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  1. Amber and I are really excited that our son Michael is a Top 10 finalist in the You Make It Challenge.  The winner will be determined by an online vote.  We would be grateful if you could do the following: 1.  Go to 2.  Scroll down, find his light blue Sanitation for the World design highlighted in this video and click on it. 3.  Click the ""Vote"" button then select the checkbox saying you're not a robot. 4.  Comment below to let us know you voted. 5.  Share with all your friends, thanks! Thanks TW
  2. Adding To Current Routine VS Creating New Routine

    The routines don't add any true overhead.  This lesson talks about program flow through routines and how they can be used to organize code.
  3. SLC 5/04 RS232 Connection

    Glad you got it working and thanks for letting us know.
  4. SLC 5/04 RS232 Connection

    Yes, that should solve your problem.
  5. SLC 5/04 RS232 Connection

    I just wanted to make sure the Channel 0 wasn't setup for DH-485.  Your setup should work from there.  Have you gone into Device Manager and verified your USB to serial adapter is on COM 4?  Also what cable are you connecting to the SLC with?
  6. SLC 5/04 RS232 Connection

    For device type select SLC. Can you post your channel 0 configuration from your offline program?
  7. Where is X0 and X1?

    What you are seeing is a high speed  configuration.  Rung 2 has all of what you are looking for.  I'm guessing X0 and X1 have an encoder connected to them or maybe some sensor that needs a very timely event done when triggered.
  8. SLC 5/04 timer pre

    Hi Trevor.  All 16 bit integers in RsLogix 500 are signed integers whether they are allocated to an N7 integer, a counter, timer, or anything else.  You are right, for a timer it doesn't make sense to have a negative value, but for many other PLC functions you can end up with negative numbers. If you need timers greater than 9 hours then you'll need to trigger a counter after a certain time lapse.  I like to use 3600 seconds or one hour.  I've got a video coming out about how to do that.
  9. ML1100 And Analogue Expansion Module

    You say you have a 1762-OF4 but your I/O configuration shows a 1762-IF2OF2.  Which is it?  
  10. ML1100 And Analogue Expansion Module

    Have you put it in your I/O configuration?  What address are you looking at?  I:1.0?  You say it is not working, what value are you seeing?
  11. Emulator

    One is the RsLogix 500 and the other for RsLogix 5
  12. HELP! Logix 5000 locked!

    You are going to need to contact Rockwell Tech Support.  Discussions of password circumvention for any reason is prohibited here.