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  1. Direct Logic 05 Ethernet

    Are you set on the DL05?  That isn't going to be an easy task.  The easiest way will be to switch to a Micrologix PLC, that should be able to message the Compactlogix.  Otherwise you are going to be into some 3rd party translator.
  2. PanelView 1000 - Can't figure out how to connect

    You would need to plug a 2711-NC13 into your UIC, not a CP3.
  3. Direct Logic 05 Ethernet

    You are going to need to know what brand of PLC the main controller is.  The DL05 have very limited Ethernet capabilities beyond other Directlogic PLCs.  If they are two different brands then you'll probably need an intermediate device to act as a translator.  Anyway, figure out what the main controller is.
  4. Micrologix 1400

    Yes but did you see the green REM RUN in the online bar?
  5. Micrologix 1400

    Just to add the real obvious one, you were online with the PLC?
  6. Micrologix 1400

    Can you post your program?  It might help us figure this out faster.  A few things come to mind.   First is the RUN LED illuminated on the PLC?  Is ladder code in LAD2?
  7. Win 7-64 does not recognize cable 1747-UIC

    You're welcome
  8. Win 7-64 does not recognize cable 1747-UIC

    These instructions should work and include a driver link.
  9. Configure MicroLogix 1100 with 1747-UIC

    Glad you found our videos. Is Joe are you stated UIC is for DH485. the Micrologix connector that looks like that is Ethernet. Here's a video for connecting over Ethernet.   And a lesson.
  10. Introduction, new to fourm

    Hi Mike.  I got tied up on a rush job and honestly I haven't had a chance to look at it.
  11. where to download free version of RSLogix English 500

    You have to purchase a license. The easiest way is to contact your local Rockwell distributor
  12. where to download free version of RSLogix English 500

    The free version only works with the 1000 and 1100.  You will need a paid version for the Micrologix 1400.  It isn't very expensive though, less than $200.  Here are instructions on downloading the free version.
  13. Training

      those are all good brands of PLCs.  With the exception noted below, I would choose one to really focus on learning.  Once you pick up one, the others will come easy.  Two things to consider when choosing which one.  Which brand is the most common both in your plant and in your area.  Then which one can you get a PLC to play with.  Start by asking your employer if you can borrow one of the spares that hopefully they have sitting on the shelf. My one exception to concentrating on learning one brand first is going online and viewing the PLC code.  You should know how do do this with all the brands.
  14. Training

    Congratulations on your new job!  You've taken a big step by realizing that this is a big opportunity to advance your career. Do you have a PLC you can practice on?  That would be the first step.  What brands of PLCs are at your plant? Here is our lesson series on RsLogix 500 Here is a series on control panels There are lots of good articles here.
  15. Introduction, new to fourm

    The RSS file would be easiest