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  1. FX0-14MR communication with WINXP

    I'm sorry I forget to mention, I use Melsec FX/Win Ver. 2.01. Thanks in advance, Damir
  2. FX0-14MR communication with WINXP

    Hi to all, I can communicate with PLC with DOS Melsec, but not with WINXP. Any hint? Thanks in advance. Damir
  3. Demo software

    Hi there, can I have a label (name) of chip installed inside SC09 cable. Thanks in advance. Damir Petrinic
  4. FX0-14MR help please

    Helo to all, I'm Damir Petrinic, Marine electronic engineer, working on dynamically positioned heavy lift vessel Saipem 3000 as maintaining electronic engineer. Just recently I receive FX0-14MR plc. I'm asking for help ,information about software and cable to work with this PLC. I'm already receive cable schematic and download Melsec Medoc FX/Win ver 2.0 demo but I'm not able to made communication with PLC. Do I neeed to take care about some special parameters or? Any suggestions? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.