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  1. AB MicroLogix 1200 Backup

    You will need RSlogix500 to Upload the program out of the ML1200 (but you will not get any comments or descriptions, these are stored in the RSlogix500 offline file).   In the AB world you Upload from the controler and Download to the controller.   Alan

    Each device on a DeviceNet network needs it own address, called nodes, usually node 63 is left out as any new device will have that node number by default, and most time node 0 is the DeviceNet scanner but it does not need to be. Alan.
  3. Copy data from/to a 5069 digital module

    Hi All,   Rockwell have created a Tech Note for these modules that describes how to convert the module data back to INT's.   TN number is 790954 Alan.    
  4. AB Kinetix Drive Jog with Dynamic Speed

    Another way might be to do another jog at the new speed and disable the first jog when the second is in process. Note I have not tried this.   Alan
  5. What software are you using?
  6. SLC5/05 upgrade

    You can use a CompactLogix and a 1717-AENTR to replace the SLC processor, as long as you do not have any fancy comms modules in the rack (ie DeviceNet/RIO etc).   Alan
  7. RSlinx and PAnelview C1000 software

    The ML1400 uses RSLogix500 and it is not free, there is a free version for ML1000 and ML1100. The software fro programming the C1000 shoild be Connected Components Workbench (CCW) and that is free.   Alan
  8. Input Module Configuration or compatibility Issue

    Also how many modules are you installing to the ML1100, I just checked the AB website and it has a limit of 4 extra modules, and a total of 144 digital IO points.   Alan
  9. Activate rslogix500& rslogix5000

    Contact your  Rockwell Technical support, activation support is free.
  10. Newbie Screwed up AB 5/04

    If you look at the settings for port 1 in the old and the downloaded programs you should be able to see what they were both set for and then set up your laptop to suit the program you have just downloaded, providing you have the correct hardware. If that does not work you can default the processor (which will change the comms to the default DF1 setting) and use RSLinx autoconfigure to go online with a serial CP3 cable, you can then alter the port 1 config (to what it was in the old program, which I hope you uploaded before you downloaded your program) and download your program, so that you can go online again and also your HMI can talk to it.   Alan  
  11. CompactLogix slot numbers

    Power supplies are transparent to the slot numbering, they do not count as a slot. Alan.
  12. Wireless connectivity for Ultra 5000 IPD

    So you want serial at the U5000 and ethernet to the plant network. You could use the handwave connected to the U5000 and the otehr end connected to a PLC that has serial port. What do you want to get out of the U5000 whilst on the plant network?  
  13. Wireless connectivity for Ultra 5000 IPD

    I have used a serial wireless device it plugged into the serial power and needed a 5v power supply at the device and at the laptop I could plug it into the serial port and a USB port, I think it was called Handywave. I used to use it on Automax PLC's and was able to connect up to 150 meters away inside a factory.   Alan.
  14. 1747-pic/aic+ driver not found

    Also what is your Windows version and SP level as this also will effect the AIC driver.   Alan
  15. Micro830 send character & receive

    If you tell us how you solved it, it may help someone else later.