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  1. SLC 5/04 timer pre

    Hi Trevor.  All 16 bit integers in RsLogix 500 are signed integers whether they are allocated to an N7 integer, a counter, timer, or anything else.  You are right, for a timer it doesn't make sense to have a negative value, but for many other PLC functions you can end up with negative numbers. If you need timers greater than 9 hours then you'll need to trigger a counter after a certain time lapse.  I like to use 3600 seconds or one hour.  I've got a video coming out about how to do that.
  2. ML1100 And Analogue Expansion Module

    You say you have a 1762-OF4 but your I/O configuration shows a 1762-IF2OF2.  Which is it?  
  3. ML1100 And Analogue Expansion Module

    Have you put it in your I/O configuration?  What address are you looking at?  I:1.0?  You say it is not working, what value are you seeing?
  4. Emulator

    One is the RsLogix 500 and the other for RsLogix 5
  5. HELP! Logix 5000 locked!

    You are going to need to contact Rockwell Tech Support.  Discussions of password circumvention for any reason is prohibited here.
  6. Problem With RSLinx Classic

    Did you delete your harmony files?  See video below.
  7. SLC5/03 download program question

    Sounds like your SLC 5/03 has a memory installed.  See page 3 of the following link.
  8. You will need a 3rd party translator to communicate from Allen Bradley to the 32i.  Fanuc uses the Focas 2 driver.  When I did it I used KEPServer.
  9. Direct Logic 05 Ethernet

    Do you have the RsLogix 500 software?  If not then the I/O count of the Micrologix 1100 should be comparable to the DL05 and uses the free software.
  10. That looks correct as long as your wave generator has a sinking output.
  11. Here is the expanded version that goes through the details of wiring it.
  12. Direct Logic 05 Ethernet

    Are you set on the DL05?  That isn't going to be an easy task.  The easiest way will be to switch to a Micrologix PLC, that should be able to message the Compactlogix.  Otherwise you are going to be into some 3rd party translator.
  13. PanelView 1000 - Can't figure out how to connect

    You would need to plug a 2711-NC13 into your UIC, not a CP3.
  14. Direct Logic 05 Ethernet

    You are going to need to know what brand of PLC the main controller is.  The DL05 have very limited Ethernet capabilities beyond other Directlogic PLCs.  If they are two different brands then you'll probably need an intermediate device to act as a translator.  Anyway, figure out what the main controller is.
  15. Micrologix 1400

    Yes but did you see the green REM RUN in the online bar?