouble with an omron servo drive giving a communication error message. The problem seems to be the encoder. Is there any software available to test the operation, or at least monitor the communication from the encoder to the inverter? According to my interpretation of the manual it should use a serial type of communication link. Anybody with a suggestion? Regards Nico
  10. UF Machine!

    Guys, this is great stuff! I'll be following you on this balerjoe, since I'm busy with a complete project just in a different field, will run some comparisons as we go along and keep you posted with somw comments. Yee-ha
  11. S7-300 coms

    Sorry, for the no response. Currently the only thing that we need to do is get the actual values dispayed - nothing fancy. These should be archived on a daily ( every 24hrs) basis. To be kept for a one year period. Currently there is no PLC we would be installing one for this job. In the meantime I am trying to convince our management to go for the start of a propper system, lying down an industrial ethernet backbone, and to start thinking of working towards a SCADA system. Thanks Nico
  12. S7-300 coms

    HI, I would like to if it is possible to send to send some data from a S7-300 PLC to a desktop PC over a LAN without requiring additional software? Or what would be the bare minimum required? The PLC is being used to measure the production output on various lines & in different phases of production, the production manager now requested this information be available to him in his office.