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  1. Get the boiler going??

  2. Crimson 3.0 Blues.

  3. Do you have the source code posted somewhere? GitHub? The Modbus interests me!
  4. RedLion CR300010 Raw TCP/IP Communication

    I've taken my "widgets" from version 3.0 and exported them into 3.1 with great success.  I'm not thinking its the same issue your having. Red Lion support involved?
  5. ip Finder

    If your needing to find one PLC in particular, filter by the MAC address.   If your like me I take a picture then really expand it.  
  6. Need help for FBD programming

    Any success?  
  7. IDEC MicroSmart PLC

  8. Happen to have the other boilers programs to compare?   Are they all using CLX? Dare I ask, but what are they, these boilers, doing? I assume oil stabilization? Boilers and their testing is a long cantankerous process. Did a couple in a previous life, so I get your "What did you do?" fears. Never seem to be just right, get them pretty happy in the operation and be gone... Yeah the techs would be happy with your additional rung comments. 
  9. Just getting a look at this. Wow cool, complicated for the technicians, and me for that matter, to trouble shoot in the middle of the night too though.  
  10. Yes the brute force is sometimes the best and ugliest way.  Would just redoing as OEM be faster? What HMI? That program could be a great help, with about 200 assumptions in it also.  
  11. Yep, RA is killing the learning using the PlantPA$, er PlantPAX. Often wonder why people don't just develop their own for what they are doing? 

    I use the same analog and digital AOI that's proven to work for what I do, in oil & gas too. 

    Good to see you here as always...


  12. Frozen Analog Input on Compact Logix

    I'm with Dan as I'd think its the flow meter possibly failing high? What brand and model of flowmeter? (Had some quirky thing with a toshiba lately) I'd also suggest a 4-20 simulation if you suspect the card with a long runtime. Still not thinking its the card though. John
  13. Can i send an email with 1756-L71S GuardLogix ?

    There are still some Port 25 email servers are still out there, but most won't meet any IT policy that'll pass company security protocol . I haven't looked for a free email service that used an unsecured port either. Most are SSL rated port 465 services nowadays. 
  14. controllogix cellular remote sites

    Hi Dakotap! And Michael! Are we woking only on the CLX to CCW messaging? I am having some issues with a Sierra GX440 and DDNS myself. Mine is CLX to CLX messaging though. Works sometimes and others not. I've got verizon looking into via some logging and pinging.