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  1. Datalogic Vs2

    Just some thoughts: Maybe they are using the common to be broken? What PLC, maybe try the Ethernet?
  2. RedLion G303 Tags avalible

    Yes, I know this is old. Did you get this figured out? John
  3. Red Lion G310 comms to AB Powerflex753

  4. plc to mysql

    Red Lion speak directly to a SQL database  
  5. Crimson 3 Timestamp String

    Bump again!!!
  6. 1747-sn scanner

    Is this the only device it's talking to??? As Ken noted if its talking to the other devices, then it's your drive.
  7. Jiskoot modbus

    Here's what I remember about the Jiskoot: I ended up connecting my laptop serial port directly and trying to get it to talk using a Modbus simulator. In the end, I had an incorrectly pinned DB-9 using RS 232. Once I was able to get it to talk to my laptop, the ProSoft was easy... 
  8. HMI view/control on smart phone or tablet

    Might look at the Unitronics Visilogics, as a PLC and HMI combined units. It has a native phone/tablet app. 
  9. PowerFlex 753

    You'll need to follow the manual and get the register via an emulator 
  10. I have G310 and need to communicate with a AB PowerFlex 753 via Ethernet (20-COMM-E). I have tinkered with the Allen-Bradley drivers, which appear to be a MSG function, with no success. Has anyone done this?
  11. Red Lion Kadet Comm issues?

    Yes, the ROC is a double integer. I was able to write a script (fst) to move the double to a float, and the Kadet is all happy. Thanks for the reply! And apologies for the slowness of my reply
  12. Red Lion programming

    I'm needing to create a simple program, using Crimson 3: I have a float tag which I add 1 to to make a set point(?) I then have a flow rate, which I want a flag tag to change from 0-1, when the flow reached the set point. Think when the level get to the set point, turn on the light. The Program part of the Crimson is not easily understood by me so any help is appreciated.  
  13. Weintek and Redlion

    I assume you know that the Red Lion 400001, will be 40001 in the Weintek?
  14. Modbus TCP

    Should be able use the MNET card. I might suggest the Red Lion DSPLE is way more reasonable, money wise, if the MNET isn't doing much on your schema
  15. Red Lion Kadet Comm issues?

    I have a 7" Kadet (not what was spec'd) talking to a Emerson ROC via ethernet.  I can't seem to get all of the tags in the ROC to populate on the Cadet. The date/time works as do most of the Floats, Doubles and Uints8.  I am looking specifically at a Indicated Quantity and I am yet to get it to show up. It's a double and noted as a float format in the Crimson.  So I get ambitious, make a RS232 serial cable, but it didn't help either. I sped up the comms, slowed them, delayed them, turned off the ping stuff. Still no IQ showing on the screen.  I'm going to Modbus the tags and see if they'll show that way. My questions as you may have guessed, are there any settings or known issues with the Cadet comms. Any suggestions?? (The hole in the door is too large for the Graphite I have to put in it, and it's an outside the building box too. The door is still 7 weeks out.)