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  1. SLC500 - resetting the time

    Being a 15 year old system I'm guessing it is a Standard Panelview.  Looking through the cobwebs in my head I don't think it had scripting.  I still wonder if the SLC's time isn't mapped to the Status Tags under Application Settings.
  2. SLC500 - resetting the time

    That's why I said "chances are" ;)
  3. SLC500 - resetting the time

    Can you post the Panelview program?
  4. SLC500 - resetting the time

    Chances are something else is writing to the time of the SLC. Probably the Panelview. Have you looked and it's configuration to see if it is mapped to the SLC's time? Also have you looked to see if there is anywhere to set the time on the panelview via one of the screens? Post the Panelview program if possible and we'll have a look.
  5. E-WEB modules

    The EWEB was a neat concept but it never was fully developed by AB.  Unless they have done some recent updates, which I don't think they have, it runs on ASP and some very old Java libraries.   I think you will be better off with a SCADA package that has a web server than you would with the EWEB.
  6. AB Micro Logix 1100 Ethernet connection

    Do you know the IP address?  If so can you ping it?
  7. PC to SLC5 using DH485 protocol

    I'm guessing you are using a USB to RS232 adapter?  If so you won't be able to go online with the SLC 5/04 bottom port after switching to DH485 without a 1747-UIC or clearing the PLC program. Here is how to clear the program from your PLC And here is a 1747-UIC    
  8. Data Logging for AB 1766-L32BWAA

    Here's an old article I wrote on it. I never finished the past 2 customization but it will get you started.
  9. Connecting to SLC 500

    Stop!  That's not an Ethernet connection, though it does use the same RJ45 port.  You can damage it and the Ethernet port of your PC if you plug into it.  You need a 1747-UIC.
  10. Rslogix 5000 school project help

    Glad you figured it out. Your instructor shouldn't be upset about you coming here for guidance. It was actually a model post which is why so many participated. You let us know it was a school project and showed us what you had done. It's when people come here asking us to do their homework that instructors and is get upset.    Come back anytime
  11. Rslogix 5000 school project help

    Post your program so we can have a look
  12. Load cell Interface with PLC

    The Hardy weigh scale modules work very well
  13. Rslogix 5000 school project help

    And finally...are you online?
  14. Installing RSlogixMicroLite.Zip

    That version is good for the micrologix 1000 and 1100
  15. Installing RSlogixMicroLite.Zip

    Did you try the link at the top of the article?