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  1. Time(Min and Hour) Comparision In Simatic Manger CPU317

    Maybe this will help

    Make sure MB0 is not used by the "clock" memory. In the PLCSIM window show the status of MB0

    One reason can be the use of the same address more than once or using a byte or word. But without more details it is impossible to help, a screen shot would be useful
  4. Siemens Basic Panels (DP)

    Has anyone used a Siemens Basic panel connected to a FX2 PLC using RS422/RS485 ? If so what are the connections required on the interface cable? Thanks in advance.
  5. S7 300 capturing a short duration input

    Try the following L  PIWxx T  IWxx
  6. Siemens S5 Backup Battery

    RS Components  
  7. M6G M6S

    Follow this link to find a list of all file extensions used by Omron software  
  8. Compile ALL

    Right click on the "Device" and select compile......
  10. What model PLC are you using - or look at P80(BCD) / P82(DBCD)
  11. Convert decimal number to BCD and display in Hex 1234 (decimal) =  0001001000110100 (BCD) 0001001000110100 (BCD) displayed in HEX format = 1234(hex)
  12. Problem with TIME variables

    Check your addressing. you have "overlapping" data areas!  
  13. Q03UDECPU

    Thank you plcdp  what is the latest / best version - the Mitsi web site is confusing - the link for GX Works 2 takes me to the GX Works 3 info page!!
  14. Q03UDECPU

    I  normally program Siemens S7 so a bit "rusty" with Mitsubishi. What software and interface cables are required to connect to a Q03UDECPU. I have not been to site yet so do not know the exact config or even if there is a back up copy of the program. Thanks 
  15. WinCC Flexible Adv. Send Email when alarm triggers