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  1. Program Size

    Thanks Russ, It took me a little searching to find the "status", but I came across it eventually!
  2. Program Size

    Hello, I've just got a quick question about program memory. How can I find out how large my program is, how much of the program memory will I use up. I'm wondering if a program that is on a Versamax we have will fit onto a versamax micro or nano. Thanks for any help!
  3. RS-485 Port

    I have an rs-232 to rs-485 adapter cable and I'm running into some problems when I'm trying to go online with the plc using the 485 port. It appears that the baud, parity, and so forth seem to match up but I'm wondering if there are some other settings I need to set in order for me to go online and use this port for programming. Thanks for any help!
  4. RS-485 Port

    Hi, I've been trying to connect with a VersaMax controller using the 485 port. I would like to try and use this port for programming and the rs-232 port for serial communications. I currently have a 485 box connected inbetween my computer and the plc. For some reason I haven't been able to connect with the plc yet, do I need more then the 4 receive and transmit lines the black box has? Running into some trouble just seeing if anybody out there can help out at all! I've been trying to use the same port for programming and sending serial data but it doesn't always seem to work consistently for me and it doesn't always receive data, the status byte shows an error of 1037(decimal) which according to the book means "Receive timeout awaiting serial reception of data" and I haven't figured out what to do about this error. Thanks!
  5. Counter Reset Help

    OK, I think I'm starting to understand what you're trying to say and how this programming operates. So during my testing of this program when I was able to get the counter to reset only after the function GT INT was true was because the coil LCTRRES wasn't turned on in the earlier rung thus not having a chance to get turned off on rung 21 (if it's logic was false) before the program swept back around to the counter. So if I get this right, if I would swap rungs 15 and 16 with 20 and 21, the counter would now only reset after the call to LEADRE and not after the call to LDIS? Also if I removed rung 21 and only had the one coil on rung 16 to reset my counter it would probably work there as well? (I will edit my program to try this for fun) Thanks for your help Steve, I've been doing most of the learning by myself with little previous experience and some answers to questions such as these are appreciated!
  6. Counter Reset Help

    Thanks for your help Steve. I switched some things around and tried what you suggested and so far now my counters always reset when I wish them too! Trying to correlate your explanation with my code I'm still not quite sure what the problem was. I thought that if my ldcnt was in the range it would fire off the reset and if it was greater then 17, it would fire off the reset then. My code would reset the counter after LDIS was called so I was getting a little confused. In your response you said that the lctrres bit is turned on at rung 16 and then turned off at rung 21, how is it turned off at rung 21? Thanks again.
  7. Counter Reset Help

    LEADRE call function
  8. Counter Reset Help

    LDIS call function
  9. Counter Reset Help

    Hello, I'm having some trouble trying to get my counter to reset all the time. In the following pictures part of my code is shown. The problem I'm running into is getting my counter LDCNT to reset. It will reset after the call function LDIS but it will not reset after the call LEADRE and I'm not sure why it won't reset. Both call functions seem to work correctly but after one of them the reset will work and after the other the counter doesn't reset. Any help on this problem would be great and if for some reason some more information is needed just let me know! Thanks!
  10. Input Time

    Thanks for the help Steve. I will keep that information in mind.
  11. Input Time

    I've got a quick question that I'm wondering about here as I'm trying to figure out some code that might work with what I'm trying to do. How short of an input signal is allowed for the plc to recognize an input and close the correct contacts in my logic? I'm using a VersaMax PLC with cpu001. Thanks for any help!
  12. sending a byte

    Hi again, I'm not sure if it's possible to do or not with the setup I'm using. Using Serial I/O protocol is it possible for me to send an 8-bit byte using a write bytes command or am I only able to send ascii characters with this protocol. I want to use it as sort of a status byte which will tell me if whatever I have attached to my inputs are being used or not. Thanks for any help!
  13. Subroutine Question

    Thanks for your help Steve and Russ. I moved the one shot coil and that seemed to solve the problem I was having now it's time to try and see if I can figure out some other troubles I'm having!
  14. Subroutine Question

    Here's a picture of the Dummy subroutine. I am using a one shot for my commreq and from my knowlege I thought this would work but for some reason it only wants to work once on the intial power up of the plc and then no more. So it's also a good idea to use a one shot when using a call funtion as well?
  15. Subroutine Question

    Hello, I've been experimenting a little with using subroutines and call functions. I'm running into a problem and I don't know why it doesn't work. Below is a picture of my main code. In the first two subroutines (Hello, Clear) are just some block move instructions that set up a data block for the commreq. The last call command (dummy) has some move instructions along with the commreq. All of these commreq's are for a write bytes command. Hello prints hello to my hyperterm window while clear is a new page command (Clears my window) and dummy prints dummy. What I'm running into is after downloading my program to the plc I flip input one and hello appears on my screen. I set input two my screen clears, then I switch on input three and dummy appears on my screen. So everything seems to be working all right. So I try it again and there is hello and clear page but I get no "dummy" appearing. It looks like when I have the commreq in my call function it only seems to work on the first time after downloading the program whereas when the commreq isn't in my call function it appears to work every time. What do I have to do to be able to keep my commreq in my call function for it to work each time? Thanks for any help!