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  1. Freeware HMI platform?

    Yes, check out
  2. Rockwell CompactLogix PLC

    If you remove the SDN, can you see the rest of the modules?
  3. Rockwell CompactLogix PLC

    Do you have a 1769-ECR on the end of it?

    Here is a good article on Sinking and Sourcing.

    That unit has sinking outputs so chances are it is the way you have it wired.  You should have 24VDC connected to your load (relay) then the minus wire of the relay should go to the output. To properly test the output, put the red lead of your voltmeter on +24VDC and the black lead on the output.
  6. Open .RSP file to RSlogix500

    Your welcome.
  7. Open .RSP file to RSlogix500

    See attached pc5 and pdf files. 24513964(Jeddah).FX2 24513964(Jeddah).FIX 24513964(Jeddah).SY5 24513964(Jeddah).SY6 24513964(Jeddah).PC5 24513964(Jeddah).RSP
  8. Open .RSP file to RSlogix500

    No, it is for a PLC5's RSLogix 5. If you want to view it then post it here and someone will make a PDF of it for you.
  9. RSLinx

    Looks like the link posted here still works.

    Most paddle wheels end up needing some pull up resistors on them. Look in the details of the wiring diagram and see if it doesn't say anything about that.
  11. Micrologix with 2 ethernet

    I'm not aware of a way to do this easily.  I've used routers to allow for separate networks to be connected to one PLC, but it is still going across the single port in the end.
  12. Subroutine

    If you had posted you program like we asked, we would have walked you through it.  I'd say all of us are around 90% certain of you are doing wrong, but without seeing your work it is hard to be sure how to guide you.  Vague questions will always lead to vague answers.  I'd consider editing your last post.  Most of these guys are going to less like to help you after they read it.
  13. Subroutine

    Why don't you post your program so we can have a look.
  14. Retrive Password from mer file

    No one here can help you bypass any type of password. It's against the terms of use of the website.
  15. Common folk

    Have you written out the steps it will take to do the sequence including inputs and outputs required for each step?