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  1. Can i send an email with 1756-L71S GuardLogix ?

    There are still some Port 25 email servers are still out there, but most won't meet any IT policy that'll pass company security protocol . I haven't looked for a free email service that used an unsecured port either. Most are SSL rated port 465 services nowadays. 
  2. controllogix cellular remote sites

    Hi Dakotap! And Michael! Are we woking only on the CLX to CCW messaging? I am having some issues with a Sierra GX440 and DDNS myself. Mine is CLX to CLX messaging though. Works sometimes and others not. I've got verizon looking into via some logging and pinging.
  3. PID Loop Help

    Dare i ask, does it work? If so why do you think it needs work? This is a good place to read about PID instructions, so a search of here and maybe a YouTube video? Let us know the issue and someone here can chime in
  4. IDEC MicroSmart PLC

    Slow I know, but IDEC Support has a how to on the website  
  5. Need help for FBD programming

    SEL Select block. What software?  
  6. Change P in running PID

    A great idea for the FGEN application to maximize/minimum P. Thanks for the share.
  7. Modbus slave example

    It uses GX Works. Mitsubishi softwares  
  8. Automax Reliance Electric Drive

    As i recall, the solder runs sometimes had issues.  DO you have the Drive Manuals that come with the drive? The card manuals would be included in them. If not, I'd ask my local Rockwell Distributors if they could gather the electronic version for you.
  9. RedLion CR300010 Raw TCP/IP Communication

    I've had some issues with the 3.1 and it's "widgets".  Have you been able to verify the connection is operational using a modbus emulator? Do you still have the 2.0 version in operations? Have you tried to do the same programming in version 3.0?  Red Lion support has been very helpful and suggest you might reach them. John
  10. Structured Text Value for Pi?

    Wow, good question. I've always just used a constant.  Looking forward to others thoughts too

    You might reach out to the ProSoft Tech Support, as they've always been helpful in my questions.
  12. CP340 pinout configuration

    I got it working!  I realized that you would need to jump pin 8 & 9 to get the CTS & RTS to talk.  All good now!
  13. CP340 pinout configuration

    I've got a small project to change a CP340 connection from a MDS radio to a Moxa 3170. I have tried to connect directly with a serial ported Modscan to no avail. The station is 95, 4800, 8n1, ASCII Do I need to also connect DTR/CTS etc.? I have a simple null modem cable made using the standard 2,3, & 5. The manual says this is workable, but also shows the DTR and others talking? Thanks for forum!
  14. Datalogic Vs2

    Just some thoughts: Maybe they are using the common to be broken? What PLC, maybe try the Ethernet?
  15. RedLion G303 Tags avalible

    Yes, I know this is old. Did you get this figured out? John